Image analysis features, and other high-level viewer applications

This is an extensive area, and should be broken into sub-tasks. They are higher-level tasks built upon the basic viewer. The truly essential scope is still unclear, but its most important subsections are probably the following:

  • Image statistics. The most basic of these tasks is now working: display of statistics for a selected rectangular region on the viewed plane (using the right mouse button, by default). Still to do: stats for the whole image or for all animated planes, display in a window, rather than on the console.
  • Image summary display (not terribly hard).
  • Image channel profile display. This is one of the trickier ones, involving creation of subsidiary, stripped-down displaypanel windows and special-purpose DDs, and controlling them based on events from the main window.
  • Interactive clean. (This is a separate task, rather than a built-in 'Image analysis' item). A 'serial' scheme is workable (and under development) that freezes python while regions are defined in the viewer, resuming processing after the viewer closes. This may suffice for this use case, but inter-process integration (casapyVwr) would be preferable.

[Note 11/07: the profile display and interactive clean are now working].

Other possible image-analysis functions or high-level apps which were available in the old viewer also require special-purpose panels or DDs, and in some cases more complete communication with casapy, probably inter-process communication (casapyVwr). (It is unclear to me which of these, if any, will be found essential in practice). These include:
  • Compound region display/management (special DDs, communication with casapy (casapyVwr)).
  • Slice profile display (subsidiary panel control, as with channel profiles).
  • Channel profile fitter and image component fitter tasks. These were among the most sophisticated, highest-level and demanding uses of the viewer under the glish framework. They are probably best implemented as the old ones were, in the scripted language, after full interprocess integration has been achieved.
-- DavidKing - 30 Jan 2007
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