CASA Revision Control

NRAO and ALMA are solely responsible for developing CASA, and the source code for CASA can be found in our subversion repository. We use subversion to provide access to our source code, maintain information about changes made by developers, and compare one version of the source code against another versions. CASA developers can also use subversion to track their own personal copy of all of the CASA source code or portions of the source code.


Our repository can be browsed with a web browser or it can be used to check-out a copy of the source code. All of the source code necessary to build CASA can be found in our repository. Specialized CASA source code is split into two components, a kernel implementation (casacore) and specialized interfaces and tools for NRAO and ALMA (casa code). We jointly develop casacode in cooperation with other observatories. Our repository contains the version of casacore that we use to build CASA.

The subversion branch onto which all developer changes are checked is called the active branch. It contains the unstable and frequently modified. It represents the ongoing development of the CASA project. The two primary components can be checked out from this branch with:

    svn co
    svn co

Another branch (called the test branch) is available, and it represents a version of CASA that is suitable for internal testing. It has been tested by developers and has passed a small battery of tests:

    svn co
    svn co

The stable branch represents a version of CASA that has been used internally and has passed a complete battery of tests:

    svn co
    svn co

The stable branch is almost ready to be a release candidate. CASA releases have a defined set of functionality, have updated documentation, and are targeted at the operational needs of NRAO instruments and ALMA. This release branch can be checked out as well:

    svn co
    svn co

Subversion Functionality

Version Control with Subversion is a very good source for detailed information about subversion. On this page, we will only address the subversion issues which are of use to new CASA developers.

svn switch

svn switch can be used to change from one of the branches to another. So for example, if for some reason casacore is broken in the active branch, you can switch to the test branch's casacore by changing to your casacore directory and running:

    svn switch

svn info

svn info can be used to get information about where any directory you have checked out comes from, for example

    bash$ cd xmlcasa/tasks
    bash$ svn info
    Path: .
    Repository Root:
    Repository UUID: ac9c0da5-131f-0410-9009-a9c195f183e6
    Revision: 10504
    Node Kind: directory
    Schedule: normal
    Last Changed Author: george.moellenbrock
    Last Changed Rev: 10449
    Last Changed Date: 2010-02-18 16:45:46 -0500 (Thu, 18 Feb 2010)
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