• Ed says:
When beginning casapy, some version information about casapy should
appear along with the introductory information.

Darrel mentioned the unix utility  :

 gave me the answer.

It is 20.0.309
  • Joe says:
    • We'll get this implemented in general (both OSs) in the mean time it's available for the rpms as:
casapyinfo [--help|--data|--keys|--version|--rpmversion|--environ|--makedefs]
    --help:        usage info
    --data:        location of the data repository
    --keys:        location of the glish keys
    --version:     casa version info
    --rpmversion:  casa version info
    --buildhost:   build host info
    --environ:     show support environment (this is automatically
                   set up for standard binaries)
    --makedefs:    dump build makedefs
    --exec STRING: export casa environment and then exec STRING

-- JosephMcMullin - 30 Nov 2006
Topic revision: r1 - 2006-11-30, JosephMcMullin
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