PHT Plan of Record - August 2013 (14A)

  1. Priority A. Due Sep 16. Each session edit takes several seconds. This needs to be sped up before Joan & Mark can start session edits for VLA & VLBA/GMVA.
  2. Priority A. There is a field in the VLBA sessions called Executing Semester. It is currently not writable, and is set to the semester under consideration by the TAC. We would like (2a) to make the field editable, due Sep 16; (2b) to have the field appear in the disposition letter, due Oct 15; and (2c) to optionally select only sessions from the semester under consideration for the VLBA pressure plot, due Sep 30.
  3. Priority A. Due Sep 30. The pressure plotter needs to show carryover for the GBT.
  4. Priority A. Due Sep 16. The GMVA proposals need to be imported into the PHT.
  5. Priority A. Due Sep 30. There is a profusion of comment fields per proposal. These need to be reviewed and simplified. Homework for Joan. Shutdown chaos. Defer until 14B.
  6. Priority A. Due Oct 15. The disposition letters for VLA/VLBA/GMVA need to to convey approved bands for approved sessions. Shutdown chaos. Defer until 14B.
  7. Priority B. Due Oct 15. Tab for disposition letters or its functional equivalent. From the Feb 2013 PoR. This should have the ability to do the following:
      • (7a) Import boilerplate for any of: GBT, VLA, VLBA/GMVA. The SOS funding stream has been suspended, so SOS words will not be needed in any boilerplate.
      • (7b) Generate initial disposition letters for any of: GBT, VLA, VLBA/GMVA (only after template has been imported).
      • (7c) Select a single proposal for editing/vetting of the disposition letter, and allow for that editing.
      • (7d) Email disposition letters for any of: GBT, VLA, VLBA/GMVA (only after they all exist per telescope). Or email a disposition letter for a single proposal. The date and time that it is emailed should be attached to the disposition letter as it is sent out. After a disposition letter has been emailed, it must no longer be possible to edit it.
      • (7e) Sometimes a disposition letter needs to be corrected and emailed again. So, create and store the corrected disposition letters for a proposal, even if earlier letters have already been emailed.
      • (7f) After a disposition letter is emailed, it should trigger the transfer of some PHT data to the PST. For now, let's set the public bit and transfer the total approved hours and the disposition letter itself.
      • (7g) Handle disposition letters for sponsored GBT proposals, even though those letters will lack certain info, e.g., linear-rank scores, cognizant SRP.
  8. Priority C. From the Feb 2013 PoR. Have the approved hours that are transferred from the PHT to the PST be per scheduling priority. Right now there is only a single field and we just insert the total approved hours. We need three fields, for the hours approved at each of the scheduling priorities A, B, and C. (But make sure that the PFT returns only the total approved hours.) There are further notes in the Feb 2013 PoR regarding transfer of information from the PHT to the PST, notably modified sessions, but that will be difficult. If we sort out the various comment boxes (see item 3 above), that information could also be transferred.
  9. Priority C. The results of reviews of DDT proposals need to propagate to the PST. Most importantly: set the public bit; set the total approved hours; input the reviewer comments. We now have a workaround script, grant-time, for setting the public bit and the total approved hours, so this can be deferred until 14B.
  10. Priority C. For the VLBA, divide the pre-committed time into low and high frequency (the frequency division should be the same as for current proposals). Plot the low and high frequency pre-committed time with different colors, and the table below the plot should also be divided into low and high frequency for pre-committed time. Oh, and everywhere there is an "LST" label (plot, table) it should be "GST".
-- JoanWrobel - 2013-08-29
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