CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2014-06-17, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Mark R, Jen, Juergen, Adam, Arielle, Brian, Scott S., Steve

Apologies: Crystal (on travel), Todd (on travel), Jeff (ICT meeting)


  • Socorro: AOC-317; IP:
  • Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)


  • The third 4.3 Linux test package is still the current one: r29326 (casacore, code and gcwrap trunk changes up to r29256; asap trunk changes up to r2926).
  • The second 4.2.2 pre-release package is the most current (r29969). This (most notably) contains some of George and Dirk's work on weights, along with additional SD features. This can be accessed via the '-r' option, e.g. 'casapy -r4.2.2'. For a full list of 4.2.2 commits, see
  • Third 4.2.2 pre-release expected tomorrow (primarily targeting Pipeline requirements, but with bugfixes, plus some new NAOJ on gcwrap).
  • 4.2.1 is the current public release version for both Linux and OS X.
    • If you are on a Red Hat 5 machine, you can access older versions via the '-r' option, e.g. 'casapy -r4.1.0'
    • If you are on Red Hat 6 and need CASA 4.1, run it from here: /home/casa/packages/RHEL5/release/casapy-41.0.24668-001-64b/casapy.

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets, but excluding Pipeline) prior to meeting: 80.

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets) following meeting: 79.


  • 4.2.2 testing still regarded as higher priority than 4.3.
  • Weights in 4.2.2. (See also CAS-4469) - Adam, Scott, Arielle. Status? Snag hit for ALMA DR step 7 regarding calwt that necessitated a second pre-release package (the fix should be in that). See also CAS-5929. Generally, the new work all looks good. One statwt issue raised that may need a new ticket created - it is not obvious that statwt works as expected (but it might).
  • SetJy: Arielle had done some testing of this. Generally seems to be fixed (see also entry for CAS-5941 below).
  • 4.2.2 Viewer and PlotMS testing - DAs
  • Current status of imfit work? CAS-6124 and its subtasks. Dave had implemented suggested changes and they look OK (initially) to Brian Mason. Some problems reported in ticket, Dave had suggested opening new tickets (in CAS-3476). Brian reported on this. His general sense was that it mostly looked fine at this point, with two lesser issues noted that have spawned tickets. Also, a minor adjustment was requested for the default value of NOISEFWHM. Mark R. checked CAS-3476 following the meeting - commits are all to trunk and not merged into 4.2.2, so they are therefore probably 4.3 at this point.
  • CAS-5806 Mathematical prediction of post-gridding single dish beam. Blocker. Crystal and Kumar still in discussions. This is more a matter of understanding what the system is doing. In practice, this probably needs input from Todd as well. With him and Crystal away on travel, this is unlikely to move forward in the next few weeks or so.
  • "Propose to close" list
  • Other testing items specifically raised?
    • Steve raised the topic of CAS-6721 importevla / asdm2ms fails on JVLA dataset in 4.2.2. This is a new blocker issue, and sounds like a bad one.
    • Steve also thought that the stability of PlotMS had deteriorated recently, but not in any readily-repeatable way. Scott S. felt that it seemed unhappy switching between outputting to files and the screen. Users are requested to watch for and report such issues.

New Testing Assignments (see relevant section below)

  • Assignment of other "To Be Assigned" Items. Handled above. 4.3 testing item assignment may be deferred, due to the urgency of 4.2.2 and the availability of free testers.
  • The next meeting will take place on July 1st.
  • Any Other Business

New Action Items Arising


PART 1: Items To Be Covered During Meetings

Propose to Close Items

  • CAS-5941: intent selection in setjy may have issues. Tried to resolve this one twice already. Can we permanently resolve now? Tester: Arielle. Not yet. Arielle still wants to test one more possibility (same field source, different intents, different field source number?). Left open accordingly.
  • CAS-5849 (Feb): implement spectral smoothing functions at task level. Subtask of CAS-5844. ARTT. Tester: Juergen Resolved as done, following the meeting.

