Alert Emails

The PST will automatically send emails to alert staff of actions required for proposals.

Proposal Submission

  • Regular, Large, Triggered proposal: emails are sent to
    • ??
  • Director's Discretionary Time - Exploratory Time: emails are sent to
    • proposal: (historically an account that used procmail to forward email.) mailman list with members: bclark, dbalser, ghunt, jplank, jwrobel, koneil, mclausse, rlively, switz, tminter.
    • ??
  • Director's Discretionary Time - Target of Opportunity proposals: emails are sent to
    • toosoc: forwards to vlaops, lappel, schedsoc
      • vlaops: forwards to observe, ecole
        • observe: forwards to nobody (is this necessary?)
      • schedsoc: forwards to bclark, mclausse
    • gbtime: an account that uses procmail to forward to: tminter, dperera
    • (we should remove this)

How the PST uses proposal email list

  1. In the login screen: "If you need help, please email us."
  2. Dashboard / My Data / Feedback (I don't see this)
  3. Email source for review conflicts. It's the account used to send the email.
  4. Change password
    • Please contact the Proposal Help desk - if you need further assistance.
  5. DDT proposals

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