Obtaining CASA for Macintosh Power PC

CASA Installer

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This release corresponds to CASA Release alpha-0.85.

The easiest way to install CASA is to use our installer, load-casapy-macPPC. This installer will download and install the CASA runtime and a basic data repository.

Download the installer script, then open a Terminal window (or an X terminal) and type
sh load-casapy-macPPC.sh

This will download the CASA for Mac PowerPC and a current version of the CASA data repository.

You may need to run this script as the super-user, if you already have a path at /opt... that has restricted write permissions set. If you need to run the script as a super-user, type sudo sh load-casapy-macPPC.sh and give the password for an administrator account. If you are not sure, try running the script without the "sudo" - on a "clean" Macintosh, special permissions may not be necessary. We welcome your feedback.

System Requirements

To install this distribution of CASA on your Macintosh, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Macintosh PowerPC G4 or G5
  • OS X 10.4.7 or later

This has been tested on the G4 processor, which is the latest revision available for PowerBook laptop computers. Please let me know if you run this on a G5 workstation - does it work? I think it will...

Release Notes

This release installs CASA and required 3rd-party software into a directory at /opt/casa/patch_1.

Any previous (pre)release of CASA for Mac PPC is not affected. If you installed a prior release, you may remove it without affecting the performance of this one.

Special Instructions for DarwinPorts testers

CASA now installs under it's own, self-contained directory tree. Previous versions of CASA are not affected. Existing installations of MacPorts or DarwinPorts are not affected. They may co-exist on the same computer as this version of CASA.

Some users have reported problems with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH variable settings -- for instance, when other MacPorts or Fink installations have set these variables. We've tried to resolve these conflicts, so please let us know if you have trouble.

Run the script at /opt/casa/patch_1/core/casainit.sh before running "casapy" to point your environment at this CASA release.

It is not necessary to run the casainit.sh script in every shell (e.g. from a login script), but it might save some confusion if you do so.

See CasaMacIntelPostInstall for instructions on how to set up a login script to set your environment automatically for this version of casapy, whenever you log in. (These instructions are the same for Intel and PowerPC users.)

-- BoydWaters - 13 Jul 2007
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