Items Overdue for Status Updates (i.e. the "Nag List")

  • CAS-5302 cs tool methods findcoordinate and findaxis should be restored to having a dictionary return value. Tester; Dirk. Ticket pinged.

Items Currently Undergoing Testing

  • CAS-6038 (Feb 2014): 4.3 item. toolkit inline help now producing unreadable output. RTT. Tester: Mark R. (who really needs to do something about this and the next one...)
    • CAS-5418 (Dec): XML markup in inline tools documentation is not always parsed correctly. ARTT for 4.3. r28452. Tester: Mark R.
  • CAS-5436: CLEAN produces "wrapped" image and inflates .ms size for CARMA mosaic. ARTT. Much discussion on this, and very close to being closed - just some haggling about the documentation to settle. Tester: Kristina, but ticket currently with developer.
  • CAS-3116 (Jun): Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). Laura Perez had been testing this for the VLA. ALMA will hold off on testing this for now, pending the VLA testing. Some testing done, problems still found. Had been bumped to 4.3. ARTT in casapy-test r29326. Tester: Kristina (in discussion with Laura). Jeff had agreed look at this with Kristina to get a better handle on how to go forward with this, which may result in more related tickets being spawned.
  • CAS-5852 mstransform needs to have the keepflags=True/False capability of split. ARTT in the current casapy-test package (r29326). Fix was r28959. Tester: Steve
  • CAS-3476 Reporting of uncertainties in IMFIT. Blocker. ARTT in casapy-test r29326. Fix was r29003. Related to CAS-5879. Tester: Brian (with others)
  • CAS-5191 (Mar): Add gain threshold parameter to fluxscale. ARTT (r28480) in the latest 4.3 casapy-test. Tester: Crystal
  • CAS-5844(Dec 2013): 4.3 imsmooth specification and testing targets. See also its subtasks (including CAS-5849 and CAS-4735 which are "ARTT" and two others, which are "Input Required"). Currently "Open" and assigned to developer. Work in progress.
  • CAS-5836 (Nov): 4.3 item. Create new task imrebin. ARTT in casapy-test r29326. Commit to trunk was r29786. Probably a fairly high priority for testing, as there will almost certainly be a need to iterate on this. It was previously decided that this was to be left with Adam for now, to look at in June. Tester: Adam

Single Dish (to be skipped during the meeting)

  • CAS-6181: SD processing needs to incorporate data weights. Currently set to ARTT. Previously identified as an important ticket to track. Some extensive comments on ticket within the last month in response to Crystal's questions. Ticket passed to Wataru for unit test development. Issue noted with handling of TIME values in Tsys table.
  • CAS-4735 (Nov): imsmooth needs additional option for single dish use. Subtask of CAS-5844 (above). ARTT. Tester: Shinya. Critical item. Code committed to trunk. 4.3 item. Some testing done. Ticket pinged.
  • CAS-5139 (Sep): Proper handling of flag information in sideband separation algorithm. Low priority item. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.2.2+ item. Tester: Bunyo
  • CAS-6121 (Jan): sdgrid: 4.3 item. Latitude value in resulting scantable is reversed. ARTT. Tester: Shinya. Testing ongoing. Ticket pinged.
  • CAS-6485 (May): Use the center frequency of spws and it's velocity when selecting spw ID of scantable by frequency/velocity. Currently ARTT in 4.2.2 pre-release; testing ongoing. Tester: Bunyo. Ticket currently with Wataru for comment. Ticket pinged.
  • CAS-6522 (May): Single dish: averaging weight by integration time is the wrong way. Currently ARTT in 4.2.2 pre-release. Passed to Bunyo for tester assignment. Tester: TBD.
  • CAS-6486 (May): sdlist should list the center frequency of spw. Currently Input Required in 4.2.2 pre-release; testing ongoing. Seems to work: one question remaining reagarding zero-based numbers? Tester: Bunyo.

