NRAO Interactive Services Plan of Record

June 2009 Cycle (Date)

Interactive Services includes, proposal submission, proposal handling, analytics, administration, and the CASA beta helpdesk.


  • Weeks 1-3
  • Weeks 4-6
  • Weeks 7-9
  • Weeks 10-12

Target release dates for PST Enhancements (must be vetted by Open Sky):

19 Feb 2009Review plan of record.
27 Feb 2009Finalize plan of record.
30 Apr 2009Release Candidate available for acceptance testing.
14 May 2009Release of PST.
14-21 May 2009Updates at 9pm CT based on initial feedback.

Key for the "Task Status" column:

  • DONE (%Y%) means the task has been successfully completed
  • MOVED TO... (%M%) means the task has been completed and is awaiting integration tests
  • PICK (%S%) means the task has been completed and is awaiting sponsor tests
  • ALERT! (%X%) means the task will not be completed this cycle, but was expected to be completed
  • ok means that the task is not yet complete or ready for tests, but Nicole and/or Dana have evaluated results & progress is clearly on track

Key for the "MR Status" column:

  • DONE (%Y%) means the MR has final sponsor sign-off
  • MOVED TO... (%M%) means the MR is awaiting final sponsor sign-off
  • PICK (%S%) means the MR is being implemented
  • REFACTOR (%P%) means the MR is either being written, checked, or needs initial sponsor approval
  • N/A means there is no MR for this task

1. Operational/User Support Items Completed During This Cycle

For each support item, please list the amount of effort involved as either: low, medium, or high. Guidelines for these rankings are as follows:
  • low - Things that take less than two hours.
  • medium - Things that take more than two hours, but less than eight hours.
  • high - Things that take more than eight hours.

If multiple people are involved in an item, please list it only once. Effort estimates should reflect total time elapsed, i.e. how long did it take to fix the problem start to finish - not the sum total of each person's time.

  • date - name - effort

2. Commitments

The default/unsorted state reflects priority order for this cycle.

As MRs are completed and additional details are available on each task, Open Sky should comment regarding which elements can be fit into a 4-week development period, and which should be migrated down to Background Tasks.

Project Task Info/MR Lead Sponsor,Team Notes MR Status Task Status
Proposal Submission Tool
VLA/GBT/VLBA Resource Changes
Proposal Submission Tool
Create API so EVLA programs can retrieve PST objects
Proposal Handling
Referee Users
Have a Referee user type where VLA referee can log in and download PDFs of the proposals they have to review
Proposal Submission Tool
Minor enhancements
This is low-hanging fruit but should not be considered a low priority!

3. Background Tasks

Things to do if we get time for them.

Interactive Services
Duplicate Authors
Proposal Submission Tool
Install Online Help Desk
Proposal Submission Tool
VLA sub-arrays and dual frequencies
This MR is on hold awaiting a recommendation from Mark Claussen about how to handle it in the system. Two Issues: 1. The current implementation of VLA sub-arrays may not accommodate all cases; 2. Dual frequency modes (4P and LP) are not accommodated.
Proposal Submission Tool
Source velocity reference frame and definition
The current list of parameters that define a source do not include the velocity reference frame and definition.
Proposal Submission Tool
Explore what it would take to add NED/Simbad mirror site
NicoleRadziwill will look into the policy issues.

4. Other Maintenance & Enhancements

Description Tests Submitter Notes Status

-- DanaBalser - 2009-02-17

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