Calibration Tasks - Parameter lists

  • Joe says: The issue is that we are trying to keep the parameter lists compact, however there are options that are required that generally need to be specified per calibration type; this will expand the parameter lists for most calibration tasks by adding a toggle and set of specifications for each type. There are three options
    • Extend parameter lists to incorporate more functionality this can be done as:

    • Keep parameter lists as they are but allow vectors to be used to convey the additional information as:
               caltype=['caltype.table','caltype_selection',[spw map list]]

    • Keep parameter lists short and implement the accum task which would be run for any type of selection or mapping of a given type; it would be used when:
      • a calibration solution of a particular type already exists,
      • an incremental calibration solution of the same type is desired (an incremental solution in this context means derived independently from, or determined with respect to, the first)
      • the first calibration cannot be implicitly recovered in the course of obtaining the incremental solution

         #NOTE: This is analogous to the AIPS task CLCAL
         accum input_table output_table spwmap, selection

-- JosephMcMullin - 28 Nov 2006
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