NRAO Interactive Services Modification Request 4 T3 2009

1. Introduction

Any changes to the telescope specific resources

2. Background

3. Requirements

  • GBT: no changes.
  • VLBA: (listed in order of priority)
    • Remove the Socorro-FXCORR from the menu under Processor.
    • Disable (temporarily) the VLA-Y27 and Y1 checkboxes under Stations.
    • Add an entry to the drop-down menu for Spectral Points/BBC: 32768
    • Add a "Number of Fields" text entry under the Correlation Parameters which will be given as an integer.
    • Add a pop-up warning, which appears when bits/sample = 1 is selected (and Socorro-DifX is selected as processor). Text of the warning: "One-bit sampling causes inefficient processing in DiFX, and so must be justified in the proposal text."
  • EVLA resources
    • Change the title from VLA Resources to EVLA Resources
    • Add S-band to the Receiver menu under EVLA Resources: "S Band 10 cm 2000 - 4000 MHz". The default frequencies should be 3084.0, 3212.0 MHz for OSRO1 and 3084.0 for OSRO 2.
  • EVLA Time Lines

From now (when these changes to the PST are available) until January 11, 2010 (nominal turn-off date for the VLA correlator), when Resources are selected for the VLA Correlator, there should be a warning message displayed, and the selection disallowed, if the proposal type is anything but Rapid Response. Only Rapid Response proposals should be allowed for the VLA Correlator back ends. During this same time period, proposals with Resources selecting WIDAR Back Ends may only be used in Regular or Large proposals.

After January 11, 2010, the Resources should be changed so that the VLA Correlator Back Ends are no longer available. The plan is that VLA will not be observing at all between January 11, 2010, and February 28, 2010, but proposals will be accepted at the February 1, 2010 deadline for the 2010 B trimester. Thus proposers may use the PST between January 11 and February 28, 2010, but only to submit OSRO, RSRO, or ECSO Regular or Large proposals (i.e. no Rapid-Response proposals).

After February 28, 2010, all types of proposals (Regular, Large, or Rapid-Response) may again be submitted.

4. Design

Technical lead should provide a brief description of how this will be implemented in the code.

5. Deployment Checklist

Documentation? Systems/hardware/networking things needed for deployment?

6. Test Plan

6.1 Internal Testing

6.2 Sponsor Testing

6.3 Integration/Regression Tests


APPROVED: I acknowledge that my request is fully contained in this MR, and if the Open Sky (or other NIS or PST developers) deliver exactly what I specified, I will be happy.

ACCEPTED: I acknowledge that I have validated the completed code according to the acceptance tests, and I am happy with the results.

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