CASA RC Variables: Lost and Found

Below are the CASA RC variables I've found in the codebase. If know what a particular does or know that it is no longer relevant, please add a note to that effect. On the line following the variable, put six spaces, an asterisk, another space and then the text. Pleas add your name in parentheses afterwards.

  1. measures.aberration.d_interval:
    • interpolation interval as time (fraction of days is default unit) over which linear interpolation is used (default: 0.04 d) (D.Petry)
  2. measures.aberration.b_usejpl:
    • measures.aberration.b_usejpl: use the JPL database values for IAU1980. Else analytical expression, relative error about 10E-9 (D.Petry)
  3. measures.jpl.ephemeris:
    • Sets the JPL database to be used (at the moment of writing DE200 (default), or DE405). If using the JPL database, the measures.aberration.d_interval is irrelevant.
  4. measures.earthfield.d_interval:
    • interpolation interval (km), default 50 km (D.Petry)
  5. measures.measiers.b_notable:
    • Do not use IERS tables to convert measures (D. Petry)
  6. measures.measiers.b_forcepredict:
    • Use values from prediction tables even if Measured table asked by program. (D. Petry)
  7. measures.measiers.d_predicttime:
    • Use values from prediction tables if (now - time) less than value given (default 5) (days) (D. Petry)
  8. measures.b1950.d_epoch:
    • definition for B1950 epoch (years), default 2000. (D. Petry)
  9. measures.iau2000.b_use:
    • if True, use the IAU2000 precession/nutation (default False, use IAU1980) (D.Petry)
  10. measures.iau2000.b_use2000a:
    • if True and measures.iau2000.b_use==True, then use the high precision 2000A model (default: False) (D. Petry)
  11. measures.nutation.d_interval:
    • approximation interval as time (fraction of days is default unit) over which linear approximation is used (default: 0.04 d) (D.Petry)
  12. measures.nutation.b_useiers:
    • If true, use IERS database nutation corrections for IAU 1980 (default False) (D.Petry)
  13. measures.nutation.b_usejpl:
    • if true, use the JPL database nutations for IAU1980 (default False, use analytical expression, relative error about 10-9. See also measures.jpl.ephemeris (D.Petry)
  14. measures.precession.d_interval:
    • approximation interval as time (fraction of days is default unit) over which linear approximation is used (default: 0.1 d) (D.Petry)
  15. measures.solarpos.d_interval:
    • interpolation interval for the position of the Sun as time (fraction of days is default unit) over which linear approximation is used (default: 0.04 d) (D.Petry)
  16. measures.solarpos.b_usejpl:
    • if True, calculate solar position using the JPL ephemeris tables for Earth and Sun (default False) (D.Petry)
  17. measures.b1950.d_epoch:
    • The conversion between B1950 and J2000 may have an Epoch. If none given, an epoch of 2000.0 is assumed for the conversion, unless the measures.b1950.d_epoch is given. (D. Petry)
  18. measures.comet.file:
    • The default COMET ephemeris table used by the MeasComet constructor when no other ephemeris is given (default: empty String, i.e. none) (D.Petry)
    • overrides the default location of the DE200 ephemeris (D.Petry)
    • overrides the default location of the DE405 ephemeris (D.Petry)
    • override the default location for these IERS related tables (D.Petry)
  26. AipsError.enableStackTrace, AipsError _StackTracing_Default: ./casacore/casa/Exceptions/
    • Enables generation of stack traces as part of an AipsError. (Jim Jacobs)
  27. Calibrater.useVpf, False: ./code/synthesis/MeasurementComponents/
  28. Calibrater.activity.interval
  29. Calibrater.activity.fraction
  30. FlagAgent.background, false: ./code/flagging/Flagging/
  31. FlagDataHandler.asyncio
  32. FlagDataHandler.slurp, true: ./code/flagging/Flagging/
  33. Imager.asyncio, False); : ./code/synthesis/MeasurementEquations/
  34. (
  35. ROVisibilityIterator::getAipsRcBase: ./code/synthesis/MSVis/
  36. ROVisibilityIterator::getAipsRcBase: ./code/synthesis/MSVis/
  37. alma.vp.image: (KG: This is a temporary option till generic VPManager is enabled...if set to True then the next 2 parameters points to the images which can be used for ALMA beam voltage patterns)
  38. alma.vp.12m (see line above)
  39. alma.vp.7m (see line above one)
  40. display.axislabels
  41. display.axislabels.charsize, : ./code/display/DisplayCanvas/
  42. display.axislabels.linewidth, : ./code/display/DisplayCanvas/
  44. display.cachesize : ./code/display/DisplayDatas/
  45. display.colormaps.defaultcolormap
  46. display.colormaps.usedefault
  47. display.colormaps.usertable
  48. display.contour.color
  49. display.controls.color
  50. display.controls.doubleclickinterval : ./code/display/DisplayDatas/
  51. display.controls.linewidth, : ./code/display/DisplayEvents/
  52. getAipsRcBase () + .debug.logLevel, : ./code/synthesis/MSVis/
  53. Imager.asyncio
  55. plotms.ignorefree
  56. table.endianformat, local); : ./casacore/tables/Tables/
  57. table.tsm.buffersize, 0); : ./casacore/tables/Tables/
  58. table.tsm.maxcachesizemb, -1); : ./casacore/tables/Tables/
  59. table.tsm.option, cache); : ./casacore/tables/Tables/
  60. user.aipsdir
  61. user.aipsrc.edit.keep
  63. user.ephemerides.SplatDefault.tbl
  65. user.logfile: (
  66. system.resources.cores (
  67. system.resources.memory (
  68. system.resources.memfrac (
  69. system.time.tzoffset
  70. ATerm.CONVSIZE : code/synthesis/TransformMachines/
  71. ATerm.OVERSAMPLING : code/synthesis/TransformMachines/
    • Controls the size of the buffer used and oversampling parameter for the computation of the convolution function (Sanjay B.)

-- JimJacobs - 2013-06-24

-- DirkPetry - 2013-07-01
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