Input Required

  • CAS-3613 (May): SD - Improve online help. Documentation has been updated, awaiting review. Discussion ongoing.
  • CAS-5720 (Oct): 4.2 item. change tooltip for new histogram functionality tool. ARTT. Tester: Paul (eventually). Switched to "Input Required" and passed to Crystal, so that she and Adam can comment on preferred behavior.
  • CAS-5844(Dec 2013): 4.3 imsmooth specification and testing targets - two subtasks:
    • CAS-5848 (Dec 2013): 4.3. enhancements for imsmooth. Input Required from Science (via Mark R.). Subtask of CAS-5844. Currently assigned to Jeff. Juergen was to discuss preferred behavior with Dave while in Charlottesville.
    • CAS-962 (Nov): there should be a facility (task and/or tool) to convolve/cross-correlate two images along one axis (e.g. channel). Input Required. Ties specsmooth and imsmooth together. Jeff to write up his discussions with Steve. Ticket assigned to Jeff. Ticket is getting pinged monthly...
  • CAS-5780 (Nov): Regridding a VLA image onto a GBT image fails to generate the expected warning message. Ticket repeatedly pinged. Input Required from Adam (in the form of example data).
  • CAS-5162 (Sep 2013): Improvements in flagging documentation and examples. Input Required from Science (via Jeff). This ticket has been left untouched since May 2013.
  • CAS-5942: toggle warning messages in ia tool . Input Required. Ticket passed to Remy to work with the developer on this.
  • CAS-6354: Rewrite ImageAnalysis::getFreqProfile() . Input Required. Discussion between developers, may need internal testing. Mark R. to review this ticket.
  • CAS-6346: sdimaging creates a blank image if one of the correlations is flagged. Input Required. Some input already from Crystal, still a question or two to be answered.
  • CAS-4747: concat with ACA+ALMA data does strange things. virtualconcat does much better. Input Required from Ed F., who filed the ticket.
  • CAS-5329: IMMATH cannot parse strings with "_" on Mac OS. Input Required from Kristina.
  • CAS-6124: imfit subtasks:
    • CAS-4538: migrate imfit input estimates from file to input parameters. Input Required (was "On Hold"). Subtask of CAS-6124. Ticket with Mark, pending a CSSC discussion of what needs to be done and a scheduling of the work.
    • CAS-6234: imfit estimates should allow sky coordinates in addition to pixel values. Input Required (was "On Hold"). Subtask of CAS-6124. Ticket with Mark, pending a CSSC discussion of what needs to be done and a scheduling of the work.
    • CAS-4049: Fold SpectralFitter into ImageProfileFitter. Input Required (was "On Hold"). Mark R. may need to follow up on this one for next time - it appears to have gone stale, due to a change of e-mail address?

Other Blockers

  • CAS-6164 Running setjy several times on different source / spw selections sometimes clears previous model data Blocker. Open. Had previously been resolved, but reopened as it affects EVLA data too. Developers are looking into this now.
  • CAS-5806 Mathematical prediction of post-gridding single dish beam. Blocker. Developer has done some modelling, but... ? This is a "blocker of a different kind..." High priority (blocking further development). Crystal and Kumar still in discussions.

PART 2: Items Listed for Informational Purposes (note that these will not normally be specifically discussed during the meeting unless someone raises them)

"ARTT" Items Pending Tester Assignment

  • CAS-6607 - Add y axis data button crashes plotms: Subtask of CAS-6605. (A)RTT in 4.2.2 pre-release. Parked with Mark R. Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-6608 - Close...: Subtask of CAS-6605. (A)RTT in 4.2.2 pre-release. Parked with Mark R. Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-6610 (Jun): 4.2.2 item. Channels Slider skipping when 2+ cubes open. Currently RTT in 4.2.2, pending the next (third?) pre-release package. Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-6657 - Plotms: clearplots should be a subparameter of showgui.: Subtask of CAS-6605. Developer asked: Does this need a dedicated user tester assignment? Tester: Lindsey

