Outstanding CASA User Interface and Image Analysis Issues

Image Analysis

1. Region handling needs to be overhauled and unified throughout all image analysis tasks/methods.

  • Should be able to do statistical or expressional regions (e.g complement( im > 10.0)) and then view it

  • Should be able to edit it visually

  • This is needed for example when doing moment images (velocity fields) then blank away regions of low s/n r and then manually/visually edit it for regions that does not make sense

2. Many ia tasks (eg immath, imhead, ...) have way too much processing code at the python layer and much of that is difficult to maintain. All this code needs to be refactored to C++. The python layer for thess tasks should be extremely thin (eg task_imfit.py, task_imcollapse.py).whenever possible.

3. An extension of issue 2. There is this horrid imregion.py library that much of the python task code uses to determine regions. This module is unmaintainable at this point as it contains countless numbers of conditional blocks with few comments. This code needs to be refactored into C++.

4. Another extension of 2. In the python layer of many ia tasks, the global ia tool is used to do things. This royally messes up what the user may have been doing with this tool prior to running the task. The global ia tool should not be used (and in general, any global user tool should not be used) in python task code. A private tool should be created for this purpose via eg myia = iatool.create().

5. The user documentation for many of the older image analysis tasks (eg imsmooth, imregrid) is incomplete and confusing. In many cases it will require code diving to determine the answers to many user questions along the lines of "how does this work exactly?".

User Interface

1. We need automated GUI testing. Darrell has suggested https://fedorahosted.org/dogtail/.

2. Many AIPS++ capabilities still not available (I'm thinking of image analysis capabilities bound to the GUI) - should be surveyed and listed (-- BrianGlendenning - 2010-10-14)
  • Interactive spectral line fitting using GUI/viewer

-- DaveMehringer - 2010-10-14
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