Casa to Python Migration - WesYoung

(wes has a powerpoint presentation that can go here)

Migration Timetable

Tools "Completed"

The status for each of these tools should be indicated.

None of the tools are "complete" to the level of Glish.

How much of that is due to lacking features of the framework? Mostly framework is not the limitation.


Very crude right now; writes to a file, but uses log2c++


Updated to 2.0

This is our next test in October

Tak's code for SDFITS and the MeasurementSet was a simple port?

Most was checked in, OK


We have a SummerStudentProject working on this. RichMoeser and BoydWaters agree that it is worth examining a WebServlet implemenation.

We really need a TableBrowser - is this within the scope of a SummerStudentProject ? WesYoung says yes; he is cleaning stuff up.

Lots of little stuff.

Tools "Needed"


This is the generic plotter disucssed yesterday (see CalgaryDevelopersMeetingMeetingNotes). Nothing has evolved since the discussion with Urvashi.

Region Specification

A list of points (pixel co-ordinates) and a suite of functions (e.g. intersection, union)


Compiles on the framework, but doesn't compile right now on AIPS++?

Tools "Desired" (not needed for first release)

  • Fitting
  • Functionals
  • Deconvolver
  • Poarlimetry

-- BoydWaters - 03 Jun 2006
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