CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2013-08-06, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Jeff Kern, Juergen Ott, Crystal Brogan, Bryan Butler

Apologies: Mark Rawlings


  • Socorro: AOC-317; IP:
  • Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)


  • The July casapy-stable has been published: casapy-stable r25701.
  • A new casapy-test has been published: casapy-test r25753.
    • Known Issue: If both rpms and a tar casapy-stable are installed on the same RHEL 5.x system, and their versions do not match, you will see the failure described in CAS-5445 when starting CASA from the tar. You will not see this issue when starting casa from the rpms.

Current Number of CASA Jira tickets with "Ready To Test" status (including EA, EU, JAO, Software-only tickets): 69.

Any Other Business

  • Mark is in Chile for two ALMA Astronomer on Duty turnos in August. Back in Charlottesville September 5th.

(Other items to be added during the meeting).

Current testing items/issues (see also Google spreadsheet workbook)

Spreadsheet available here

CASA 4.2

Open Blockers

  • CAS-5335 (July): CASA Region Text File pixel sizes not handled properly. Currently listed as "Open". Discussion is ongoing. To be reviewed by Jeff and Mark for prioritization.

Ready To Close

  • CAS-3046 (Jun): Support and use of ephemeris table when available. Currently ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824). Being tested by Dirk et al., with input from Bryan. Some testing done, and it seems to generally work, but additional minor fixes were committed as r25140 and r25160. Dirk looking at this. Close to closing?
  • CAS-4053 (May): specfit dictionary should return coordinates. Currently ARTT; in current stable. Tested by Juergen, and apart from a lingering debugging statement (that has now probably been removed), he's happy with it.
  • CAS-5227 (Jun/Jul): The non-zero value used in a mask affects clean output. Fix put in, second-hand report of testing by Juergen makes it sound like it works?

New Approved for Testing Targets

  • CAS-4808 (Jun): make ImageBeamSet simpler - Underlying software modification, but can definitely be tested by users. Currently ARTT. Ticket with Juergen, pending user testing assignment. Note: testing this item may require a fairly experienced user.
  • CAS-4790 (Jun): Add support for time variable calibrators for Perley-Butler 2013 standard for setjy - Subtask of CAS-5156. Currently ARTT. In current stable. Bryan to test.
  • CAS-4959 (Jun): imregrid: When using image templates, the default shape used should be that of the template (not the input image). Currently ARTT. Included in June+ stable package. to be tested by Mark.
  • CAS-3116 (Jun): Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). Laura Perez will be testing this for the VLA. ALMA will hold off on testing this for now, pending the VLA testing. ARTT. Included in June+ test/stable packages.
  • CAS-5143 (July): update simobserve documentation to clear up some confusion. ARTT. Note: Only a documentation change (r25240). Assigned to Kim. Available in current stable.
  • CAS-5287 (May): immoments fails on images with multiple beams. Currently ARTT. Passed to Juergen: needs user tester assignment.
  • CAS-5426 (Jul): Testing ticket for imhead(mode='get'). ARTT - available in current casapy-test but not in the July stable.. Ticket passed to Juergen for user tester assignment.
  • CAS-2600 (Jul): SetJy - Case-insensitivity in field source names. Currently ARTT. Most recent commit was r25640. Available in current casapy-test (r25753+), but not in July stable. Ticket passed to Juergen for user tester assignment.
  • CAS-5299 (Jul): typo in message from utils::verify. (r25596). Currently ARTT - in current casapy-test, but not in July stable. Mark to test.
  • CAS-5380 (Jul): Clean skipping fields when using outlierfield. Currently ARTT in current test package (r25753). Nathan (the reporter) to retest (r25595), pending new test/stable.
  • CAS-5228 (Jul): use masks in feather and transfer to output. Currently ARTT. In July stable+. Remy to test.
  • CAS-5044 (Jul): Flagdata mode='clip' should allow WEIGHT as an option for datacolumn. Currently ARTT (July stable+ package). To be tested by Todd.
  • CAS-5096 (Jul): impbcor says shapes not the same when they are in cases where immath works. Fix committed (r25463). Currently ARTT in July stable+ package. Ticket passed to Crystal.
  • CAS-5141 (Jul): Provide the way that sdflag keeps all rows in the input dataset and only modify flag information. Currently ARTT in casapy-test (r25753). Assigned to Eric Villard (August stand-in TBD).
  • CAS-5159 (Jul): Add Support for Scaife and Heald low frequency standard. VLA-only item. Currently ARTT - in current casapy-test, but not in July stable. Probably needs external testers, so assigned to Juergen to reassign. Subtask of CAS-5156.
  • CAS-5371 (Jul): MSMetaData classes must be modified to ignore FLAG_ROW. ARTT in July stable+. Question for Jeff: Do we need a science user tester for this?*

