Flag Scope

  • Crystal wrote:
(2) Ability to flag channel averaged data and apply to spectral line data=20
set. Note that I require two senses of this feature. (a) In the=20
calibration stage, it would be sufficient to average the line data itself=20
(on the fly), flag and then have it apply to current dataset. (b) In the=20
imaging/self-calibration stage it is ALSO essential that you can flag on a=
seperate single channel dataset and then apply those flags to a seperate=20
line dataset. For example, you will often want to create a continuum only=20
uv dataset from your spectral line data (NOTE: this continuum will likely=20
need to be made from many 10s of spectral windows, carefully chosen to=20
exclude strong lines which does not lend itself to on the fly averaging or=
imaging - uv continuum subtraction already exists though I am not positive=
that it outputs both the continuum AND continuum subtracted line it may=20
currently only do the latter), flag the continuum and apply to=20
continuum-subtracted line data.

  • Joe wrote:
a. Agreed. It's currently in progress.
b. First, image plane continuum subtraction will provide both the continuum
and the continuum subtracted line. For the uv plane, the user selects which
they want (either continuum or continuum subtracted line). We don't currently
have a means of easily transferring flags between data sets. We'll work on a
proposal and submit to the CHUG.

-- JosephMcMullin - 25 Oct 2006
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