Supporting RH5 and RH6 for Control and Correlator


  • Andy Hale
  • Ralph Marson
  • Alexis Tejeda
  • Rachel Rosen
  • Akeem Wells
  • Rodrigo Amestica
  • Jay Perez



  • Correlator
    • ALMA 2015.8 - will be moving to RH6 in Dec 2015
    • Should move to RH6 before that in the CV STE
    • A certain version of ACS and intlist
    • So the STE would be in a permanent state of RH6, but the diskless machines could boot to RH5
    • An environment to run Cycle 3 software in RH5, for testing and debugging
    • Multiple users, in different environments, simultaneously on the CV STE
    • Alexis believes it is doable, but will take some time
    • Rachel suggestion: can we keep some of the machines permanently as RH5 machines? Are there enough?
    • Alexis suggests that there be a RH6 machine which hosts a RH5 VM. Rodrigo agrees this is the way to go.
    • What about an official image of RH6? We don't have one, as far as we know
    • Use GIS as the place to test the installation of RH6
    • Testing on one machine ~1 week
    • Getting things running operationally ~2-3 weeks

  • Control
    • Basically running one STE at RH5 (hold it back from upgrading, run Cycle 3 software on it for roughly the next 12 months), the other STE could be moved to RH6 for test team testing
      • Move the chosen STE to RH6 in December 2015/Jan 2016
      • Ralph does not necessarily need an RH6 STE, so for him the priority is to keep an STE at RH5

Action Items

  • Find an initial RH6 image to be used. (Andy to contact Tzu)
  • Pick the test machine at the NTC (GIS) to be used to install RH6 on (Rodrigo)
    • in my view the good candidates are gas03 and gas04. They do not have a very specific role at this moment within the STE. They both are:
      • Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 275
      • 4 GB RAM
      • 20 GB Hard Disk (at this moment 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5PAE)


  • Get a RH6 image by Sept 11th, for correlator testing
  • Get a RH 6 test machine up and running for pre-testing (GIS machine) by Sept 18th
    • This entails having RH6 hosting RH5 VM, and be able to remotely boot
  • Ensure that the STE in Socorro that will be held back has a regularly updated copy of the cycle 3 software by Oct 5th.

-- AndyHale - 2015-08-25
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