Various Options Panel widget problems

The following are known problems with Options Panel interface elements. High priority.

  • Buttons do not work (see editMS).
  • Checkboxes do not always work (see editMS).
  • The 'Contour scale factor' entry does not appear.
  • Parsing of numeric arrays such as 'Contour levels' has problems (0.1 is parsed as '0, 1').

There are also superfluous/non-functional items in the 'wrench' menu and elsewhere.

-- DavidKing - 01 Nov 2006

Now working:

  • Buttons, checkboxes (this means flags can now be created correctly and saved).
  • Contour level/numeric array entries (decimals, negatives), Contour scale factor entry.
  • Correct option panel entries for MS Field/Sp.Win. Ids.
  • 'Original value' wrench menu selection.
  • Most superfluous/non-functional items in the 'wrench' menu have been removed.

Some remaining issues:
  • Correct operation of 'Apply'.
  • Assure that 'save-restore' of option sets is functioning correctly in all aspects (before re-enabling it).
  • Proper window sizing.
  • Replace 'Wrench' menu beside option entries with more standard context (right-click) menu.

-- DavidKing - 20 Feb 2007
Topic revision: r6 - 2007-02-27, DavidKing
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