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User documentation for Crossmatch: the NRAO catalog cross-identification Web application.


Crossmatch is a prototype Web application that aids the user in "cross-identifying" data in two or more archives or catalogs. The Crossmatch home page is A developer wiki for Crossmatch, containing links to source code, is at CrossmatchDevelopment.

The user interface to Crossmatch consists of two parts: the home page (query page) and the display page. The home page contains an HTML form that allows the user to submit a query. The display page shows the Crossmatch response data; multiple, unique display pages may be opened for a single Crossmatch session.

Home/Query Page

Documentation for the main HTML form of the Crossmatch home page is available on the home page. The user should be aware that the prototype version is only setup to access 4 unique archive/catalog services. Many more services exist and could potentially be added to the list.

Just below the HTML form, sky coordinates can be obtained for a given object identifier via the SESAME look up feature.

Crossmatch can also query data by explicit URL, using the appropriate link at the bottom of the home page. The URL must elicit a response in the form of a VO table.

Display Page

The display page consists of several parts: a control bar at the top of the page, a table containing the archive/catalog data, and a table at bottom that describes the columns of the data table.

Control Bar

The control bar contains several buttons that are described here.

Home: This button brings the crossmatch home page to the front.

QueryInfo: This button reveals the input parameters used to acquire the data in this page. Possible inputs include: an explicit URL, a Simple Cone Search (SCS) service base URL, right ascension (RA), declination (Dec), and search radius (SR). A URL that will return the unformated VO table is also provided.

Export: This button allows the user to export the data currently displayed in the data table. Data can be exported in either XML or ASCII formats.

Displays: This button reveals a list of all Crossmatch display windows. Windows are listed according to the title of the browser window, which at this time contains a (cryptic) URL. (The displays button can be a bit quirky. It only displays windows that are opened from the same Crossmatch home page. The button must be clicked a couple time to refresh the list, if new display windows are opened at a later time from the same query window.)

Data Table

The data table (and columns table) is part of the VO tool known as VOView. User documentation on VOView is currently non-existent. Fortunately, VOView has a simple and fairly intuitive interface. Here are the highlights of VOView's features.

Data is paginated. The user can move through the various pages using the page controls at the top (and bottom) right of the data table.

Column headers can be clicked to sort the table data by column.

Text input boxes below the column headers allow for filtering by column. Hold the cursor over the input box for instructions on filtering.

Columns can be added or removed from the display using the "<<" and ">>" buttons at the right of the column header row.

Column Table

The column table displays information about the data table columns and allows the user to dynamically reorder columns -- just click a column and move it up or down in the list. Columns can also be hidden by moving the column row below the pink row.

Project Status and Contact Information

Crossmatch is a prototype. Bugs may be present. Crossmatch is no longer under development. However, users who have questions or comments may contact Jared Crossley.

Crossmatch is a project of the NRAO. It has been developed by JaredCrossley with scientific oversight by EdFomalont, and management oversight by NicoleRadziwill and GarethHunt.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.
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