# CASA active debug build how-to for Linux 32 bit

# tested on 1 Oct 2010, DP

# no warranty

# as root

# create or edit /etc/yum.repos.d/casa.repo to contain the following:

name=CASA RPMs for RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (i386)
baseurl=http://svn.cv.nrao.edu/casa/repo/el5/i386<br />gpgkey=http://svn.cv.nrao.edu/casa/RPM-GPG-KEY-casa http://www.jpackage.org/jpackage.asc http://svn.cv.nrao.edu/casa/repo/el5/RPM-GPG-KEY-redhat-release http://svn.cv.nrao.edu/casa/repo/el5/RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL

# note: the "gpgkey" line is one line of text.

# Run yum to install packages:

yum update aatm aatm-devel antlr-c++-devel antlr-c++-shared blas blas-devel casapy-boost141 casapy-boost141-devel casapy-ccmtools casapy-ccmtools-shared casapy-python casapy-python-devel cfitsio cfitsio-devel cmake dbus-c++ dbus-c++-devel fftw3 fftw3-devel lapack lapack-devel pgplot pgplot-devel qt471 qt471-devel qt471-qwt qt471-qwt-devel rpfits tix tix-devel wcslib wcslib-devel xerces-c28 xerces-c28-devel

install cmake

# as you

mkdir casa

cd casa

svn checkout https://svn.cv.nrao.edu/svn/casa/active/code code

svn checkout https://svn.cv.nrao.edu/svn/casa/active/casacore casacore

svn checkout https://svn.cv.nrao.edu/svn/casa/active/wcslib wcslib

mkdir build

# checkout data or make link to your existing data directory

svn checkout https://svn.cv.nrao.edu/svn/casa-data/trunk data

# create scons build script - SCONS is no longer used. Update this text.

# adjust directory names in CASAARCH and CASADATA as needed:

cat > build_casacore.sh
scons -j 1 --prefix=$CASAARCH --extra-cppflags="-g -DCASA_USECASAPATH -DCASACORE_NEEDS_RETHROW" --data-dir=$CASADATA --cfitsio-libdir=/usr/lib --cfitsio-incdir=/usr/include/cfitsio --extra-cflags="-g -fno-omit-frame-pointer" --extra-fflags="-g -fno-omit-frame-pointer" --extra-libs="-lfftw3f_threads -lfftw3_threads -lfftw3f -lfftw3 -lgomp" --enable-shared
scons install


# build wcslib

cd wcslib

# build casacore

cd ../casacore
source ../build_casacore.sh

# build casapy

cd ../build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ../code



-- DirkPetry - 2010-10-05
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