• Gustaaf writes:

1 - there are no defaults for parameters 'vis' and 'bandname'.  I can
     understand that for 'vis', but for bandname there should be one,
     e.g. 'all'.

2 - While values for vis and bandname are not (yet) specified, they
     have been assigned values 'false'.  When inspecting the inputs,
     CASA complains that 'vis' and 'bandname' have been assigned type
     'boolean, whereas a string is expected.  Is this CASA's way to
     say that there is no default?  If so, isn't there a clearer way?

  • Joe writes:
    • This is now set to '*' for all
    • Yes, what do you recommend. I had done this to force the user to set the required values - a basic type check is done and so a 'user-friendly' message can be generated to prompt the user. I can set this back to a blank string but then no such basic type check will work here. Let me know what you'd like.

-- MarkClaussen - 09 Nov 2006
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