CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2013-11-26, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville




Present: Mark R., Mark L., Steve, Tony, Adam, Kristina, Arielle, Jen, Nuria

Apologies: To be added to as appropriate


  • Socorro: AOC-317; IP:
  • Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)


  • Pre-release versions (still) imminent
  • Most recent casapy-stable published: 4.2.0 r26945. Linux only; Mac OS X package to follow.
    • Changes since last casapy-stable:
      • asap: up to r2861
      • casacore: up to r26910
      • code: up to r26906
      • gcwrap: up to r26907

  • Most recent casapy-test published: casapy-test r26919. Linux only; Mac OS X package to follow.
    • Changes since last casapy-test same as for casapy-stable (above).
  • Known Issue: If both rpms and a tar casapy-stable are installed on the same RHEL 5.x system, and their versions do not match, you will see the failure described in CAS-5445 when starting CASA from the tar. You will not see this issue when starting CASA from the rpms.

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets) prior to meeting: 83 (prior to meeting).

Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets) following meeting: 83. To be added following meeting.

Any Other Business

  • Crystal is back.
  • 4.3 planning is under way. Planning spreadsheet created. We will begin assigning 4.3 testing tasks to user testers in the next few weeks.
  • Mark will be away from Nov 28th - Dec 12th. Issues: documentation commits (with dates), notably imregrid.
  • Juergen invites user tester comments regarding input and improvements to the cookbook.
  • Mark Lacy reported that a local software upgrade had broken some of the ALMA-specific plotting scripts produced by Todd.
  • NAASC staff have been instructed by local managers that during the run-up to the ALMA proposal submission deadline, their ALMA testing work should generally be considered lower-priority than the NA ALMA data reduction effort and helpdesk support.
  • Tony and the Data Analysts will perform CASA Guide updates as soon as they have a usable pre-release package to work against.
  • CAS-5736 - printing in ps and pdf is always in greyscale. Flagged for possible priority elevation.

  • Jeff had identified a shortlist of key items remaining for the 4.2 release during the last meeting. Restating these briefly here:
    • CAS-3116: Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). George's documentation. New work done. Latest fix was r27422 on release branch. Ticket parked with Mark. Needs a tester identifying.
    • CAS-5213: Feather GUI Blocker.
    • CAS-5127: ia toolkit documentation. Most of Juergen's high-priority list done.
    • CAS-5044: Flagging by weight. RTT again, pending a testable package.
    • CAS-5719 (Oct): view pv-diagram crashes viewer. (Should already be fixed, just needs to be retested).
    • CAS-5711 (Nov): imfit issues warnings for single dish images with bunit=K (added by Mark). Flagged by Crystal as "Critical".

PART 1: Items To Be Covered During Meetings

Ready to Close Items


Items Overdue for Status Updates (i.e. the "Nag List")

