CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2014-10-07, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Mark R., Adam, Drew, Brian M., Steve M.

Apologies: Juergen, Jen, Crystal


  • Socorro: AOC-317; IP:
  • Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)


  • 4.3 Linux and OS X (10.8) test packages have been updated recently. All remaining 4.3 work should be bugfixes only (modulo a few pre-agreed bits of finishing work, e.g. WEIGHT_SPECTRUM). The 4.3 release branch will probably be created today/tomorrow.
  • 4.2.2 is the current public release version for both Linux and OS X.
    • If you are on a Red Hat 5 machine, you can access older versions via the '-r' option, e.g. 'casapy -r4.1.0'
    • If you are on Red Hat 6 and need CASA 4.1, run it from here: /home/casa/packages/RHEL5/release/casapy-41.0.24668-001-64b/casapy.
    • However: A change is coming that only affects users who run casa using the automatically installed wrapper scripts. Instead of having different scripts for each version of casa, i.e. casapy, casa, casapy-test, casapy-stable. Now one script will handle all wrapper functionality (including wrappers for casaviewer, casaviewer-test, casaplotms, etc.). To select among the different versions, users now use a flag like '-test' or '--test' or just 'test'. A "casapy" link will continue to be included for the short term.
  • The definition of what constitutes a CASA "test" and "stable" package will change in the near future. "test" will instead denote a build (with more self-consistent module numbering) that has completed successfully and been confirmed to start, but with no additional testing. If any given "test" package is subsequently found to successfully pass all the regression tests, then it will be promoted to "stable". This should provide more frequent user-testable packages. A system to implement this is ready, and its deployment is currently expected within the next couple of weeks or so (subject to policy).
    • As part of these changes, the commands for launching CASA will also change slightly, as indicated below. Note that the old launch commands will be deprecated following the deployment of the above changes.
      • "casapy" -> "casa"
      • "casapy-test" -> "casa test"
      • "casapy-stable" -> "casa stable"
      • "casapy -r4.2.1" -> "casa -r4.2.1" Also:
      • "casa -ls" will list all of the various (RPM) versions of casa available for launch on a system, in order to allow the user to select a particular version to run as per the above instructions.
  • Following the meeting, four machines in Charlottesville (zuul01 - 04) were configured to allow local testing of the new-style stable package prior to the above roll-out. Links to the counterpart tarball locations have been sent to Steve.

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets, but excluding Pipeline) prior to meeting: 85 (was 98).

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets) following meeting: 85.


  • tclean Brian has identified test datasets for this testing for today,/tomorrow. Focus will be on single field, there might be a bit of mosaicking supported.
  • Viewer and PlotMS testing - DAs
    • CAS-6604 - Viewer parent, Some subtasks remain Open.
    • CAS-6605 - Testing mostly to be done by Pipeline group. All but 3 subtasks resolved (and those 3 are flagged as testable now).
  • Current status of imfit work? CAS-6124 and its subtasks. Brian had reported on this last time. Generally verified by Brian to do as specified. Juergen had made a comment about possible requirements changes, but this would probably require a more general formalism to be provided. Claire had mentioned finding a few idiosyncrasies, which will probably be filed and tracked via separate tickets. Can perhaps be dropped as a named item from the next meeting agenda.
  • General reminder to keep an eye PlotMS reliability and report any reproducible issues...
  • The "nag list", "input required" items
  • Other testing items specifically raised?
    • CAS-6662 needs input from Lindsey. Ticket pinged accordingly.
    • Steve noted the existence of a problem with the VISITER iterator that spans several tickets. The ticket had been downgraded from Blocker status, but he felt that this was premature as the suggested workaround was insufficient. Action item on Mark R. to follow up on this - CAS-6946.
    • Steve had noted a reference frames(?) keyword-related issue with MSs in 4.3 that limits the usefulness of the current 4.3 build for him. Mark R. had pinged Jeff for more details, but no reply. Jeff?

New Testing Assignments (see relevant section below)

  • Assignment of any other "To Be Assigned" Items.
  • The next meeting will take place on October 21st.
  • Any Other Business:
    • Jeff: Which 4.2.2 release branch tickets (if any) can be resolved as obsolete? Jeff had emailed Mark R. a shortlist of tickets to manage. Action item on Mark R. to decide what should be done with them.

