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Status: DEPRECATED - see CASA Software Engineering

This page collects links to pages that describe the CASA software build and test tools, automated builds and tests, the process for packaging CASA for distribution, and the methods for distributing CASA to assorted groups of users. It also includes links to pages describing other procedures carried out by CASA Infrastructure folk that contribute to CASA development and test.

CASA Infrastructure folk are responsible for creating and maintaining these pages, but all CASA developers are welcome to add to and improve these pages. Where possible, links will point to existing pages. Where necessary, new pages will be written by mining the CASA wiki for the most complete and current information, then filling any remaining gaps as needed.

This page does not include links to pages on CASA administration, design, implementation, meetings, optional development tools, planning, project status, scheduling, user's guides, etc.. Links to those topics still belong on CasaIndex.


A list of topics to track down pages for or write pages about. I expect this to take some time to populate.

-- ScottRankin - 2011-02-14

TODO: organize links into categories


Change Control




Where do I find ...

definitions of terms used in CASA Infrastructure?

libraries required for CASA development?

results of automated builds and tests?

what recently changed in the code?

who is responsible for a chunk of code?

See the Jira CASA Components List.

how we run automated builds and tests?

For tests on active, see CasaInfrastructureContinuousIntegration.

who are the CASA infrastructure folk, and what do they do?

How do I ...

Instructions for tasks a developer must do for themselves.

setup a development system?

decide what code to checkout?

checkout code?

build code?

add new source files?

add new unit tests?

run all unit tests?

run some unit tests?

add new module tests?

run all module tests?

run some module tests?

add new end-to-end tests?

run all end-to-end tests?

run some end-to-end tests?

How do we ...

Instructions for tasks Infrastructure folk do for the group.

update the data repository?

See CasaInfrastructureUpdateDataRepository

build Active builds?

verify Active builds?

package Active builds?

distribute Active build package?

move code from Active to Test?

build Test builds?

verify Test builds?

package Test builds?

distribute Test build package?

move code from Test to Stable?

build Stable builds?

verify Stable builds?

package Stable build?

distribute Stable build packages?

build Release builds?

verify Release builds?

package Release builds?

distribute Release build packages?

build 3rd party development libraries?

distribute 3rd party development libraries?

package software for OS X?

See: CasaInfrastructureBuildOSXpackage

integrate with Hudson

See: CasaInfrastructureContinuousIntegration

package software for Redhat Enterprise Linux?

package software for Generic Linux

-- ScottRankin - 2011-02-14
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