  • CAS-4754 - MSTransform
    • CAS-4765 (July): Add capability in MSTransform framework to combine spectral windows. To be tested as part of CAS-4754. ARTT. Assigned to Juergen for testing.
    • CAS-5172] (Jul): Add capability for fftshift to regridding portion of MSTransform". ARTT in July stable+. Subtask of CAS-4754. Ticket with Juergen: tester to be assigned.

Ready for Retesting

  • CAS-5142 (May): issues with the spectral profile tool (for inclusion in 4.2 release). Currently RTT. Tester: Jen(?). Tested by Jen in casapy-stable 2013-05. Much better, but a couple of issue remain. Status updated back to 'RTT' (June 24th). Some additional fixes in, but not yet available in a user-testable build.
  • CAS-5216 (Jun): moment image has malformed header. Ticket currently RTT again. Checked by Remy - image units were still needed. Fix put in, testing is pending user testable package.

  • Subtasks of CAS-4754 - MSTransform
    • CAS-4900 (Jun): Add capability in MSTransform framework to apply channel average. To be tested as part of CAS-4754. Adam has been testing this. Some follow-up work done by the developers. Set back to ARTT as r25634 is included in the the latest casapy-test package (but not the stable).
    • CAS-5285] (Jun): imview colorwedge=T doesn't work in some cases. Currently ARTT in test and stable. Ticket currently assigned to Crystal.
    • CAS-5013] (Jul): "cvel handling of different sensitivity spw". ARTT in July stable+. Subtask of CAS-4754. Ticket passed to Juergen for user testing assignment.
    • CAS-4863 (Jun): Add capability in MSTransform framework to split a data selection. Currently ARTT. To be tested as part of CAS-4754. Some testing done by Nuria. Iterating with developers at the moment. Ongoing.

Items Currently Being Tested / Already Available For Testing

  • CAS-5123 (May): Support for On the Fly Mosaics. Currently ARTT. JAO (ALMA) and Socorro (VLA) to test. Steve has done some work on this.
Awaiting suitable data from ALMA. Update due from the VLA side?
  • CAS-5117 (May): Association of Syspower Cal entries with scan / field in table or during apply. Currently ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824+). Information posted to ticket by developer. VLA item, so ticket assigned to Bryan. Emmanuel has been approved to work on this. Rick will provide data, Claire will look at it. Ongoing. Update due?
  • CAS-4991 (Jun): memory usage for VLA pipeline prevents running more than one job per cluster node. Currently assigned to Bryan, but Claire's involved with this one too. Fix is in the July stable; but Bryan thinks this is a larger issue. The pipeline will need to be run with the new dataset. Deb and Claire have been looking into this as well. Memory leak issues are being tracked. ARTT. This can be regarded as ongoing. Update due?
  • CAS-5134 (Apr/Jun): viewer crashes after certain interactive steps - Currently tracked as as ARTT. Lots of work done and comments on this in the past. Testing being done by Josh and Kristina. Kristina has provided some feedback of reproducible failure modes, the developer is looking at it, and Kristina to tet functionality in the meantime. Ticket has been assigned to Kristina for testing purposes, but is currently back with the developer for bugfix work while she's testing functionality. Ongoing. Update requested in ticket.
  • CAS-5308 (Jun): MS to scantable filler with "freq_tolsr = False" writes LSRK for the frame of the frequencies (SD). Currently ARTT. Eric Villard to test (anyone else to cover this while he's on holiday?).
  • CAS-5312 (Jun): sdimaging: enable specifying output frequency frame. Currently ARTT. Eric Villard to test (on holiday in August_ DAniel Espada to cover).
  • CAS-5132 (May): create image crop method. Currently ARTT. Assigned to Alison for testing (although ticket with Juergen for technical reasons).
  • CAS-5316 (July): singledish data has strange timestamps in listobs. Currently ARTT. Daniel Espada testing. Ongoing.