  • CAS-5127 (May): Document ia toolkit methods. Status In Progress. Mark is working on this. Most of Juergen's prioritized list of 26 items has been done. Dates to be added his future documentation updates. Prioritized by Mark. Ongoing. Will need to be temporarily passed to Jeff for handling for the next couple of weeks. ia.regrid docs will require more work.
  • CAS-3116 (Jun): Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). Laura Perez is testing this for the VLA. ALMA will hold off on testing this for now, pending the VLA testing. Latest fix was (r26751). Currently Input Required in casapy-test (r6919+). Laura had done some testing. Thought this one was close to being closed, but additional issues encountered. Note: will need a new tester (Laura on travel for two weeks). New work done. Latest fix was r27422 on release branch. Ticket parked with Mark. Needs a tester identifying. Kristina to test (she will talk with Laura).
  • CAS-5335 (Jul): CASA Region Text File pixel sizes not handled properly. Blocker. Currently listed as "Open". Parked with Mark. At least some of the blocker aspects have hopefully now been addressed by the developer - see below: ARTT subtasks testing needed to establish if this is no longer a blocker. No progress on subtasks reported.
    • CAS-5572 (Sep): Test fix for circles and ellipses when image has non-square pixels. Subtask of CAS-5335. ARTT in casapy-test (r26662+). Tester: Amy.
    • CAS-5589 (Sep): Test cos(dec) fix to ensure region sizes are invariant upon shifts in dec. Subtask of CAS-5335. ARTT in casapy-test (r26662+). Tester: Amy.
  • CAS-5213 (Jul): feathering GUI (casafeather) upgrade. Upgraded to Blocker. Brian Mason and Juergen did some testing of this, and are working on documentation. Issues had been reported to the developer recently, but he cannot reproduce them. Beam volumes work committed as r27170. RTT, pending a new testable package (most recent commit was r27181).
  • CAS-5248 (Aug/Sep): propagate gridding and beam changes to simanalyze. ARTT in casapy-test r26662+ (but previously partly tested in private build). Tester: Jen. Lots of back and forth. Testing ongoing. Sounds like this one is getting closer to done on this? All done except for the remaining beam size/beam volume issues that are being handled by Brian (and maybe odd edge masking if the simulation is too small). Ticket to be reassigned to Brian.
  • CAS-4754 - MSTransform subtasks: Lots of testing done. time averaging stuff being tested now. MSTransform will be marked as "experimental" in the 4.2 release. Enhanced split and cvel subtasks currently "(A)RTT". Some general mstransform discussion. testing seems to be going well. Last of Justo's feature commits now in. Speed sometimes not faster than split, but not horribly slow. Just keep an eye on performance for now - no corretive action needed. keepflags option still missing - to be part of 4.3.
    • CAS-5013 (Jul): "cvel handling of different sensitivity spw". ARTT in July stable+. Subtask of CAS-4754. Ticket passed to Anita in Europe as part of the general MSTransform testing effort there. Testing is ongoing: it mostly seems to work, but a few questions remain (covered in the parent ticket for combined MSTransform testing (CAS-5581). One remaining issue still for dev to address (see CAS-5581 below)?
    • CAS-5581 - Test of MSTransform capabilities in combination. ARTT. Most recent commit was r26622 - now in latest casapy-test. Currently being tested by Anita Richards and Steve. Time average in new split now available (r26919). Remaining issue(s) being investigated. Some discussion about performance. Ongoing.
    • CAS-4849 (Oct): Enhanced Split Capabilities: Time Averaging. Currently ARTT - in current casapy-test (26919+). Some caveats in ticket. Tester Anita.
    • CAS-4850 (Oct): Enhanced Split Capabilities: Baseline Dependent Time Averaging. Currently ARTT - in current casapy-test (26919+). Some caveats in ticket. Tester Anita. Fix committed to trunk, to also go into release(?).

Single Dish (to be skipped during the meeting)
  • CAS-4772 (Mar): Implement Tsys calibration task. Currently RTT, pending new testing package. Tester: Shinya.
  • CAS-4777 (Mar): Define caltable for Tsys calibration. Currently RTT, pending new testing package. Tester: Danny. (synched with above item).
  • CAS-5496 (Sep): sdflag2: enable data selection by time range. Fix put in. Currently RTT again, pending new testing package. Tester: Daniel Espada

Items Currently Undergoing Testing

To be added to as appropriate

PART 2: Items Listed for Informational Purposes (note that these will not be specifically discussed during the meeting unless someone raises them)

"ARTT" Items Pending Tester Assignment

  • CAS-3532 (Sep): Incorporation of Alma Primary Beam in Mosaic. Currently ARTT. Needs tester assigning. Also, Mark to check documentation.
  • CAS-5139 (Sep): Proper handling of flag information in sideband separation algorithm. Subtask of CAS-1756. Currently ARTT in casapy-test. Needs a user tester assigning.

Unable to Test Items

  • CAS-4636 (Oct 2012): Elevation dependent opacity application w/ Tsys. Still awaiting input from Science (since February). On Hold. Awaiting data.
  • CAS-5084 (May): Testing multi-term support in pclean. Lots of feedback supplied by Kristina and Claire. Currently On Hold and assigned to Kumar pending class refactoring.

Upcoming Ready to (Re)Test Items

Not Yet Assigned To Testers
  • CAS-4938 (Sep/Oct): CLONE - mstransform on spws gives errors for different correlation shapes. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r26929). Ticket parked with Mark for now. Tester: TBD. To be assigned to Anita.
  • CAS-5214 (Sep/Oct): plotms hangs when plotting amp vs channel in IRAS16293 CASAguide. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r26923). Tester: TBD. Data Analyst? To be assigned to Sarah.
  • CAS-5710 (Sep/Oct): plotms does not indicate when the measurement set is not found. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r26923). Tester: TBD. Data Analyst? To be assigned to Sarah.
  • CAS-5734 (Oct/Nov): imval fails when it executes with box region. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r27100). Tested and found to work in a private build. Tester: TBD. Amy? Data Analyst? Ticket parked with Juergen for now. To be assigned to Nathan.
  • CAS-5723 (Oct/Nov): Failure in rotbox specification. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r26983). Tester: TBD. Data Analyst? Ticket parked with Juergen for now. To be assigned to Nathan.
  • CAS-5711 (Nov): imfit issues warnings for single dish images with bunit=K. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r27067). Tester: TBD. Critical issue. To be assigned to Brian.

