Defect Tracking

Migrating away from Clear-DDDDDDS, but right now we're in this middleground where we still have issues in the old system, and we're using the new system.


How do we allocate time for defect tracking?

We haven't been dealing with users in such a long time; how do we respond to defect issues in the very immediate time-frame required when dealing with users?

Should we have one person that deals with defects all the time?

We have a throttle on the defects: we want to respond to the important defects. Within the projects we have that support that says which projects for which we will support internal testers.

One defect can shut down a developer for a week, depending on the complexity of a defect.

If it is a high priority, it takes a week.

Not everyone is, er, diplomatically adroit when dealing with users.

Front-Line Support

The front line support dream is that the scientific staff is the front-line support.

The NAUG members.

With the NAUG members as front-line support, we receive fewer defect reports that are PEBKAC.

We have support from the projects to have front-line support contributed from the NAUG members.

In addition, we need to hire a help-desk person? They don't have to be a programmer. A post-doc position?


Respond to defect with a set amount of time.

Resolve a defect within a certain amount of time.

-- BoydWaters - 03 Jun 2006
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