PHT Plan of Record - February 2014 (14B)

========== Support for SO Session Edits needed by Monday, March 17

* Nothing new

========== Support for TAC Meeting needed by Monday, March 31

* - Need displays to crosscheck how the reserved time and the configuration plans are used to calculate a configuration's hours of science time available per LST hour, independent of weather conditions. And it should be easy to re-do these calculations, quickly and transparently, as tweaks are made to the reserved time and/or the configuration plans. Sometimes it will be necessary to do such tweaks even during a TAC meeting. We also need some way to crosscheck that the availability lines for K- and Q-band weather conditions are using the same configuration plans as the availability line independent of weather conditions. Descoped implementation. - Ready to test; To be tested by Barry.

* - Resolve the duplicated code in the GBT pressure plotter used during the TAC meeting. (Currently SSA spend some hours to match two version of pressure plotter for the meeting every time.) (Scheduled on FY14-03 Sprint)

* - When plotting pre-committed time on the VLBA, there is no frequency separation (different colors). It would be nice if we could have this feature (as we now have for current sessions). Also, the table below the plot should have the data separated into low and high frequencies. Finally (for this ticket), any "LST" label for the VLBA (on the pressure plot, and on the table are two examples) should be changed to "GST". (Scheduled on FY14-03 Sprint) To be tested by Mark C.

* - Assign same scheduling priority, by hand, to all sessions in a proposal. This would certainly speed up work flow during the TAC meeting. For a proposal where such a bulk action is take, we would sometimes want to be able to re-assign different scheduling priorities, by hand, to some sessions. Tested March 25 by Joan for VLA; looks fine.

* - There is a profusion of comment fields per proposal. These need to be reviewed and simplified. Details in ticket. Tested March 25 by Joan for VLA; looks fine.

========== Support for Director's Review needed by Monday, April 28

* - The director's review has not been updated since sessions carry their executing semester with them. The query will have to be adapted to honor that and only show data for the current semester. (Scheduled on FY14-03 Sprint)

========== Support for Disposition Letters needed by Thursday, May 8

* - The disposition letters for VLA/VLBA/GMVA need to to convey approved bands for approved sessions. For an approved session, if some bands are not approved, then Joan/Mark will remove them from the session's resources before the disposition letter is made. (Scheduled on FY14-04 Sprint)

========== Support for Science Program needed by Monday, May 19

* - After each proposal cycle, a page with the science program is generated, such as: The PHT should generate CSV files for each telescope with the required information. (Scheduled on FY14-04 Sprint)

-- JoanWrobel - 2014-03-27
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