  • CAS-5836 (Nov): 4.3 item. Create new task imrebin. Commit to trunk as r27427. Ticket parked with Mark for now. Tester: Adam and/or Remy?

Already Assigned To Testers

  • CAS-5172 (Jun): Add capability for fftshift to regridding portion of MSTransform. To be tested as part of CAS-4754. Juergen's done some testing of this, but Adam could help if necessary. Some follow-up work done by the developers (r26435). Set back to Open. Tester: Juergen. Juergen had talked with Justo, issue still remains, so can't resolve. Not a blocker, though.
  • CAS-5570 (Nov): immoments "min/max/median coordinate" operations yield wrong unit/value combination. RTT, pending a testable package (commit was r27402 to prerelease). Tester: Adam.
  • CAS-5646 (Nov): ia.newimagefromarray segfaults if called duplicating an open image. RTT, pending a testable package (commit was r27081 to prerelease). Tester: Adam.
  • CAS-5767 (Nov): ia.regrid() fails in casa 4.2.0 (r27007), but works in casa 4.1.0 (r24668). RTT, pending a testable package (commit was r27163 to prerelease). Tester: Urvashi.
  • CAS-5701 (Nov): msmd needs a method to get the integration time. RTT. Fix: r7356. Tester: Todd
  • CAS-5738 (Nov): slice cut is not visible. RTT. Fix: r27253. Tester: Juergen.
  • CAS-5781 (Nov): Viewer crashes while using 2D Fitting. RTT. Fix: r27231. Tester: Nuria.
  • CAS-5777 (Nov): spectral profile tool plots mean from rectangle enclosing elliptical region in viewer. RTT. Fix: r27286. Tester: Nathan
  • CAS-5735 (Nov): an antenna method of msmd should be able to filter by ALMA antenna type. RTT. Tester: Todd.
  • CAS-5712 (Oct): mstransform does not slice WEIGHT column when correlation selection non-trivial. RTT. Tester: George. Blocker.
  • CAS-5783 (Nov): Viewer spectral profile not working on the original image when the moment 0 is also open. RTT. Tester: Nuria.
  • CAS-5774 (Oct): sdimaging cannot write an outfile if the name includes a dash character. RTT. Tester: Todd.
  • CAS-5778 (Oct): WCS in a GBT image crashes imstat. RTT. Tester: Adam.
  • CAS-5717 (Oct): Warning about Stokes axes regridding. RTT. Tester: Urvashi.
  • CAS-5793 (Oct): Interactive viewer in imager randomly fails. RTT. Sanjay testing with private build. Blocker.
  • CAS-5713 (Oct): msmd needs method to get station names for antennas. RTT. Tester: Todd.
  • CAS-4777 (Mar): Define caltable for Tsys calibration. Some testing done. Set back to RTT. Tester: Daniel.
  • CAS-4141 (May): SD: Sideband separation algorithm for DSB receivers. Shinya had been testing. et back to RTT. Tester: Shinya. Testing ongoing, developer providing input. Appears to be close to closing.
  • CAS-5567 (Aug/Sep): testing for AnnCenterBox fix. Subtask of CAS-5541. Currently Open again. Tester: Amy Mioduszewski. Some testing done - problems encountered (pixel shift still seen, and possible viewer problems?).
  • CAS-5044 (Sep/Oct): Flagdata mode='clip' should allow WEIGHT as an option for datacolumn. Tester: Todd. RTT (again). Identified as worthy of close 4.2 tracking by Jeff during the meeting.
  • CAS-5731 (Oct): Loading DS9 region files into the viewer produces a warning and does not load. RTT, pending availability of r27126 in user-testable package. Some testing done in private build, issue still appears to be present. Tester: Jen.
  • CAS-5773 (Nov): Incorrect channel labelling in viewer spectral profile. New item. RTT, pending a testable package (check-in was r27151). Tester: Anita
  • CAS-5760 (Oct/Nov): casafeather: zoom in scatter plot does not reveal points. New item. RTT, pending a testable package (check-in was r27144). Tester: Juergen
  • CAS-5110 (May): big pixels in ia.regrid. Remy's been providing examples of problem cases, and possible approaches to solutions (with Adam). Input Required. Remy provided some recommendations. Some additional work done by developer (r26985). Currently RTT. Will probably be released "as is". Adam will check that the rules included do work.
  • CAS-4960 (Aug/Sep): imregrid: When regridding, the regridding should by default be done in accordance only with whichever axes are common to both the template and the image (and are sensible). Most recent commit: r26439. RTT again now (r27202). To be considered as part of "imregrid checkout". Tester: Adam. Testing ongoing.
  • CAS-5719 (Oct): view pv-diagram crashes viewer. RTT pending availability in a test package (most recent commit was r26971). RTT, pending a suitable test package. Blocker. Tester: Adam.
  • CAS-4081 (Aug): Create tool / view that allows management of open images and changing the image stack. Bug fixes put in as r27004. RTT again now, pending testable package. Tester: Mark Lacy. Tested by Mark and it now at least runs. However, ds9 pre-rotated images remain problematic (this would be for some future release, though - not now). Some bugfixes put in. To be tested again once they are available.
  • CAS-5532 (Oct): Exportfits should respond to the conversion layer in CASA Images. Open again (had been resolved as done). Lingering bug reported by Adam. Example info requested by developer, and recently provided by tester. Tester: Adam
  • CAS-5695 (Oct): msmd "forintent" methods should allow wildcards in intent names. RTT again, pending new casapy-test . Latest commit was r26969. Todd to test.
  • CAS-5466 (Oct): typos in the help for immath. Fix put in; RTT, pending testable version. Mark R. to test.
  • CAS-5123 (May): Support for On the Fly Mosaics. Currently ARTT. JAO (ALMA) and Socorro (VLA) to test. Awaiting suitable data from ALMA. Steve has done some work on this for VLA. Still waiting on data; unlikely to be fully tested before release. Ticket's with Steve now. Have recently been in the process of doing tests on the VLA with some data scanning across bright sources. Kunal to test this when ready to invoke the imaging. Question: does this one get bumped to 4.3?
  • CAS-5706 (Oct): msmd.spwsforfield returns the wrong answer (Blank) if the specified field name has two IDs. Todd to test this. Currently RTT, pending a newer test package. Commit was r26931.
  • CAS-5431 slicing in frequency selection throws exception. Set to Input Required and passed back to dev. Tester: Kumar.
  • CAS-5502 (Aug): Velocity regridding in viewer sometimes not available. Currently RTT again. Tester: Adam. New fix committed as r27341 (trunk) and r27323 (release). Blocker.
  • CAS-5338 (Jul/Nov): Update single dish flagging task interface (sdflag2). Currently RTT again. Tester: Eric Villard.