Unable to Test Items

  • CAS-4261 (Apr): after 4.0 release remove ia.setboxregion() . Change has been made. Plan is to leave ticket with Mark R. for now, and once this has been available to testers for a month, resolve it unless there are specific related problems encountered.
  • CAS-6433 (Apr): Implement a function to derive Jy/K factor from amplitude calibrator observation. Input Required. Currently with developer. Who should be assigned this? Set to "On Hold" for now, pending further progress at the observatories.
  • CAS-5379 - Subtle inconsistencies with other programs in Galactic Coordinates (Adam and Harvey). In a nutshell, shifts of ~0.2" are seen when taking data into other packages (e.g. DS9, IDL which both seem to agree with each other). It is unclear yet if this is an incorrect implementation in one or more packages, or possibly just a precision error. This is a subtle issue, and was pushed back to 4.3. Ticket stalled. Needs to be looked at by someone with lots of time. To be left as-is for now. This needs significant work, including new science papers on how to actually define the Galactic coordinate system? Needs casacore discussion, this can be part of that. Passed to Jeff for now.
  • CAS-4636 (Oct 2012): Elevation dependent opacity application w/ Tsys. Still awaiting input from Science (since February). Had been "On Hold" since August, awaiting data. Switched to Input Required and passed to Crystal for comment. Bumped back to 4.3. Placed "On Hold" until further notice.
  • CAS-5111 (May): Implement autoboxing capability. Currently On Hold. This one had previously been ARTT, and Crystal had looked at this and provided a problem case. A fix had been put in and tested by Steve. He has provided feedback: seems to sort of work, but still fiddly right now. Ticket is currently set to "Ready To Test" and assigned to Tony, so that he can try it with both the M100 and Orion datasets. Lots of comments provided by John Lightfoot. A meeting has taken place on this, and it is an ongoing development topic. Ongoing development will now be target of the 4.4 Cycle. Crystal says that this will need significant effort and someone assigned to work with the developers for a while. Developer to work on the C++ and clean libraries. Jeff will follow up with Tak. Testing of this will probably be put into the Pipeline effort. Ticket passed to Jeff.
  • CAS-4469 (Jun+ 2013): Split with channel averaging is creating spurious spectral features and weight is wrong when there has been channel flagging. Subtask of CAS-5245. Had been "On Hold", with Crystal as the tester. This should be addressable as soon as the weights spectrum handling comes online as part of 4.3. Currently set to Open again, and parked with Mark R. for now. It cannot be user tested until weight spectrum is fixed (CASA 4.2.2).
  • CAS-5879 include pixel rms in imfit fitting. Open. Subtask of CAS-6124. Currently with Claire, but testing has paused, as it has additional dependencies (e.g. CAS-3476).
  • CAS-5084 (May): Testing multi-term support in pclean. Lots of feedback supplied by Kristina and Claire. On Hold (since August 2013) and assigned to Kumar pending class refactoring. Timeline for getting this off hold again requested. To be left on hold, pending the refactor.

Upcoming Ready to (Re)Test Items

Not Yet Assigned To Testers

  • CAS-6174 (Mar): 4.3 item. Plotms-Add units to axis labels. RTT in 4.3, pending a testable package. Commit was r29070 (so might even be in 4.2.2?). Tester: TBD.

