CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2014-03-18, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville

Ticket-specific notes in blue text are those appended immediately following the meeting.



Present: Mark R., Mark L., Anand, Scott S., Tony R., Jen, Crystal, Jeff, Claire, Steve

Apologies: TBA


  • Socorro: AOC-317; IP:
  • Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)


  • Second 4.3 Linux test package is still the current one.
  • 4.2.0 is the current release version for Linux.
    • If you are on a Red Hat 5 machine, you can access older versions via the '-r' option, e.g. 'casapy -r4.1.0'
    • If you are on Red Hat 6 and need CASA 4.1, run it from here: /home/casa/packages/RHEL5/release/casapy-41.0.24668-001-64b/casapy
  • Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 CASA 4.2 now build, and are undergoing automated funcrtional and regression testing. Most of these tests are now passed.

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets, but excluding Pipeline) prior to meeting: 83.

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets) following meeting: ??.

Main Points Raised and Any Other Business

  • Goodbye to Nuria Marcelino! Thanks for help with the user testing!
  • imrebin discussion has taken place; specifications have been provided to the developer.
  • imfit meeting took place; Brian and Jeff had produced documents.
  • OS X 4.2.0 package testing to be done: First proto-release package currently being built. Should be released to user testers in a couple of days or so.
    • Plotms tests (versus time, freq, etc.). No exhaustive testing. Make a box, try to zoom, try to locate.
    • Juergen will do 10.7.5 tests. Need someone to do 10.8.4 tests (Mark has a 10.7 machine). DAs also available for OS X testing.
    • Test imview, save png file.
    • Logger
    • Make sure that casaviewer from command line works same as within CASA.
    • Test a reduction script on TDM?
    • Interactive clean
  • Reminder: CAS-6037 will need to be made available as a patch in advance of the summer school.
  • Version numbering discussion: requirements being collated; will be circulated to the CSSC.
  • See also other items with red notes below.
  • Mark Lacy has identified a problem using mstransform to align the velocities in the ACA data. A similar problem was previously found and fixed for 12m data, so it may only be ACA data that is affected by this bug.
  • The next meeting is currently scheduled to take place on April 1st, 2014.

New Action Items Arising

  • Jeff: please look at CAS-4748.

PART 1: Items To Be Covered During Meetings

Ready to Close Items


Items Overdue for Status Updates (i.e. the "Nag List")

  • CAS-5335(Jul): CASA Region Text File pixel sizes not handled properly. Critical item. Currently listed as "Open". Parked with Tony R. The two blocker aspects (CAS-5589, perceived issue with region sizes) have now been addressed by the developers, subject to positive testing feedback, so the parent ticket status has been lowered to 'Critical'.
    With Tony R. relocating to Chile in the near future, this ticket is to be provisionally reassigned to Paul, with support from Mark L.
    • CAS-5572 (Sep): Test fix for circles and ellipses when image has non-square pixels. Subtask of CAS-5335. ARTT in casapy-test (r26662+). Tester: Amy/Tony R. Ticket pinged. With Tony R. relocating to Chile in the near future, this ticket is to be provisionally reassigned to Paul, with support from Mark L.
  • CAS-5725 (Oct): 4.2 item. Testing of bug fix for non-J2000 coordinates and centered rectangles Current testing status unknown. Ticket pinged. With Tony R. relocating to Chile in the near future, this ticket is to be provisionally reassigned to Paul, with support from Mark R. as needed.
  • CAS-2252 (May): calculate the rotation measure. VLA item. Currently ARTT Will be released for 4.2 "as is". Testing done by Steve, but still inconclusive. Tester: Preshanth Steve will check with Preshanth.
  • CAS-6073 Feb 2014): 4.3 item. Improve line overlay behavior (in viewer). Currently ARTT (r28486). Tester: Tony R. Ticket pinged.Reassigned to Crystal.
  • CAS-5879 (Dec): 4.3 item. include pixel rms in imfit fitting. RTT. Committed to trunk as r27674. Ticket parked with Mark for now. Tester: Claire. See also update for CAS-3476 (below). Ticket pinged. Not really in a state to be tested yet - set back to "Open".
  • CAS-5334 (Feb): Ellipse regions have wrong width (RA). ARTT (r28520). Tester: Josh. Ticket pinged.Reassigned to Paul for testing.
  • CAS-6038 (Feb 2014): 4,2/4.3 item. toolkit inline help now producing unreadable output. RTT. Tester: Mark R.
    • CAS-5418 (Dec): XML markup in inline tools documentation is not always parsed correctly. (A)RTT for 4.2/4.3. r28452. Tester: Mark R. Ongoing.

