Post-Installation Setup for CASA Macintosh Intel

Your Shell Environment

CASA uses an enhanced Python environment (an open-source shell called iPython) for its primary user interface. You use this iPython shell from a Terminal or X11 window to set up data-processing tasks.

Anyway, you need to let your shell environment know about the CASA setup. The easiest way to do this is to add a line to your shell initialization script:

source /opt/casa/

(or source /opt/casa/casainit.csh if you use tcsh)

I added this line to my $HOME/.profile script, so that every Terminal window that I open calls this initialization script.

Running CASA for the First Time

To start CASA, first source the /opt/casa/ script as described above, then issue the casapy command in a Terminal window.

The first time you run casapy, it will configure the iPython environment. You may see warning messages about fonts. I think these are generally safe to ignore. Once that is done, you should see something like

Welcome to IPython. I will try to create a personal configuration directory
where you can customize many aspects of IPython's functionality in:


Successful installation!
Please press <RETURN> to start IPython.

And you can press the return key to get into the casapy shell.

Release Notes

ASAP has been incorporated into CASA for this release.

More Information

See the CASA page for more information: CASA

-- BoydWaters - 05 Feb 2007

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