Finish Listvis to List Visibility Data

CASA Modification Request 27C108, November 2007

1. Introduction

The user must be able to scrutinize the visibility data carefully, especially during the debugging of software or an array.

listvis development is documented in greater detail here: ListvisDevelopment.

2. Background

3. Requirements

The user would like to look at selected visibility data in a readable format. The browsers are too limited and do not support data selection.

  • DONE ms.lister() now prints all MS data by default.
  • DONE Visibility table output is paginated; after each page the user can (1) continue to the next page, (2) quit, or (3) list all data with no additional prompts.
  • DONE MS header info is sent to the logger. Only the visibility table is sent to the terminal.
  • DONE 6 of the 11 selection parameters (plus TaQL selection) may be working. (I have not checked output accuracy in detail.)
  • Implement data selection with these parameters (these will be the task inputs):
#  listvis :: List of Selected u,v Data Points

vis                 =         ''        #   Name of input visibility
options?            =      'ap'         #   List options: ap = amplitude and phase, a, p,
                                        #   (u,v,w), weight (maybe more?)
    datacolumn      =     'data'        #   data (raw), corrected, model, residual

field               =         ''        #   field names or index of calibrators: ''==>all
spw                 =         ''        #   spectral window:channels: ''==>all, spw='1:5~57'
selectdata          =       True        #   Other data selection parameters
    antenna         =         ''        #   antenna/baselines: ''==>all, antenna = '3,VA04'
    timerange       =         ''        #   time range: ''==>all
    correlation     =         ''        #   correlations: default = ''
    scan            =         ''        #   scan numbers: Not yet implemented
    feed            =         ''        #   multi-feed numbers: Not yet implemented
    array           =         ''        #   array numbers: Not yet implemented
    uvrange         =         ''        #   uv range''==>all; uvrange = '0~100kl'

average             =         ''        #   Select averaging mode: time, chan or both
showflags           =      False        #   Show flagged data
The implementation status of each parameter is described here: ListvisDevelopment.
  • Format the visibility output table properly. I need input from Ed (or George) on what format is desired.
  • Finalize the ms.lister tool. When data selection is available and table format looks good, document it.
  • Make a task listvis for lisiting visibilities, complete with data selection capability.

4. Design

5. Deployment Checklist

6. Test Plan

6.1 Internal Testing

6.2 Sponsor Testing

6.3 Integration/Regression Tests

6.4 Testing for Scientific Validity


APPROVED: I acknowledge that my request is fully contained in this MR, and if the CASA development group delivers exactly what I specified, I will be happy.

ACCEPTED: I acknowledge that I have validated the completed code according to the acceptance tests, and I am happy with the results.

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