  • CAS-4754 (May): Create a new framework with a new task and tool to replace applycal concat, cvel, partition, hanningsmooth and split. Currently (partially) ARTT. Still awaiting user tester(s) assignment. Significant documentation of the mstransform task is linked from the ticket. See also the list of subtasks below (r24639; included in May stable). NOTE: This is a major item, and will need significant effort assigned.
    • CAS-4846 (May): Add capability in MSTransform framework to apply Hanning Smoothing. To be tested as part of CAS-4754. ARTT. Assigned to Adam. Update due.
    • CAS-4845 (July): Add capability in MSTransform framework to change the reference frame. To be tested as part of CAS-4754. ARTT. Assigned to Juergen. Update due.

Upcoming (Re-)Test Items

  • CAS-5441 (Aug): Testing ticket for imhead mode="del". RTT, pending August stable/test. Ticket parked with Mark for now. Tester to be assigned.
  • CAS-4081 (Aug): Create tool / view that allows management of open images and changing the image stack. RTT, pending August stable/test. Tester to be assigned (Adam?).
  • CAS-4957 (Jun): We need a version of the file written in LOC coordinates. Currently On Hold. Todd to test. Awaiting real ALMA interferometry data for testing. On hold, pending resolution of CAS-3437 and ICT-766.
  • CAS-5276 (Jul): Loading region file with box, ellipse and poly shapes produces warning and does not load. Tested by Anand. Seems to mostly work but a few issues remain. Previously ARTT. Ticket currently back with developer.
  • CAS-2722 (Jul): Viewer profile tool and ascii have weird order for multiple cubes. Fix committed as r25723. RTT. Tester TBD.
  • CAS-5415 (Jul): Only one spectrum shown for "flux density". Fix committed as r25723. RTT. Tester TBD (Remy?).
  • CAS-5178 (Jul): Improved Support for multiple Cubes. Already mostly works, but recent bugfix put in. RTT. Tester: Adam.
  • CAS-5176 (Jul): Setting of rest frequency from display panel. RTT. To be tested by Adam.
  • CAS-5222 (Jul): imhead: cannot add beammajor, beamminor, beampa keywords and values to TP image. RTT. Tester TBD.
  • CAS-5444 (Jul): Testing ticket for imhead(mode="add"). RTT. Subtask of CAS-4297. Tester TBD.

Developer Addressing Test Results

  • CAS-5111 (May): Implement autoboxing capability. Currently RTT. This one had previously been ARTT, and Crystal had looked at this and provided a problem case. A fix had been put in and tested by Steve. He has provided feedback. Ticket is currently Open, assigned to Jeff.
  • CAS-5084 (May): Testing multi-term support in pclean. Input required. Previously ARTT for 4.2. Lots of feedback supplied by Kristina and Claire. Ticket currently with Urvashi.

Input Required

  • CAS-4960 (Mar+): imregrid: When regridding, the regridding should by default be done in accordance only with whichever axes are common to both the template and the image (and are sensible). This ticket has actually accreted a set of imregrid specifications by now. Most questions answered by Mark, still an issue or two requiring comment from Science. Currently assigned to Adam for comment.
  • CAS-5110 (May): Remy's been providing examples of problem cases, and possible approaches to solutions (with Adam). Remy to send Mark some text for tool documentation purposes.
  • CAS-2852 (CAS-2852 (the dim and distant past...): Tasks that produces a histogram of values in a region of an image and fits a gaussian to the histogram. Bounced to Jeff while Mark is away.
  • CAS-5411 (Jul): Need a function to convert complex images to real (to obtain power, phase, or amplitude patterns). Awaiting input from Todd.
  • CAS-2252 (May): calculate the rotation measure. VLA item. Awaiting input from Science. Bryan to decide what to do next.
  • CAS-4636 (Oct 2012): Elevation dependent opacity application w/ Tsys

Other issues


Running List of Action Items

* Item Description: Incorporate SD 4.2 deliverables list into Google spreadsheet
* Assignee: Mark
* Date Assigned: 2013-06-04
* Due Date: ASAP
- Started. Still needs full integration.

Standard Template Format:

* Item Description:
* Assignee:
* Date Assigned:
* Due Date:

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