New Action Items Arising

  • Action item on Mark R. to follow up on VISITER issue that should be a blocker but is not currently listed as such. Maybe need more MSTRansform regression tests in general? - CAS-6946.
  • Action item on Mark R. to decide what should be done with lingering 4.2.2 tickets (as per Jeff's provided shortlist).

PART 1: Items To Be Possibly Covered During Meetings

Propose to Close Items

  • CAS-6844: plotms huge and fuzzy plot on large plotindex. (A)RTT in latest casapy-test package. Tester: Juergen

Items Overdue for Status Updates (i.e. the "Nag List")

  • CAS-5836 (Nov): 4.3 item. Create new task imrebin. ARTT in casapy-test r29326+. Commit to trunk was r29786. Testable since April... Tester: Adam.
  • CAS-5720 (Oct): 4.2 item. change tooltip for new histogram functionality tool. ARTT. Tester: Paul Pending access to new test package.
  • CAS-5191 (Mar): Add gain threshold parameter to fluxscale. ARTT (r28480) in the latest 4.3 casapy-test. Tester: Crystal Reassign? Pinged Crystal for suggestion about an alternative user tester.
  • CAS-5848( 2014): 4.3. enhancements for imsmooth. Subtask of CAS-5844. ARTT (r30554) in 4.3. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5893 (May): 4.3 item. add the ability to write a spectral profile to an ASCII file in the ia tool. ARTT in 4.3. Commit was r29681. Tester: Assigned to Juergen for testing and a possible CSSC discussion.
  • CAS-3666: split on spws gives errors for different correlation shapes. 4.3 Blocker. Had been stuck On Hold, but is causing problems for the VLA pipeline now, so needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The awaited mstransform and split2 functionality has now been committed. 4.3 item. ARTT in 4.3. Tester: Passed to Steve for reassignment someone in Socorro instead. New split roll-out deferred to 4.3 (see split2 tickets elsewhere on this page). See also above meeting notes on CAS-5785. Steve suggested that this should perhaps be turned into part of the regression testing suite. Sandra has been pinged on the ticket about this idea.
  • CAS-6164 Running setjy several times on different source / spw selections sometimes clears previous model data 4.3 Blocker. ARTT in casapytest now. Had previously been resolved, but reopened as it affects EVLA data too. 4.3 item. Tester: Mark Lacy. Mark will try to get to this as time permits, but has pipeline release-related issues to address first.
  • CAS-6179 (Jul): 4.3 item. Make a wrapper of hanningsmooth to use the MSTransform framework. ARTT in 4.3. Commit was r30273. Tester: Paul
  • CAS-4623 (Aug): SetJy: Method to set Pol Fraction and Angle as Function of Frequency. ARTT in 4.3 test package. Tester: Steve (or perhaps Bryan?) Pending access to new test package.
  • CAS-6870 (Aug): Plotms: Summary not available prior to plotting. ARTT in 4.3 (r30873+). Tester: Lindsey
  • CAS-3580 (Aug): 4.3 item. Prediction of expected image based noise based on Tsys. ARTT in 4.3. Tester: Eric V. (to be tested at the JAO).
  • CAS-6912: makemask copy always replaces image. ARTT in latest casapy-test package. Tester: Juergen

