-- NicholasElias - 2010-06-01

Submitted by Dirk Petry (dpetry at eso.org)

SIT-TOGETHER 1 (5 March 2010)

We worked on VLA data using a script produced
by Dirk based on Liz's AIPS VLA K-band Continuum analysis.

Used CASA 3.0.0.

Bugs Reported

1. Mac 10.5 users:
With the new release, users could not open CASA from
the Applications directory after new installation on
top of the old one. They could start it from the command
line however.

2. Mac Users:

There is a:
"Doing channel selection
0   0  0
Doing channel selection
0   0  0"

message when people run SPLIT

(Note: fixed in 3.0.1)

3. Some users got this error message

DeprecationWarning: PyArray_FromDims: use PyArray_SimpleNew.

4. "Severe" warning:
Started with 'history', says "severe" if you don't close it
(the viewer I think)

5. In SETJY, if you are not using one of the CASA standards and it is
your own model, then you still have to put in a name of a
CASA standard in the command

no JIRA ticket filed, yet.  CAS-2016 touches setjy but doesn't cover this.


Imfit accepts box= 'xx', 'xx', 'xx' whereas
Imstat accepts box='xx','xx','xx'

i.e. it won't let you put spaces in imstat, even
though it does in imfit and the boxes are referring
to the same region. Standardization of the "box"
input was requested.

(filed CAS-2050, resolved now)

Requested CASA capabilities:

1. An inspectable flagtable, which lists which flags have been
applied, whether they were applied interactively or not

2.  CASA viewer
The x-axis says "Baseline", but it would be clearer if it
said "Baselines to Antenna Number:"

OR else

Put all the labels in


0-1  0-2 0-3  0-4 etc
0                 1

3. Scripts for different purposes

4. Flagging like the AIPS task IBLED

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