1) Keep the aips++/casa markup and convert to Doxygen via Ger script [Decision]

2) Not interested in integrated code management system a la SourceForge or Trac or even the svn plugin for Jira [Decision]

3) Make sure regressions results are up to date [Ongoing maintenance]

4) more computers ....for regression testing [Action - Darrell]

5) Automated build for Mac OS [Action - Boyd]

6) 3 to 4 months...release cycle [Decision]

7) Make library changes (like changing qt or matplotlib) at the begining of the cycle. [Decision]

8) Steve will ask testers to make regression [Action - Steve]

9) Both data path or manual directory for regression data [Action - Raymond?]

10) Ipython1 needs to be upgraded [Action - Darrell]

11) user generated task on the fly [Action - Wes]

12) Explore making numpy single precision for floats in getcol and getchunk [Action - Darrell]

13) Output parameters at end of task with a comment that they are outputs [Decision]

14) make ccmtool easier to compile..... [Action - Darrell]

15) msvis comes out casacore [Action - Ger]

16) autoconf --- to explored. [Action - Laura]

17) Discuss procedure of casacore checkins and responsibilities [Action - Ger, Brian]

18) For now if there are new development in images it will be in casapy tree if its interface/gui issue ...basic core calculation should be in casacore...but will be revisited if development speed in the latter picks up. [Decision]

19) Boyd will raise the flag if something breaks on the Intel compiler...general developers are going to be on gcc [Action - Boyd]

20) Math libraries...move to standards like FFTW but not high on the priority list [Decision]

21) 64 bit no major issues on linux. Mac not in the forseeable future. [Decision]

22) Ger will explore the impact on changing the Array element from uInt to long so as to address more than 4 billion elements. [Action - Ger]

23) Console.app as log reader on mac and qt casalogger remain for linux [Decision]

24) xml dictionary for parameters so as to uniformize ...e.g number of channels will have one parameter name for it [Action - Wes]

25) xml documentation for tools and tasks [Action - Wes]

26) improvement in error reporting in ccmtools, xmlparser etc... [Dream]

27) progress meter ... need redirection and better text [Action - Boyd?]

28) Wes, Shannon, Kumar ... a few slides on what it will take to have a abstract layer for generic C++ plotting layer, and making a matplotlib C++ wrapper for now [Decision]

29) Low level code to have unit tests and higher level code (e.g synthesis) have to have regression test [Decision]

30) Fix for cfitsio interfacing bug....need to decide of priority as the workaround via async is good enough [Action - Wes]

31) Any major code change (weeks of work) we should have a discussion at Monday meeting with a one slide about what is planned ...to have "many eyes" on the design. [Decision]

32) Guidelines for logger messages [Action - Boyd?]

33) how to deal with "scratch" columns ? Proposal Setjy changes the source table ...model [Action - George]

34) Distributed computing / parallel I/O needed...try the OpenMP parallel. [Decision] ---Devote time and effort for it before data starts coming out from EVLA/ALMA ---A small cluster access to be able experiment with filesystems etc..

35) Dbus tentatively as IPC ...example to be delivered on the 14th of March on both linux and Mac..if it does not work revisit this decision. [Action - Darrell]

36) Imaging refactoring [Action - Kumar] --- CubeSkyEquation is refactored SkyEquation but inherited for safety...SkyEquation will be replaced next cycle as no major issues has been shown --- ImageSkyModel need to refactored and cleaned up to reduce maintainance nightmare --- Connection between SkyEquation & VisEquation to be designed --- Urvashi & Kumar to decide on changes to make to FTMachine handle her development [As needed]

37) MS Version 2.x to fix minor things like making the FLAG_CATEGORY optional....may be in the forseeable future. MS Version 3.0 not in the forseeable future. [When needed]

38) Caltable definition and clean up. Programmer docmentation in refactored classes [Action - George]

39) Complex image handling to be brought to image tool. [Action - Raymond?]

40) Merge Sanjay pointing self-cal stuff onto the active immediately after release. [Action - Sanjay]

41) Boyd will answer the question about moving to Qt backend for matplotlib tomorrow [Done]

42) a) xml tool parser to take the parameter description and combine them with the function help for inline. [Action - Wes]

b) Polish the pdf/html output e.g make the tables cleaner [Action - Wes]

43) Deglishify tool documentation [Action - Raymond?]

44) No reason so far to move from latex [Decision]

45) Clearer build instructions for "newbie" developers [Action - Wes]

46) Keep the aips++ copyright stub ......GPL does not prevent anybody to do anything they want and people can add their copyright to the changes they do. [Decision]

47) Regression with simultaneous pol and spectral line is needed [Action - Raymond?]

48) A viewer generic middle layer C++ interface--- Also the plotter C++ interface should include raster. [Action - Laura]

49) Next meeting in 1 year time (with the new developers) otherwise 18 months seems to be a good frequency [Decision]

50) clean up casalog ipython log so as to reduce working directory pollution and also all the ~/. stuff need to be consolidated... aipsrc or casarc should be put in a dictionary in python so that they can be modified for the session in python [Action - Darrell?]

51) David will come up with a proposal on file locking [Done]

52) minimum matching on enumerated values [Action - Wes]

53) Brian get an action to prioritize the system changes/refactoring [In progress]

-- KumarGolap - 29 Feb 2008
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