ECT Plan of Record - August 2015 (16A)


  • Entry of rms brightness temperature doesn't "stick", i.e. when it is entered it immediately gets changed. We should be able to enter this number, as we would enter the rms noise. (This was fixed in the previous cycle, but now seems to have returned to its previous state.) EVL-2877

  • The ECT needs to change from Tsys and eta to SEFD directly for the sensitivity calculation (we measure SEFD now, so Tsys and eta have to be disentangled by hand to be put into the calculator). EVL-2592. With some afterthought, this may not be as easy as we thought, since things like elevation and season change the Tsys (an excess Tsys is calculated), then Tsys+Texcess are combined with eta to get an updated calculation of SEFD.


  • A more complex algorithm is needed. 3-bit vs 8-bit, multi-frequency SBs, length of SB, etc. EVL-2484.

  • Display overhead fraction (perhaps to right of Total Time ?), and note there that it assumes 2h SBs. (In the future, this field could be writeable.)

  • Automatically put in the effective bandwidth for a given low frequency receiver continuum observation. For example, if L band is selected, automatically put in 600 MHz for the bandwidth.

  • ECT should start up with the right default for season for the relevant semester. A = winter; B= summer ? (For observing semesters, seasons change in the semester...) More discussion needed.

Not to lose track of:

  • In P-band, we probably need to reduce the available bandwidth in the C- and D- configurations, since there is more interference on these shorter baselines. EVL-2485.

  • Need a day/night indicator (both for low and high frequencies). EVL-2487

  • Need to include atmospheric absorption. More science discussion needed.

  • We should incorporate the ECT directly into the PST. Perhaps the fact that the ECT can write xml can help with this.

  • Need a tool separate from the ECT for P-band sensitivity calculations, especially near the Galactic plane. Data (i.e. observations) are required as input for this tool. More science discussion needed.


  • Continue to update SEFDs in the calculator, and in the VLA OSS

  • Explanation of brightness temperature sensitivity

-- DanaBalser - 2015-03-31
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