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Submitted by Dirk Petry (dpetry at eso.org)

SIT-TOGETHER 3 (16 April 2010)

Analysis of a SMA spectral line dataset provided by Pam Klaassen (still 
Used script developed by Pam and slightly modified by Dirk.
Based on the preparations, Dirk filed CAS-2118 about uvcontsub2 which 
was soon resolved.

Use CASA casapy-stable-30.1.10962-001.tar.gz

This test didn't result in many tickets but the main point we felt needed
action was the enormous slowness of tasks like flagdata and clearcal.
This is now being addressed with some success mostly by Jonas.

1. MIR (SMA data calibration) import into CASA problem
2. New SMA data - -> Miriad --> CASA, import into CASA problem
3. Slowness
4. Benchmarking tests?
    (We are planning to compare the speed of this analysis with an 
equivalent MIRIAD
    analysis but haven't found time so far.)
5. Can we apply calibration to multiple sources together, or
does it need to be performed source by source to work properly?
6. Need to be able to plot fits/model on the same plot as data
7. Can we display different sources in different colours
when plotting
8. Look into increase in size of data during processing
    (See also point 4. We know the scratch columns are under discussion.)
9. Does turning off logger output speed things up?
10. uvcontsub2 only works when scratch columns are present.
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