Items Currently Undergoing Testing

  • CAS-5785 (May 2014): drastic split speed discrepancies depending on whether spw is set or not. Open. Ticket back with reporter for more info. Known behavior for MSSelection. Some discussion of this item and related topics: split with spw (see also CAS-3666 below). It would be good to be able to select by spw on a large dataset. Will MSTransform have the same problem? Do MMSs help here? Also, Justo's note on this implies that this is a known issue with MSSelection (and not a split problem), but doesn't actually indicate if this is a known issue to be addressed or a known issue that we have to document and just live with. (Steve would also like to be able to do spw selection in asdm2ms - there may well be a separate ticket for this).
  • CAS-6220 (Mar): Enable importasdm to read flags from the binary ASDM data. ARTT in 4.3. Commit was r28609. Ticket with Dirk for now. Todd had incidentally tested this while working on something else. Runs to completion (and sometimes generates a lot of INFO messages). Close to done, but kept open for now for second stage implementation of asdm2MS completion.
  • CAS-6820 (Aug): plotcal crashes when file = gain calibration table and axis = delay. ARTT in 4.3 (r31154+). Tester: Anand
  • CAS-6073 Feb 2014): 4.3 item. Improve line overlay behavior (in viewer). ARTT in casapy-test 4.3. Tester: Crystal. Previously tested in casapy-test r29326 and already mostly worked. A few additional tweaks still to be checked. Dependent on CAS-6809 (which should itself now be "ARTT" in the same test package). Reassigned to DA
  • CAS-6529: MS processed with mstransform not handled correctly by uvcontsub, clean, etc... ARTT in latest casapy-test package. Tester: Kristina
  • CAS-6807 spectrum doesn't do K correctly or even consistently. ARTT in 4.3 in the latest casapy-test package. Some testing done, more testing requested. Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-6817 (Aug): Add a name() method to msmd tool. Commit r30732. ARTT in the latest 4.3 casapy-test package. Segfault triggered, fix committed. Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-6840 plotms exprange does not work. ARTT in 4.3, pending a new casapy-test package. Tester: Lindsey. Maybe we just need to say what it does. make sure that r30847 makes it into the 4.2.2 Pipeline Release build. Mark R. has pinged Lindsey and/or Brian to check if it works acceptably for them.
  • CAS-6178 (Sep): Make a wrapper of split to use the MSTransform framework. ARTT in casapy-test 4.3. Tester: Drew. Mark L. had previously assigned Drew Brisbin a dataset to reduce that can probably be used for this purpose.
  • CAS-6706 (Sep): mstransform problems with SOURCE sub-table when creating an MMS. ARTT in 4.3. Tester: Dirk
  • CAS-6707 (Sep): mstransform problems with CALDEVICE and SYSPOWER sub-tables when creating an MMS. ARTT in 4.3. Tester: Provisionally passed to Steve for VLA user tester assignment
  • CAS-6729 (Sep): Update ATM library in CASA 4.3. ARTT in 4.3. Tester: Todd(?). There's been some comparatively obscure discussion on the ticket about included library versions in packages.
  • CAS-6921 (Sep): plotms(coloraxis='chan') does not work, but it does not issue an error either. ARTT (r31028+) in casapy-test. Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-6837 (Sep): makemask doesn't work with regions, and cookbook is wrong. ARTT (r31038+) in casapy-test. Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-6928 (Sep): Hover does not work on iterated (page) plots. ARTT (r31136+) in casapy-test. Tester: DA (provisionally assigned to Anand)
  • CAS-6751 (Jul): 4.2.2 item. Next iteration button causes plotms to crash. ARTT in casapy-test again. Tester: Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-6753: Plotms wrapper gets stuck. Subtask of CAS-6605. ARTT (r31048+) in casapy-test. Tester: Dirk Muders
  • CAS-6954 (Sep): 4.3 item. imhead fails to put new value in FITS header, no error message. ARTT in casapy-test. Tester: Anand

"ARTT" Items Pending Tester Assignment

  • CAS-6835 (Sep): Make a wrapper of cvel to use the MSTransform framework ARTT (r31057+) in casapy-test. Tester: TBD (Scientist?) Assigned to Juergen. Pending access to new test package.
  • CAS-6919 (Sep): A timesforintent method would be useful in msmd. ARTT (r31083+) in casapy-test. Tester: TBD Assigned to Nathan.
  • CAS-6778 (Sep): Add support for new 'OBJECT' reference framew in mstransform. ARTT (r31083+) in casapy-test. Tester: TBD No tester identified during the meeting. Tentatively passed to Arielle for testing (or a tester suggestion).
  • CAS-4758 (Sep): fluxscale fails if one of the reference fields is flagged. ARTT (r31121+) in casapy-test. Tester: TBD (Claire?) Pased to Claire. Pending access to new test package.

