Testing 22feb07
M. Rupen 22feb07

CASA Version 2.0 Rev 1457
  Built on: Wed 2007/02/21 02:15:06 UTC
...run on my Linux desktop (scamper)

Was trying to check why David Whysong's L-band test images had ridiculously
high noise.  First I wanted to write the data to AIPS, then I decided to
try to find bad points using plotxy/flagxy.  Not a very joyous morning I'm
afraid.  See also my separate e-mail on seg. faults and some other oddities.


* Would be nice for help to give data modified (and author)
  - nice to know whether it's up-to-date
  - tells whether Ed's modified it

* Help is inadequate -- lots of comments here, but it seems more sensible
  to edit the file, IF Ed hasn't done so already

* Seems stunningly slow for a very simple file
  test_ok.ms:  92 MB
  No selection --> converting everything took 13:55:50 to 13:59:15= 3.4 mins.

* Ran into some seg faults and other issues with the combination of this
  and importuvfits -- see separate e-mail.


* Can't plot just RR and LL -- correlations takes only one value
  I gather you're supposed to overplot these, but surely plotting the
  parallel hands is often what you want, so why make this hard?

Bug in setdata in msplot - Fixed

* rr and ll aren't recognized (i.e., it's case sensitive). Annoying.


* setting field to some random value leads it to give a SEVERE exception Thu Feb 22 14:23:57 2007 SEVERE : [ MsPlot::setData() ] setData selection resulted no data! ...but then it goes on to plot EVERYTHING, which is not what you want, and takes a long time to do.

Fixed. Commented on before but just hadn't gotten to it.

* When you do set field correctly, it seems to select the correct field... but the plot label lists ALL the fields.

In progress.

* Having set correlation='RR' once, I tried then to set it to '' to plot all correlations. But it retains Pol RR, as indicated by the (identical) plot, and by the plot label.

Fixed. Same bug as in setdata above.

* inp & help suggest that the allowed xaxis and yaxis do not overlap (e.g., yaxis may only be set to amp/phase/v), which seems to be true.

This is silly! Surely I should be able to plot (e.g.) u vs. v or v vs. u, as I wish? or elevation vs. time? etc. etc.

Yes ultimately. For now, I've disabled 'v' as a yaxis option and included this in the doc.

* How can I plot RL vs. LR (for instance)? Or real vs. imaginary?

If they are there, you do: correlations='RL LR'

* iteration wants antenna1 rather than antenna. This seems rather silly.

Agreed. We'll fix this later.

* I tried plotting amp. vs. uvdist, iterating over antenna. Fine. Then I turned off iteration and plotted amp. vs. time, for all antennas. The labels from the previous plot were left up (and I did NOT have overplot true!), making the new plot impossible to read.

This is by design. Just having overplot=False is not enough to know not to clear the screen; you may want to add a subplot onto the existing plot or in another location on the screen. As a result, user must clearplot themselves.

* Axis units aren't given (Jy? degs.? ???)

Being worked on; will be available for test.

* plotxy with xaxis='time', yaxis='v' seems to work (no messages in logger; returns fldlist is ['0321'] Selected fields are: ['0321+123_0'] in the main window) but produces no plot. Changing yaxis to 'phase' works fine.

Fixed. 'v' is only available with 'u'. I've changed the doc so that only 'amp','phase' are available currently.

xaxis='uvdist', yaxis='v' leads to logger complaining "Iputted wrong value for parameter what! illegal Y-axis!" which seems to be both uninterpretable and incorrect, which I didn't think was possible.

xaxis='u', yaxis='v' works fine, and actually gives units [meters] (huzzah!). Of course the plot isn't scaled to be square...sigh. And it would be nice to be able to ask for wavelengths instead.

Being worked on.

* plotrange - would be nice to allow self-scaling for one end of an axis plotrange=[-1,-1,-1,-1] means self-scale plotrange=[6,8,-1,-1] means self-scale y-axis plotrange=[-1,8,-1,-1] means self-scale y-axis, but make x-axis go from -1 to 8, which is a bit annoying - when plotting amp vs. time, I tried plotrange=[6,8,-1,-1] which gave a plot extending from 360 to 10 (?) on the Time (x) axis. I have no idea where this came from. - when plotting amp. vs. uvdist, plotrange=[100,500,-1,-1] seems to work correctly (hooray!)...except that while the data extend only from 100 to 500, the x-axis goes from about 80 to 520. I would chop the axes at the same point as the data -- otherwise looking at the plot would suggest that there are no data at the edges of the plot, which is not true.

Currently, there is a built in buffer on the edges of the plot to keep points off the lines.


* What are the units of region, plotrange, etc.? I assume the same as the plot. But what does that mean (e.g.) for times?

Yes, same as plot. It means it is awkward since the real units of time are seconds since midnight Jan 01 of the current year.

-- JosephMcMullin - 23 Feb 2007
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