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* Quick help does not show default empty string "" is a good default value in many cases Main.KumarGolap 28 Sep 2006
* Method * getchunk * default axis= 1 does not work right * The "constructors" should assign locally and not return another object * For ...
* Method * clean * algorithm, niter, gain, threshold needs default values * setdata to deal with multiple ms * setimage/setimage to ch...
Parameters * Proposed names Issues * Nagging issues that need to be fixed before the first release * Items not to be forgottten Main.KumarGo...
* Quantity parameters need to be more flexible... * e.g me.direction('J2000', quantity(3.14,'h'), quantity( 20.4,'deg')) * Exception Reports: Quan...
* should be able to interchange Quantity and qa.quantity...otherwise its unuseful to use qa.quantity and cannot use that output in qa.convert for example. *...
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