Single Dish (to be skipped during the meeting)

  • CAS-5139 (Sep): Proper handling of flag information in sideband separation algorithm. Low priority item. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.2.2+ item. Tester: Bunyo. Testing ongoing.
  • CAS-6121 (Jan): sdgrid: 4.3 item. Latitude value in resulting scantable is reversed. ARTT. Tester: was Shinya, passed to Bunyo. Testing ongoing.
  • CAS-6346: sdimaging creates a blank image if one of the correlations is flagged. ARTT in casapy-test. Tester: Bunyo?

Input Required

  • CAS-6816 (Aug): Add an iterator capability to plotbandpass to improve performance. Already implemented - awaiting confirmation from Lindsey. May be able to close?
  • CAS-3116 (Jun): Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). Long history of testing this for the VLA. ALMA was holding off on testing this for now, pending the VLA testing. Some testing done, problems still found. Had been bumped to 4.3. Tester: Kristina (in discussion with Laura). Jeff had agreed look at this with Kristina to get a better handle on how to go forward with this, which may result in more related tickets being spawned. Set to Input required for comments from Steve, since it sounds like the tester and developer are at a bit of an impasse.
  • CAS-4735 (Nov): imsmooth needs additional option for single dish use. Subtask of CAS-5844 (above). Open again. Tester: Tsuyoshi. Critical item. Code committed to trunk. 4.3 item. Some testing done, mostly works as intended. Input Required from Crystal for some remaining changes.
  • CAS-3335 (May 2014): parallelized gaincal fails when trying to create scratch columns. Input Required from Claire (since May).
  • CAS-5162 (Sep 2013): Improvements in flagging documentation and examples. Input Required from Science (via Jeff). This ticket has been left untouched since May 2013...
  • CAS-6124: imfit subtasks:
    • CAS-4538: migrate imfit input estimates from file to input parameters. Input Required (was "On Hold"). Subtask of CAS-6124. Ticket passed to Juergen, pending a CSSC discussion of what needs to be done and a scheduling of the work. Pushed back to 4.4.
    • CAS-6234: imfit estimates should allow sky coordinates in addition to pixel values. Input Required (was "On Hold"). Subtask of CAS-6124. Ticket with Juergen, pending a CSSC discussion of what needs to be done and a scheduling of the work. Pushed back to 4.4.
  • CAS-5996: immath unit- (and if relevant beam-) awareness. Input Required. Ticket with Juergen, pending a CSSC discussion of what needs to be done. Pushed back to 4.4.
  • CAS-5597: CRTF doco improvements. Input Required. Ticket with Juergen.
  • CAS-5488: include beam size in header of SD image. Input Required. Ticket with Cat. EOC will provide input. Pushed back to 4.4.
  • CAS-1596 (reopened Jun 2014): Add negation (!) to antenna, (spw and field list). Input Required. Passed to Juergen for prioritization.
  • CAS-4748 (Dec 2012): Polarization selection does not select SIGMA. Input Required. Passed to Jeff for prioritization.
  • CAS-5833 (Nov 2013): Enhanced Support for Flagging based on CalTable. Ticket stalled due to lack of requirements; passed to Jeff a long while ago.
  • CAS-5886 (Dec 2013): bizarre clean boxes for large images. Awaiting input from one developer to another.
  • CAS-6175 Plotms-vis-model (minus) normalization (visnorm) in gain,bandpass (seems to be missing now). Ticket with Rob for follow-up.
  • CAS-4353 Adding cross correlation capability to the ia tool. With Rob. Should this go back on hold?
  • CAS-6823 Memory consumption in wvrgcal seems large. Ticket with Lindsey.
  • CAS-6896 immath should give control over file used for header generation. Developer needs input from Ger.
  • CAS-3614 Calibration and Analysis of Single Dish Polarization. Pushed back to post-4.3. Input from Tsuyoshi requested.
  • CAS-4349 Amplitude calibration for single dish. Pushed back to post-4.3. Input from Tsuyoshi requested.
  • CAS-2825 Support for Lissajous mapping. Pushed back to post-4.3. Input from Tsuyoshi requested.

