If you installed CASA before usernames and passwords were required please read the next section.

Updating to The New Password Protected Beta Release

The have been previous, informal beta releases of CASA, but as we move into the final beta testing period, users are now required to obtain a password from to be able to install the CASA beta release. All users (even those who have previously install CASA should download and run bootstrap.linux. This is required so that your username and password can be used to retrieve the CASA RPMs.

If you are certain that you have already entered you username and password when running bootstrap.linux. There is no reason to run it again.

Known Issues

This section lists known issues for users who have updated from an old informal beta release of CASA.

Qt and RHEL4

For RedHat Enterprise Linux Version 4, we have updated to a more modern version of Qt (4.3.2). So if you are using RHEL4 and you get an error like:
  [jdoe@pc013080 ~]$ casapy
  /usr/lib/casapy/20.0.3803-001/bin/casapy: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/casapy/20.0.3803-001/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK11QToolButton9hitButtonERK6QPoint
  [jdoe@pc013080 ~]$ 

You should run yum update qt4

-- DarrellSchiebel - 19 Nov 2007
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