  • CAS-5238 (Jun): new feature: ia.imageconcat() to sort images automatically. 4.3+ item. Commit was r30118. Currently RTT, pending a new user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester TBD.
  • CAS-6663 (Jun): imfit failure if major or minor axes are set as fixed in the estimates file. Currently RTT in 4.3, pending a new user-testable package. Commit was r30010. Tester: TBD, but almost certainly will be Todd.
  • CAS-6491 (Jun): Check behavior of listobs with respect to ephemeris objects. Currently ARTT. Tester: TBD? (Does this need a science tester?)
  • CAS-4518: rg.wpolygon not working as documented. Currently RTT in 4.3 (commit was r29994), pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD
  • CAS-5359 (May): total integration time calculated incorrectly. Commit r29868. RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (Jen?).
  • CAS-5779 (May): imstat doesn't return a flux for an image with unit K. Commit r29844, RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (DA?).
  • CAS-6484 (May): Add band center to displayed quantities in ListObs SPW summary. Commit r29772, RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (DA?).
  • CAS-6497 (May): newestimates file not written by IMFIT in some cases. 4.3 item. Commit r29743, RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (Brian M.?).
  • CAS-6531 (May): immoments could use a better error message. 4.3 item. Commit r29713, RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD.
  • CAS-5904 (May): msmd needs a fieldsforsource method. 4.3 item. Commit r29871, RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (DA?).
  • CAS-6459 (May): msmd needs a method to get spw names. 4.3 item. Commit r29685, RTT in 4.3, pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (DA?).
  • CAS-6511: Implement function='flux' in ImageCollapser. Subtask of CAS-6354. RTT in 4.3. Tester: TBD.
  • CAS-6342 (Mar): Viewer: Log Scale on Color Axis. RTT (r29379). Ticket with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD.
  • CAS-6290 (Apr): predictcomp bombs without write permission, and the prefix parameter does not work. Most recent 4.3 commit was r29300. RTT (in r29379). Ticket with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD.
  • CAS-6178 (Apr): Make a wrapper of split to use the MSTransform framework. Most recent commit was r29317. RTT (in r29379). Ticket with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD. Now a 4.3 item.
  • CAS-3699 (Apr): region parameter in ia tools method should optionally use region in image. RTT (r29338), pending a new test package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD
  • CAS-6220 (Mar): Enable importasdm to read flags from the binary ASDM data. RTT (r28609). Ticket with Dirk for now. To be tested down in Chile by someone to be identified by Denis. On paper, the fix is included, but the current casapy-test package was throwing an error for importasdm, so leaving flagged as "RTT" for now.

  • CAS-5192 (Jun): imfit displays "ra" and "dec" if the direction coordinate is not in an equatorial reference frame. RTT in 4.3/4.4 (commit was 30106). Parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD.

Single Dish

See below "assigned" SD list.

Already Assigned To Testers

  • CAS-5975 (Dec): impv: Support specifying input slice width as a world (angular) measure. Open again now, Most recent commit was r30121. 4.3 item. Subtask of CAS-5835. Tester: Nathan (was Juergen). Some testing done recently by Nathan.
  • CAS-4592: plotms on 10.7 issues. Half fixed due to Qt updates. Was "ARTT" in 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 pre-release. On Hold now, pending availability of a 10.8 Mac for the developer. Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-6662: plotms sometimes seem to give different results for showgui = False and True. Primarily an urgent issue for Pipeline. Tester: Lindsey.
  • CAS-5758 (Nov): 4.3(?) item. casafeather: the low convolved, and weighted needs to include the 'scaled' label. RTT again, pending a testable 4.3 package. Juergen and Brian talked about this. Most recent commit was r29475. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-3666: split on spws gives errors for different correlation shapes. Blocker. Had been stuck On Hold, but is causing problems for the VLA pipeline now, so needs to be fixed as soon as possible. The awaited mstransform and split2 functionality has now been committed. 4.3 item. Now set to "RTT", pending a new user-testable package. Tester: Nominally Jen, but new split rollout deferred to 4.3.
  • CAS-5893 (May): 4.3 item. add the ability to write a spectral profile to an ASCII file in the ia tool. RTT in 4.3, pending a testable package. Commit was r29681. Tester: Todd (who will be away for a while).
  • CAS-3532 (Sep): Incorporation of Alma Primary Beam in Mosaic. Was ARTT, now Open again. Tester was Scott S., but ticket passed to Crystal for input. Some test imaging done. Switched from "Input Required" to "Open" and passed over to Kumar for more work from him. Ticket pinged.
  • CAS-5334 (Feb): Ellipse regions have wrong width (RA). Second fix committed. Was ARTT in current casapy-test (r29326), set back to Open for input from developer. Tester: Paul
  • CAS-6073 Feb 2014): 4.3 item. Improve line overlay behavior (in viewer). "RTT" (r29478), pending a new testable package. Tester: Crystal. Tested in casapy-test r29326 and mostly works. A few additional tweaks in the latest commit still to be checked.
  • CAS-6232 (Mar): writing version numbers in GUIs. RTT in 4.3, pending a new testable package. Most recent commit to trunk was r29373. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5743 (Oct): 4.2 item. spectral viewer - once right mouse button was used, left mouse won't work anymore. RTT in 4.3, pending a new 4.3 casapy-test. The remaining issue is thought to be already fixed in the trunk. Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-5731 (Oct): Loading DS9 region files into the viewer produces a warning and does not load. Open; 4.3 item. Ticket back with developer. Tester: Jen.
  • CAS-5125 (Jul): Make frequency an axis display option (in the viewer). Previously ARTT, currently Open. Tester: Adam. Tested. Needs more work and so ticket back to dev. Bumped back to 4.3 (or later: "not for the foreseeable future" - should this be resolved?).
  • CAS-3517 (Aug): Improve remapping interface (Cal libraries). Input Required from developer. Tester: Steve. Some testing done, recommendations made, ticket back with developer. Discussion ongoing. Further callibrary work to be pushed out to 4.3 in Jira. Ticket pinged a few times now, on the period of about once/month...
  • CAS-4663 (Oct 2012): specfit components/prompt/inf. On hold (following input from Juergen). Slated for work, but expensive in terms of effort, so not a priority right now.
  • CAS-5127 (May): Document ia toolkit methods. Status In Progress. Mark is working on this. Most of Juergen's prioritized list of 26 items has been done. Dates to be added his future documentation updates. Prioritized by Mark. Ongoing. ia.regrid docs will require more work. Still needs code commits. Mark waiting on OS X 10.7 build. Bumped to 4.3 release, due to OS X-based build issues.
  • CAS-4718 (April): Specfit should deal with channelization (minimum bar ~ warning). RTT, pending a new testable package. Most recent commit to trunk was r29337. Tester: Adam (for comment on wording; may need to be reassigned if additional testing needed).