Single Dish (to be skipped during the meeting)
  • CAS-5338 (Jul/Nov): Update single dish flagging task interface (sdflag2). Currently ARTT again in the pre-release. Tester: Eric Villard. Long overdue for tester feedback - ticket pinged again.
  • CAS-5139 (Sep): Proper handling of flag information in sideband separation algorithm. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT; 4.2 item. Assigned to Daniel Espada. Noted on ticket as a low testing priority, but it would be nice to be able to resolve it if it works.

Items Currently Undergoing Testing

  • CAS-3532 (Sep): Incorporation of Alma Primary Beam in Mosaic. Currently ARTT. Tester: Scott S. Some test imaging done. Input now needed from Science as to what additional testing comparison work (if any) needs to be done. The discussion here got a bit murky in terms of conclusions... Needs a high dynamic range to test: we could use NGC253, in which case, the ticket stays with Scott. Remaining questions: Is the flux now more correct in the overlap regions? What exactly is the metric to test? Jeff suggested closing this ticket and open a new beam testing ticket. Jeff should open 1D beam – no, make this ticket a 1D beam for Kumar. Generate ticket on faulty documentation.
  • CAS-5764 (Oct): 4.3(?) item. casafeather: add scaling to LowXHigh, weighted. Set back to RTT again and passed back to the developer. Tester: was Juergen, now Brian.
  • CAS-6170 (Feb 2014): 4.3 item. testing ticket for ia.decimate(). Should be a subtask of CAS-5849, but Jira does not permit sub-subtasks. ARTT in the current test package. Tester: Nathan, consulting Adam if need be. Some testing done, mostly works, with a few remaining quirks associated with error reporting. A separate ticket has been spawned (CAS-6286) regarding handling of Boolean types. Set back to "Open" and passed back to the developer for work on tidying up the error reporting behavior.
  • CAS-5123 (May): Support for On the Fly Mosaics. Currently ARTT. JAO (ALMA) and Socorro (VLA) to test. Awaiting suitable data from ALMA. Steve has done some work on this for VLA. Still waiting on data; unlikely to be fully tested before release. Ticket is with Steve now. Have recently been in the process of doing tests on the VLA with some data scanning across bright sources. Kunal to test this when ready to invoke the imaging. Eric Villard is also looking at this now for ALMA (see CSV-553).Nothing to report.
  • CAS-6200 (Feb): Viewer: Issues with the pixel range box. More-or-less done. Temporarily set to Open again for developer reply to testing questions. Tester: Arielle. RTT again now (due to bugfix r28891), pending a new testable package. However, the separate "pixel counts" discussion need not wait for that.

