* Accessing the ATM Library

Please note that the ATM library is only available for CASA developers working on ALMA. The ATM library is available via the Charlottesville subversion server, but access is strictly limited.

By default ATM functionality is not turned on in the standard CASA distribution. You must first download and build libATM and then modify your local makedef as follows.

  • Turn on compiling with ATM in your local makedefs by adding,

  • Add the following ATM definitions to your local makedefs

On the MAC

On Linux
ATMROOT := /usr

MAC and Linux...


  • Adjust the SETUPLIBS and SETUPPYTHONLIB makedefs variables

SETUPLIBS := '''$(AIPSARCH)/lib''', '''$(ATMLIBD)''', '''$(THIRDPARTY)/lib'''
SETUPPYTHONLIB := 'ATM', 'xerces-c', 'readline'
  • Add libATM to the external libs to link against

XLIBLIST_shared_xmlcasa += ATM
  • You will then need to rerun

"cd code/xmlcasa" and do a 
gmake componentslib

  • In general the best option for rebuilding casac.so (python binding)
cd code
svn update
rm -rf ../gcode_*
cd xmlcasa

-- WesYoung - 27 Aug 2007

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