PHT Plan of Record - February 2015 (15B)

Things needed for TAC, available for testing March 16, 2015
2890 Source positions not transfered correctly
2132 CSV list generation
2916 Slightly better handling of 'Any' config in prioritizer
2915 Prettier semester labeling
2809 Diff screen
2497 Pressure plots for moves
2808 Show total time by priority near pressure plot

Needed for Disposition letters, test by May 1, 2015
2547 Time rounding in disposition letters
2816 Send Disposition letter #2
2533 Disposition letter interaction
2495 Navigation - return to screen you left

Needed for CfP, test by June 1, 2015
2358 Automate weather handling stuff
2422 Weather handling - Same as 2358?

Small jobs (est < 1d), roughly ordered by priority
Deferred to 16A
2914 Filter on some time allocated
2072 Fixed date capability for VLA
2918 Automatic import of preallocated time
2901 Report email errors
2531 Resend disposition letter to new addressee
1937 Windows are not independent

Larger jobs, also deferred to 16A or later
2917 Make letters from a given version
2313 Handle DDT (see also 2506)
2527 Incorporate PBT
2919 Better handling of 'Any' configuration
2357 Source conflicts
2799 Handle data volumes
2059 Fix session early/late times automatically

-- DanaBalser - 2014-12-18

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