Viewer is not yet usable for editing MS flags

There are several problems in the general Options Panel's interface elements that prevent flag editing at present (see optionsPanel for more). Buttons (Save Edits or Undo Edits, e.g.) do not work. Edit extent checkboxes do not always work either. High priority.

Note: Since 'Save Edits' is the only button that changes the MS, there is no risk in viewing or experimenting with any interface; the MS will remain unchanged. Any edit attempts will be discarded when the MS display is closed.

-- DavidKing - 01 Nov 2006

MS's can now be edited, although all flags (along with 'no data' areas) show only in black (as in TVFLAG). The buttons and checkboxes now work.

-- DavidKing - 30 Jan 2007
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