Single Dish
  • CAS-6718: Print deprecation warning to old single dish tasks. ARTT in 4.2.2 pre-release. Ticket with Bunyo. 4.2.2 item

  • CAS-6243: sdimaging does not accept type numpy.string_ for fieldid. 4.3 item. RTT in 4.3, pending a new user-testable package. Commit was r29988. Ticket left with developer for now. Tester: TBD.
  • CAS-6168: enable plotter2 to change viewport size. ARTT (ASAP r2895) in casapy-test (r29326). Ticket with Takeshi. To be tested after 4.2.2 release.
  • CAS-6348: sdmath needs non-nullstring for output file name. RTT in 4.3, pending a new test package. Ticket with Bunyo.
  • List of many other new 4.3 SD items all currently set to RTT in Jira, all assigned to EA (Bunyo) for testing/testing reassignment; subtasks of CAS-5526: Re-design single dish task interfaces:
    • CAS-5489 - Refactor sdimaging (tsdimaging): Developer asked about resolving this.
    • CAS-5862 - sdbaseline task interface changes (tsdbaseline): ARTT in casapy-test (r29326). Tester: Hiroko.
    • CAS-5867 - sdflag2 task interface changes (tsdflag2): ARTT (since February). Tester: Shinya. Some testing done: sounds like it mostly works, but some questions raised about behavior. Discussion ongoing. Also, Some overlap noted between this ticket and CAS-5338 (above).
    • CAS-5870 - sdplot task interface changes (tsdplot): was tested in casapy-test (r29326). Mostly works; set back to Open for remaining issues. Discussion ongoing, additional ticket (CAS-6564) spawned. Tester: Bunyo.
    • CAS-5872 - sdreduce task interface changes (tsdreduce): ARTT in casapy-test (r29326). Tester: Hiroko.
    • CAS-6162 - Update the single dish chapter of cookbook for CASA 4.2.2.: Open. Assigned to Bunyo at present. Juergen has provided a LaTeX file to start from. 4.2.2 item.

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