Obtaining CASA for ALMA U4 / ACS 6.0.4


To support ALMA a special release of CASA has been built which shares common tools, e.g. python, xerces, etc., with ACS. This makes CASA tools available to those operating in the ACS and ALMA environments.

Installation of this version of CASA assumes you have already installed ACS 6.0.4 and can log in as root or have sudo permissions.

First, two RPMs must be installed:

These RPMs are not needed by ACS, but are required for CASA. You should download these and then install them either by logging in as root or by using sudo. If you have the password for the root account, do the following:
    rpm -iv atm-0.2-02.i386.rpm
    rpm -iv qt4-4.1.3-1.i386.rpm
Enter the password for root when prompted by su. If you have permission to use sudo, do the following:
    sudo rpm -iv atm-0.2-02.i386.rpm
    sudo rpm -iv t4-4.1.3-1.i386.rpm
Enter your password when prompted by sudo.

Finally, download the gzipped tar file containing the ACS version of CASA:

and do the following:
    cd /alma/ACS-6.0
    rm -rf casa
    tar zxf casapy-acs-20.0.3603-
At this point, CASA should be installed, and you should be able to source the ACS initialization script:
    . /alma/ACS-6.0/ACSSW/config/.acs/.bash_profile.acs
and run casapy from the command line of a terminal window.

-- DarrellSchiebel - 11 Oct 2007

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