CASA Change Control


CASA uses Subversion for change control.

The current Subversion version is 1.6. Do not use newer versions of Subversion clients (if any) with the CASA Subversion repository, as this can create confusion and issues for other CASA developers.

See the following to learn how to use Subversion:

You may browse the Subversion repository at the following links:


We are re-organizing the CASA Subversion repository to more closely follow Subversion conventions for organizing repositories and to remove obsolete data. We are doing so to make it easier to find current data and to allow more flexibility in tool selection (client software, automation tools, etc.) in the future.

The top level of the CASA Subversion repository will be organized as follows:

  • casa
    • active - remains the same for now.
    • branches - will contain all active and deleted branches.
    • tags - will contain named baselines in active branches.

This work is ongoing. I will announce changes to the casa-staff list before they occur.

-- ScottRankin - 2011-11-07
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