Input Required

  • CAS-5758 (Nov): 4.3(?) item. casafeather: the low convolved, and weighted needs to include the 'scaled' label. Input Required from Science. Juergen was to talk to Brian. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5720 (Oct): 4.2 item. change tooltip for new histogram functionality tool. ARTT. Tester: Paul (eventually). Switched to "Input Required" and passed to Crystal, so that she and Adam can comment on preferred behavior.
  • CAS-5844(Dec 2013): 4.3 imsmooth specification and testing targets. See also its subtasks. See list of Action Items above. Currently "Open" and assigned to developer. Work in progress.
    • CAS-5848 (Dec 2013): 4.3. enhancements for imsmooth. Input Required from Science (via Mark R.). Subtask of CAS-5844. Currently assigned to Jeff.
  • CAS-5379 - Subtle inconsistencies with other programs in Galactic Coordinates (Adam and Harvey). In a nutshell, shifts of ~0.2" are seen when taking data into other packages (e.g. DS9, IDL which both seem to agree with each other). It is unclear yet if this is an incorrect implementation in one or more packages, or possibly just a precision error. This is a subtle issue, and has been pushed back to 4.3. Ticket stalled. Needs to be looked at by someone with lots of time. To be left as-is for now. Noted during the meeting as needing some dedicated attention.
  • CAS-4716 (Jun): Split (I think) may have a frequency problem when all channels are averaged. Input required from Ed (is this still even an issue?).
  • CAS-5780 (Nov): Regridding a VLA image onto a GBT image fails to generate the expected warning message. Input Required from Adam.
  • CAS-962 (Nov): there should be a facility (task and/or tool) to convolve/cross-correlate two images along one axis (e.g. channel). Input Required. Ties specsmooth and imsmooth together. Jeff to write up his discussions with Steve. Ticket assigned to Jeff.
  • CAS-4636 (Oct 2012): Elevation dependent opacity application w/ Tsys. Still awaiting input from Science (since February). had been "On Hold" since August, awaiting data. Switched to Input Required and passed to Crystal for comment. Bumped back to 4.3. Placed "On Hold" until further notice.
  • CAS-5162 (Sep 2013): Improvements in flagging documentation and examples. Input Required from Science (via Jeff).
  • CAS-4639 (Mar 2013): Overplot plotWeather and ATM on plotMS. Input Required from Steve. To be kept "On hold" until overplot capabilities are implemented.

Other Blockers

  • CAS-3666 split on spws gives errors for different correlation shapes. Blocker. Got stuck On Hold, but is causing problems for the VLA pipeline now, so needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Currently assigned to Jeff, who will continue testing.
  • CAS-5806 Mathematical prediction of post-gridding single dish beam. Blocker. Developer has done some modelling, but... ? This is a "blocker of a different kind..." High priority, but not a blocker for the 4.2 release (but blocking further development).
  • CAS-4946 Crash on Mac OS X when virtual model requested. Blocker. Re-checked by Nathan, and it now sounds as if this still affects Mac OS X 10.6, but not 10.7 or 10.8. Debugging code pops up for all, though. This will be left as-is until CASA 4.2 for OS X becomes available.
  • CAS-3476 Reporting of uncertainties in IMFIT. Blocker. Currently Open again. Related to CAS-5879 (see above). Reassigned from Ed to Brian M., who has been exchanging comments with the developer. Seems to be progressing.
  • CAS-6020 (Jan 2014): 4.2 item. viewer - cross talk between animators. ARTT. Fix was r27981. Tester was to be Sarah, but it has already been found to work on Linux, so passed to Juergen to be included in the OS X (10.7 and 10.8) check-out.
  • Also, Mac OS X 10.7 Qt stuff: CAS-4310, 4602. Need to wait to assess the OS X CASA 4.2 package.

PART 2: Items Listed for Informational Purposes (note that these will not normally be specifically discussed during the meeting unless someone raises them)

"ARTT" Items Pending Tester Assignment

Unable to Test Items

  • CAS-4754 MSTransform (with subtasks): Lots of testing done. MSTransform marked as "experimental" in the 4.2 release. Speed sometimes not faster than split, but not horribly slow. Just keep an eye on performance for now - no corrective action needed. Keepflags option still missing - to be part of 4.3. No subtasks currently needing science user testing. This ticket cannot be resolved as done yet. It has two subtasks still on hold, and another that requires developer testing. No dedicated science user tester needed at present, though.
  • CAS-5111 (May): Implement autoboxing capability. Currently On Hold. This one had previously been ARTT, and Crystal had looked at this and provided a problem case. A fix had been put in and tested by Steve. He has provided feedback: seems to sort of work, but still fiddly right now. Ticket is currently set to "Ready To Test" and assigned to Tony, so that he can try it with both the M100 and Orion datasets. Lots of comments provided by John Lightfoot. A meeting has taken place on this, and it is an ongoing development topic. Ongoing development will be target of 4.3 Cycle. Crystal says that this will need significant effort and someone assigned to work with the developers for a while. Developer to work on the C++ and clean libraries. Requires significant science tester input.
  • CAS-4469 (Jun+ 2013): Split with channel averaging is creating spurious spectral features and weight is wrong when there has been channel flagging. Subtask of CAS-5245. On Hold. Tester: Crystal. Currently "On hold" for user testing purposes, as it cannot be tested until weight spectrum is fixed.
  • CAS-5084 (May): Testing multi-term support in pclean. Lots of feedback supplied by Kristina and Claire. On Hold (since August 2013) and assigned to Kumar pending class refactoring.
  • CAS-5431 (Dec): slicing in frequency selection throws exception. Set to Input Required and passed back to dev. Tester: Kumar. Jeff: Jim was to update the docs. Anything else to be done?

