Tool: calplot Plot data from calibration tables
Method: calplot Construct a calplot tool
Method: close * \n Close the current calibration table. \n *
Method: done * \n Close the current calibration table. \n *
Method: next * \n Continue plotting (iteration mode).\n *
Method: open * \n Open a calibration table for use. \nSupported calibration types: \n G = gain\n B = bandpass\n M = baseline-based gain\n MF= baseline-based bandpass\n P = parallactic angle\n T = troposphere\n K = baseline-based fringe fitting\n *
caltable string Calibration Table name
Method: plot * \n Plot calibration solutions using user inputs from plotoptions, setdata \nOptions: plottype - AMP, PHASE, RLPHASE, XYPHASE, DELAY, DELAYRATE\n *
plottype string String value of the calibration solution type (AMP, PHASE, RLPHASE, XYPHASE, DELAY, DELAYRATE)
Method: plotoptions * \n Specify list of plot options. \nOptions: multiplot = true; will use the nxpanels,nypanels setting for display\n*
nxpanels int Number of plotting panels in the x direction; used if multiplot=true
nypanels int Number of plotting panels in the y direction; used if multiplot=true
multiplot bool Create multiple plots or overlay the data.
Method: markflags * \n Mark a rectangular region to flag. Click left mouse button, drag and release to mark the region. Multiple regions can be marked. Hit ESC to clearregions (not currently enabled).\n *
panel int whihc panel to flag on, in case there is more than 1
region doubleArray [xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax] bounding box
Method: flagdata * \n Flag Data for selected flag regions. Flags are not writtento disk unless diskwrite=true (or diskwrite=1) is set.\n *
Method: setdata * \n Select a subset of the data for plotting and specify calibration type \n *
antennas intArray Vector of antenna indices
caldescids intArray Vector of data description identifiers (polarization, spectral window combination).
Method: stopiter * \n Stop plot iterations. \n *

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