  • CAS-5744 (Oct/Nov): 4.3 item. jump to channel not persistent in spectral viewer. Commit to trunk as r27460. Juergen to test.

Single Dish
  • CAS-4771 (Mar): Implement sky calibration task. Seemed to work, pending final check of one set of suspicious input data. However, new bug fix put in. Currently RTT again. Tester: Bunyo (was Shinya).
  • CAS-5138 (Aug): Make default image area of sdimaging cover the pointings in MS. Shinya has been testing this. Set back to RTT again for retesting (commit: r27041).

Other Blockers

  • CAS-4946 Crash on Mac OS X when virtual model requested. Blocker. Re-checked by Nathan, and it now sounds as if this still affects Mac OS X 10.6, but not 10.7 or 10.8. Debugging code pops up for all, though.
  • Also, Mac OS X 10.7 Qt stuff: CAS-4310, 4602.

4.2 Release "As Is" Items

  • CAS-2252 (May): calculate the rotation measure. VLA item. Currently ARTT Will be released "as is". Testing done by Steve, but still inconclusive.

Items Descoped from CASA 4.2

  • CAS-5111 (May): Implement autoboxing capability. Currently RTT. This one had previously been ARTT, and Crystal had looked at this and provided a problem case. A fix had been put in and tested by Steve. He has provided feedback: seems to sort of work, but still fiddly right now. Ticket is currently set to "Ready To Test" and assigned to Tony, so that he can try it with both the M100 and Orion datasets. Lots of comments provided by John Lightfoot. A meeting has taken place on this, and it is an ongoing development topic. Ongoing development will be target of 4.3 Cycle.
  • CAS-5125 (Jul): Make frequency an axis display option (in the viewer). Previously ARTT, currently Open. Tester: Adam. Tested. Needs more work and so ticket back to dev. Pinged Oct. 22nd: possibly deprecated? Will probably not now make it into the 4.2 release.
  • CAS-5379 - Subtle inconsistencies with other programs in Galactic Coordinates (Adam and Harvey). In a nutshell, shifts of ~0.2" are seen when taking data into other packages (e.g. DS9, IDL which both seem to agree with each other). It is unclear yet if this is an incorrect implementation in one or more packages, or possibly just a precision error. This is a subtle issue, and has been pushed back to 4.3.
  • CAS-3517 (Aug): Improve remapping interface (Cal libraries). Currently ARTT in casapy-test r26325+. Tester: Steve. Some testing done, recommendations made. Discussion ongoing. Further callibrary work to be pushed out to 4.3 in Jira.-- MarkRawlings - 2013-11-25
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