Other Blockers


PART 2: Items Listed for Informational Purposes (note that these will not normally be specifically discussed during the meeting unless someone raises them)

Unable to Test Items

  • CAS-4469 (Jun+ 2013): Split with channel averaging is creating spurious spectral features and weight is wrong when there has been channel flagging. Subtask of CAS-5245. Had been "On Hold", with Crystal as the tester. This should be addressable as soon as the weights spectrum handling comes online as part of 4.3. Currently set to Open again, and parked with Mark R. for now. It cannot be user tested until weight spectrum is fixed (a CASA 4.3 item). Are we getting close to having to think about this one again, yet?
  • CAS-5844(Dec 2013): 4.3 imsmooth specification and testing targets. Container ticket only - see its subtasks (including CAS-4735 which is "ARTT"). Currently "Open" and assigned to developer. To be resolved when all subtasks are done.
  • CAS-6433 (Apr): Implement a function to derive Jy/K factor from amplitude calibrator observation. Open. Currently with developer. Targeted for November Pipeline release.
  • CAS-5379 - Subtle inconsistencies with other programs in Galactic Coordinates (Adam and Harvey). In a nutshell, shifts of ~0.2" are seen when taking data into other packages (e.g. DS9, IDL which both seem to agree with each other). It is unclear yet if this is an incorrect implementation in one or more packages, or possibly just a precision error. This is a subtle issue, and was pushed back to 4.3. Ticket stalled. Needs to be looked at by someone with lots of time. To be left as-is for now. This needs significant work, including new science papers on how to actually define the Galactic coordinate system? Needs casacore discussion; this can be part of that. Passed to Jeff for now. Pushed back to 4.4 (at the earliest).
  • CAS-4636 (Oct 2012): Elevation dependent opacity application w/ Tsys. Still awaiting input from Science (since February). Had been "On Hold" since August, awaiting data. Switched to Input Required and passed to Crystal for comment. Bumped back to 4.3. Placed "On Hold" (in February) until further notice.
  • CAS-5879 include pixel rms in imfit fitting. Open. Blocker. Subtask of CAS-6124. Currently with Claire, but testing has paused, as it has additional dependencies (e.g. CAS-3476). 4.3 item.
  • CAS-5084 (May): Testing multi-term support in pclean. Lots of feedback supplied by Kristina and Claire. On Hold (since August 2013) and assigned to Kumar pending class refactoring. To be left on hold, pending the refactor.
  • CAS-2988 (May): Make importasdm and MeasTable work with the JPL Horizon ephemerides for solar system objects via the "COMET" mechanism of Measures. Currently flagged as RTT in 4.3, but awaiting ASDMs with ephemeris tables and diameter information in the Source table. Discussion ongoing. Tester: Dirk.
  • CAS-5806 Mathematical prediction of post-gridding single dish beam. Formerly a 4.3+ Blocker, now "Critical". Developer has done some modelling, but... ? This is a "blocker of a different kind..." High priority (blocking further development). Currently Open. Crystal and Kumar had been in discussion, but this ticket has been quiet for several months now.
  • CAS-6243: sdimaging does not accept type numpy.string_ for fieldid. 4.3 item. On Hold in 4.3. Commit was r29988. Discussion ongoing. Tester: Todd.

Upcoming Ready to (Re)Test Items

Not Yet Assigned To Testers


Single Dish

See below "assigned" SD list.