Upcoming Ready to (Re)Test Items

Not Yet Assigned To Testers

  • CAS-6255 (Feb): plotms crashes CASA. RTT (r28704); pending a user-testable package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (Paul?) Tester: Paul
  • CAS-5946 (Feb): immath fails without a useful error message when the outfile already exists. Subtask of CAS-6124. RTT (r28792) pending new test package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (maybe Nathan?) Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-5343 (Mar): IMFIT should provide # of pixels in logfile. RTT (r28804), pending a new test package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (Kristina?) Tester: Kristina
  • CAS-6279 (Mar): imfit model and residual image should have same extent in direction plane as input image. Subtask of CAS-6124. RTT (r28847) pending new test package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (maybe Brian?)
  • CAS-6015 (Jan): The residual image produced by imfit loses its brightness unit. RTT (r8792), pending new test package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (maybe Brian?)
  • CAS-6185 (Feb): viewer doesn't work when not in own directory. RTT (r28572), pending a new test package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD. (Sarah?) Tester: Sarah
  • CAS-5844(Dec 2013): 4.3 imsmooth specification and testing targets. See also its subtasks. See list of Action Items above. Currently "Open" and assigned to developer. Work in progress.
    • CAS-5849 (Feb): implement spectral smoothing functions at task level. Subtask of CAS-5844. *RTT", pending a new testing package. Parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: TBD (probably Adam or Mark R.)

Single Dish

See below "assigned" SD list.

