How to Get the Data Repository from Scratch

Data Repository

Instructions are provided below for obtaining the full CASA data repository. However, in general, we don't recommend fetching the entire CASA data repository unless you have a high-bandwidth network connection. For most folks, all you need is the basic data repository for running CASA and this comes with the standard linux and Mac distributions.

The basic CASA data repository can be obtained in one of three ways:

  1. From the distribution either RPM or .dmg
  2. Via subversion at
  3. Via rsync from

Supplemental data may be obtained either via rsync or svn.

Obtaining via subversion (svn)

We have the data repository under revision control using subversion. You can obtain either the minimal data repository (only the data that is necessary for CASA to function properly) or the complete data repository (all of the data used for demos, regression tests, or unit tests) using subversion. However, keep in mind that downloading the entire CASA data repository takes a lot of disk space. If you need to make contributions to a specific part of the repository, we suggest checking out only that part of the repository you wish to check in and then add data appropriately.

Use the following subversion command to check out the subset of the data repository that is necessary for CASA to run properly:
svn co data
To check out portions of the data repository use:
svn co[subdirectory] .
You can find the [subdirectory] by looking at:
Please note to check in data into the repository you will need a Charlottesville svn username and password, plus be authorized.

Obtaining via rsync

Rsync may be used to obtain the data repository. There are several rsync "targets" you may use to fetch the data.

  1. casadata: Includes from the data repository only the catalog, ephemerides, geodetic, gui, and nrao parts.
  2. casadata-core: Includes from the data repository only the catalog, ephemerides, geodetic, gui, and only the VLA part of nrao.
  3. casadata-[alma, atnf, demo, nrao, nraovla, nraogbt, protopipe, regression]: Excludes the core, but includes the supplemental parts of the data repository.

typically this would be done via

cd casa/data
rsync -avz .

regression data (which can be quite large) can be obtained individually via a command similar to the following:

cd casa/data
rsync -avz regression/ATST3

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