Already Assigned To Testers

  • CAS-6663 (Jun): imfit failure if major or minor axes are set as fixed in the estimates file. RTT again in 4.3. Partially fixed. Tester: Anand
  • CAS-6733 (Jul/Aug): mstransform on mixed VLA XY/LR data produces an unreadable MS. Open in 4.3, as the committed fix caused other problems. Subtask of CAS-5245. Tester: Juergen
  • CAS-5689 (Aug): spectral fitting results seem off Open again in 4.3, and back with developer. Tester: Dirk
  • CAS-6232 (Mar): writing version numbers in GUIs. Open in 4.3. Most recent commit to trunk was r29373. Tester: Juergen. Build issue seen while checking the table browser help. Ongoing.
  • CAS-6802 (May): typo in the help for plotms (averagedata) "Open" again in 4.3. Developer sees it as fixed, user tester still does not. Tester: Mark R.
  • CAS-4592: plotms on 10.7 issues. Half fixed due to Qt updates. Was "ARTT" in 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 pre-release. On Hold now, pending availability of a 10.8 Mac for the developer. Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-3532 (Sep): Incorporation of Alma Primary Beam in Mosaic. Was ARTT. Tester was Scott S., but ticket passed to Crystal for input. Some test imaging done. In Progress.
  • CAS-5334 (Feb): Ellipse regions have wrong width (RA). Second fix committed. Was ARTT in previous casapy-test (r29326), set back to Open for input from developer. Tester: Paul.
  • CAS-5731 (Oct): Loading DS9 region files into the viewer produces a warning and does not load. Open; 4.3 item. Ticket back with developer. Tester: Jen.
  • CAS-3517 (Aug): Improve remapping interface (Cal libraries). Input Required from developer. Tester: Steve. Some testing done, recommendations made, ticket back with developer. Discussion ongoing. Further callibrary work to be pushed out to 4.4 in Jira. Pushed back to 4.4.
  • CAS-4663 (Oct 2012): specfit components/prompt/inf. On hold (following input from Juergen). Slated for work, but expensive in terms of effort, so not a priority right now.
  • CAS-5127 (May): Document ia toolkit methods. Status In Progress. Mark is working on this. Most of Juergen's prioritized list of 26 items has been done. Dates to be added his future documentation updates. Prioritized by Mark. Ongoing. ia.regrid docs will require more work. Still needs code commits. Mark waiting on OS X 10.7 build. Bumped to 4.3 release, due to OS X-based build issues. Mark should be able to work on this under Linux instead soon.

Single Dish

  • CAS-6704 (Sep): Enable plotting data by raster scan row and raster visit. 4.3 item. ARTT in 4.3 (r31160+) in casapy-test package. Commit was r31039. Tester: Ticket provisionally assigned to Tsuyoshi.
  • CAS-6346 (Sep): sdimaging creates a blank image if one of the correlations is flagged. 4.3 item. ARTT in 4.3 in casapy-test package. Commit was r31039. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: TBD
  • CAS-6585 (Jul): proper flagging information handling in sdcal2. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: TBD. Testing to to be combined with that of CAS-6571
  • CAS-6571 (Jul): Take flag into account in single dish Tsys calibration table. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: TBD. Testing to to be combined with that of CAS-6585
  • CAS-6109 (Jul): sdlist: time range shift in scantable summary when scanaverage=True. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: TBD
  • CAS-6592 (Jul): proper flagging information handling in sdimprocess. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: Bunyo. Probably works. Close to closing?
  • CAS-6593 (Jul): proper flagging information handling in sdlist. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: Bunyo. testing ongoing.
  • CAS-6589 (Jun): proper flagging information handling in sdflagmanager. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: TBD
  • CAS-6588 (Jun): proper flagging information handling in sdflag. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.3 item. Ticket passed to Bunyo. Tester: TBD
  • CAS-6564 (Jul): sdplot: improper tick interval in plottype='azel'. ARTT in 4.3 casapy-test package. Passed to Bunyo for testing assignment.
  • CAS-6859 (Aug): Use new sdimaging task in simanalyze and simalma. ARTT in 4.3 casapy-test package. Passed to Bunyo for testing assignment.
  • CAS-6467 (Aug): sdimaging uses the observatory position in AZEL-to-RADEC conversion. ARTT in 4.3 test package. Tester:Tsuyoshi.
  • CAS-6348: sdmath needs non-nullstring for output file name. ARTT in 4.3 casapy-test package. Ticket with Bunyo.
  • CAS-6795: spw by list does not work in sdimaging. RTT in 4.3, pending a new test package. Ticket with Bunyo.
  • CAS-6702: Provide a way to select data by scan row in raster mapping. ARTT in latest 4.3 casapy-test package. Tester: Tsuyoshi.
  • CAS-6572: (Aug): A new baseline task that handles baseline table. ARTT in latest 4.3 casapy-test package. Mostly done. Ticket with Wataru/Kana.
  • CAS-6168: enable plotter2 to change viewport size. ARTT (ASAP r2895) in casapy-test (r29326). Ticket with Takeshi. To be tested after 4.2.2 release.
  • CAS-6582 (Jun): proper flagging information handling in sdaverage. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT (r30796+) in latest casapy-test package; 4.3 item. Testing ongoing. Tester: Bunyo.

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