CASA Developers' Meeting Agenda Feb 26-29, 2008

The discussion topic has one or more name next to it. Please feel free to add subtopics, but be prepared to talk about them! For discussion leads, plan on talking for about half the allotted time. The other half of the time will be raising points to be discussed later during the "Open Discussion" times.


0900-0915 Welcome - Brian
0915-0945 Current Status - Wes/Kumar
0945-1015 Code Management - Darrell
1015-1030 Break
1030-1100 Issue Tracking - Kumar
1100-1130 Releases - Boyd
1130-1200 Testing - Raymond
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Python - Tak
CASA Python packaging
User created tasks
Distributing sample scripts (SJ)
1330-1500 Open discussion
1500-1515 Break
1515-1615 Casacore Integration - Ger/Wes
Build systems
Trust but verify
1615-1730 Open Discussion
Dinner in Datil


0900-1015 System Issues - Darrell/Boyd/Wes
Qt, 64bit, Compilers, Optimization,
Generating User Interfaces, Progress Meter
Logger (not content), XML, OS, support
1015-1030 Break
1030-1200 Open Discussion
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Plotting/Visualization - Hong Lin, Shannon, David, Laura
Unified Plotter
Plotting Tools
Visual Flagging
1500-1515 Break
1515-1730 Open Discussion
Dinner in Magdalena


0900-0930 FITS - Brian
0930-1000 IPC/Distributed Processing - Darrell/Ger
Async processing
Distributed processing of images
1000-1030 High Performance Computing - Sanjay
1030-1045 Break
1045-1200 Open Discussion
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Science Focus - George
Log Message Guidelines
Imaging (code refactoring)
Unified region selection (SJ)
Image Analysi; complex image suport, large images
Research Branch; Code management, distribution

1500-1515 Break
1515-1730 Open Discussion


0900-0930 Documention - Wes
Updating relevant AIPS++ docs, such as note 223 and note 199 )sj)
0930-1000 Developer Support - Wes
1000-1030 Moving Forward- Brian/Kumar/Boyd
Identify targets
1030-1045 Break
1045-1200 Open Discussion
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1430 Open Discussion
1430-1500 Wrap Up
Action items

-- WesYoung - 12 Feb 2008

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