Already Assigned To Testers
  • CAS-6233 (Feb): casafeather weight function is zero. RTT, pending a new testable package. Most recent commit to trunk was r28682. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5836 (Nov): 4.3 item. Create new task imrebin. RTT. Commit to trunk as r29786. Probably a fairly high priority for testing, as there will almost certainly be a need to iterate on this. Tester: Remy Passed to Adam, but Mark R. may do this.
  • CAS-5022 (Jan 2014): Refactor MSMetaDataOnDemand into MSMetaData. Currently RTT; ideally 4.2, practically probably 4.3. Ideally, all msmd methods should be tested to ensure no bugs have been introduced. No Science user problems have been reported, so the plan was to resolve it as done this week. However, a listobs performance-impacting bug has been found and fixed (r28752). Ticket has consequently been reassigned to George to just recheck this specific issue, and then assuming he's happy, resolve it as done. Current tester: George
  • CAS-6179 (Feb): Make a wrapper of hanningsmooth to use the MSTransform framework. RTT (r28604), pending a new testing package. Currently "RTT". Tester: Nathan.
  • CAS-6022 (Feb): imview fails if the range key of the raster dictionary is specified as float64 rather than float. RTT (r28583), pending a new testing package. Ticket parked with Mark R. for now. Tester: Todd
  • CAS-5974 (Dec): impv: impv: support for supplying a center world coordinate and position angle. RTT again, following some testing and follow-up work (r28701). 4.3 item. Probably close to done. Tester: Juergen
  • CAS-5743 (Oct): 4.2 item. spectral viewer - once right mouse button was used, left mouse won't work anymore. RTT again (r28657), pending a new cassapy-test. Testing done. Actually fixed as written. However, a few other issues have cropped up (and spawned tickets accordingly), and an "RTT" fix has been committed for some of these that needs to be tested. Tester: Tony.
  • CAS-5844(Dec 2013): 4.3 imsmooth specification and testing targets. See also its subtasks. See list of Action Items above. Currently "Open" and assigned to developer. Work in progress.
    • CAS-5972 (Dec): testing ticket for imsmooth::commonbeam RTT - most recent commit was r28721. 4.3 item. See imsmooth discussion above. Subtask of CAS-5844. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5731 (Oct): Loading DS9 region files into the viewer produces a warning and does not load. Open; 4.3 item. Ticket back with developer. Tester: Jen.
  • CAS-3116 (Jun): Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). Laura Perez is testing this for the VLA. ALMA will hold off on testing this for now, pending the VLA testing. Some testing done, problems still found. Currently Open; bumped to 4.3. Tester: Kristina (in discussion with Laura). Jeff had agreed look at this with Kristina to get a better handle on how to go forward with this, which may result in more related tickets being spawned.
  • CAS-5701 (Nov): msmd needs a method to get the integration time. Currently Open. Tester: Todd. Works as advertised, but needs further improvement (better handling of pol ID). Raised to "Critical" status.
  • CAS-5125 (Jul): Make frequency an axis display option (in the viewer). Previously ARTT, currently Open. Tester: Adam. Tested. Needs more work and so ticket back to dev. Bumped back to 4.3.
  • CAS-3517 (Aug): Improve remapping interface (Cal libraries). Input Required from developer. Tester: Steve. Some testing done, recommendations made, ticket back with developer. Discussion ongoing. Further callibrary work to be pushed out to 4.3 in Jira.
  • CAS-5738 (Nov): slice cut is not visible. Open again, following testing input from Juergen. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-4663 (Oct 2012): specfit components/prompt/inf. *Open" again, following input from Juergen.
  • CAS-5975 (Dec): impv: Support specifying input slice width as a world (angular) measure. RTT, pending a new test package - most recent commit was r28720. 4.3 item. Subtask of CAS-5835. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5127 (May): Document ia toolkit methods. Status In Progress. Mark is working on this. Most of Juergen's prioritized list of 26 items has been done. Dates to be added his future documentation updates. Prioritized by Mark. Ongoing. ia.regrid docs will require more work. Still needs code commits. Mark waiting on OS X 10.7 build. Will effectively now have to be bumped until after 4.2 release, due to OS X-based build issues.
  • CAS-21 Support for complex images in image tool. Status: Open, but with multiple "RTT" subtasks, all assigned to Preshanth
    • CAS-6090 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 1. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth
    • CAS-6103 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 2. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth
    • CAS-6117 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 3. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth
    • CAS-6123 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 4. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth
    • CAS-6128 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 5. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth
    • CAS-6146 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 6. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth
    • CAS-6155 (Jan 2014): Complex valued images testing ticket 7. Currently RTT. Tester: Preshanth

Single Dish

  • CAS-4735 (Nov): imsmooth needs additional option for single dish use. ARTT. Tester: Shinya. Critical item. Code committed to trunk. 4.3 item. Testing ongoing.
  • CAS-6121 (Jan): sdgrid: 4.3 item. Latitude value in resulting scantable is reversed. ARTT. Tester: Shinya. Testing ongoing.
  • CAS-5842 (Jan): 4.3 item. Make sd.splitant available in sdsave. ARTT. Tester: Shinya. Seems to work as intended, but some tweaks to defaults and documentation might be needed. before resolving as done.
  • CAS-5858 (Nov/Dec): field section parameter in SD tasks should accept multiple fields selection by field IDs and names. ARTT. Passed to Bunyo for testing. 4.3 item.
  • CAS-5841 (Dec): Make the scan numbers between scantable, asdm, and MS consistent. Currently ARTT. 4.3 item. Tester TBD. Ticket with Bunyo.
  • CAS-6181: SD processing needs to incorporate data weights. Currently Open. Previously identified as an important ticket to track. More discussion to come.
  • CAS-6168: enable plotter2 to change viewport size. Currently RTT (ASAP r2895), pending the next casapy-test. Ticket with Takeshi.
  • List of many other new 4.3 SD items all currently set to RTT in Jira, all assigned to EA (Bunyo) for testing/testing reassignment; subtasks of CAS-5526: Re-design single dish task interfaces:

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