• Quantity parameters need to be more flexible...
    • e.g me.direction('J2000', quantity(3.14,'h'), quantity(-20.4,'deg'))
      • Exception Reports: Quantum::cos illegal unit type 'h'
    • what about standard formatted strings ? For e.g in the glish version its possible to simply do this dm.direction('J2000', '13h30m00.0', '-20d40m00')

  • What about the quanta tool...or alternative...e.g we should be able to pass the following types or objects to measures
    • dq.quantity('today') [value=50611.2108, unit=d]
    • dq.quantity('5jul1998') [value=50999, unit=d]
    • dq.quantity('5jul1998/12:') [value=50999.5, unit=d]
    • dq.quantity('-30.12.2') [value=-30.2005556, unit=deg]
    • dq.quantity('2:2:10') [value=30.5416667, unit=deg]
  • Will it be possible for a string be recognized and be converted to a quanta ? e.g the dm.direction('J2000', '13h30m00.0', '-20d40m00') should mean the same thing as dm.direction('J2000', dq.quantity('13h30m00.0'), dq.quantity('-20d40m00'))

-- KumarGolap - 12 Sep 2006
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