Viewer 'Scripts' (testing instructions)

Data files for these tests:

To run these tests, you need to have downloaded the regression/viewertest/ subdirectory of the Casa data repository, In the commands that follow, that repository is assumed to reside at /home/casa/data/ -- correct as necessary.

It's most convenient to copy all these data files to your own test directory (using the following commands), and to run casaviewer from there, so that qualified paths or filesystem navigation are unnecessary. (MSs must have write permission in any case).

Note that some test file names are changed by these copy commands. The names on the right are used in the testing instructions ('scripts').

cd <your viewer testing directory>
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/
cp -r /home/casa/data/ephemerides/Sources        
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/m51.fits       m51.fits
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/

cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/

If you are doing repeat testing in the same directory you can reuse most of the above files, but you should at least delete and replace, as the testing changes it in ways that are difficult to reverse. Also, be sure that and have been deleted from your test directory, so that they can be reconstructed from scratch.

rm -rf
cp -r /home/casa/data/regression/viewertest/

You can now follow the test scripts:

Main 'script' (manual testing instructions) --for images

Main 'script' (manual testing instructions) -- for MSs

(...others to follow(?))

-- DavidKing - Jan 2008

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