• Method
    • getchunk
      • default axis=-1 does not work right

  • The "constructors" should assign locally and not return another object
    • For e.g ia.imagefromfits should assign object to ia and not create another imageanalyzis object...as its unnecessary pollution and ia remains useless
      • Now it is ib=ia.imagefromfits('bla.image', 'some.fits',...)
      • it should simply be ia.openfromfits('bla.image', 'some.fits',...) and ia is the active object.
  • many functions need the region manager tool so as to define regions flexibly and not write a record by hand.

-- KumarGolap - 07 Jul 2006
Topic revision: r4 - 2006-10-13, KumarGolap
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