CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2013-06-04, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Mark Rawlings, Crystal Brogan, Jeff Kern, Kristina Nyland

Apologies: Bryan Butler, Jen Donovan Meyer


  • Socorro: AOC-317; IP:
  • Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)

  • CASA 4.1.0 has been publicly released! Many thanks again to everyone who worked so hard on this.
    • This was the last CASA public release that supports Mac OS X 10.6.

  • Mark will list specific names of affected testers in the next meeting announcement e-mail.

  • The next meeting will be cancelled due to the CASA Developers Meeting taking place in Socorro in two weeks' time. Mark will generate the usual agenda and send out the reminder e-mail as normal, though.

  • A delmod issue (probably some sort of type mismatch) has been reported by a user in the new 4.1.0 release (helpdesk ticket DJH-827093)) and is being looked into. See CAS-5181.

  • Viewer crashes continue to be a problem...


  • CASA 4.2 monthly stables should (ideally) be used for user testing.
    • If a casapy-stable is not yet available, it may initially be necessary to resort to the casapy-test branch to test some features, particularly just after a public release.
  • New casapy-test and casapy-stable 2013-05 hopefully to be available during the first week of June.
  • Jeff reported that a new test package was published yesterday. Note that this is currently only Linux-only, due to an issue with the Mac OS X packaging process (investigation into this is ongoing).
    • Linux packages for casapy-test 4.2.0 r24731 are in the yum repository. The tar is on the web server and is the current version at /home/casa/packages/RHEL5/test. The rpms should already be installed on NRAO Redhat computers.

Any Other Business

Mark will add the SD deliverables list into the master Google spreadsheet. In the absenvce of specific delivery months, they'll just be denoted as due for 4.2.

Current testing items/issues (see also Google spreadsheet workbook)

Spreadsheet available here

CASA 4.2

N.B. 'ARTT' in the below refers to the status in the current casapy-test 4.2 package.

Open Blockers

Ready To Close

  • CAS-5014 (May): Make a wrapper around the partition task to use the mstransform framework. Should already be regarded as ARTT for 4.2 as it's already also in the current release branch. Given that it's already gone out as part of the 4.1 release, should we just resolve this?
  • CAS-5060 (April): The use of cvel is making uvcontsub (actually its clean) run incorrectly. Currently ARTT. Was listed a 4.1 blocker for the second pre-release. Crystal. Resolved as done following the meeting.
  • CAS-5167 (May): imsmooth targets no longer works as it should - Currently ARTT. Some testing done by Claire: revised error messages verified. See also CAS-4809. Resolved following the meeting.

New Approved for Testing Targets

  • CAS-5123 (May): Support for On the Fly Mosaics. Currently ARTT. Needs tester assignment. JAO (ALMA) and Socorro (VLA) to test.
  • CAS-5111 (May): Implement autoboxing capability. Currently ARTT. Needs a tester assigning. More documentation from developer requested on ticket.
  • CAS-4348 (May): interactive imfit estimate generation. Actually committed to 4.1 in February. Currently ARTT. Needs testers assigning. Kumar, perhaps?
  • CAS-4754 (May): Create a new framework with a new task and tool to replace applycal concat, cvel, partition, hanningsmooth and split. Currently (partially) ARTT. Still awaiting user tester(s) assignment. Significant documentation of the mstransform task is linked from the ticket. See also the list of "upcoming" subtasks below. NOTE: This is a major item, and will need significant effort assigned. Jeff to talk to Kumar and Urvashi about recent posibly-conflicting user findings.
  • CAS-3885 (May): Post-deconvolution wide-band PB-correction for 'ft' and 'mosaicft'. Currently ARTT. VLA item. Awaiting tester assignment. Ticket passed to Bryan to reassign.
  • CAS-2252 (May): calculate the rotation measure. Currently ARTT. VLA item. Awaiting tester assignment. Ticket passed to Bryan to reassign.
  • CAS-4082 (May): Viewer to allow loading of a partial image (OTF Subcube) - Should be ARTT. To be tested by Jen.

Ready for Retesting

  • CAS-5049 (May+): Viewer parent ticket
    • CAS-5101 (May): Issues with Channels/Images with multiple images loaded - Subtask of CAS-5049. Adam: Currently ARTT. Adam.
    • CAS-5018 (May): Minor issues with the overlay and line fitting windows (documentation and right click) - Subtask of CAS-5049. Currently ARTT. Adam.
    • CAS-5042 (May): 2D Fitting In Viewer - Subtask of CAS-5049. Adam.

Items Currently Being Tested

  • CAS-5142 (May): issues with the spectral profile tool (for inclusion in 4.2 release). Currently 'ARTT'. Tester: Jen(?). Additional note: bugfix - not explicitly listed in 4.2 spreadsheet yet.. Should be in current casapy-test and (immiment) casapy-stable 2013-05. Some possible confusion about what availability to the tester?
  • CAS-5084 (May): Testing multi-term support in pclean. Should already be ARTT for 4.2 (as it's already experimental in 4.1). Needs testers assigning. Ticket was assigned to Mark, but it was agreed during the meeting that this should be reassigned to someone at the VLA. so the ticket's been passed on to Bryan for appropriate reassignment.
  • CAS-5061 (May): cstool() should be a valid constructor for coordinate system tools. Currently ARTT. To be tested by Mark; awaiting tester feedback. Additional note: bugfix - not explicitly listed in 4.2 spreadsheet yet.
  • CAS-5043 (May): immoments gives unhelpful error for linear coordinate. Currently ARTT. To be tested by Remy: awaiting tester feedback. Additional note: bugfix - not explicitly listed in 4.2 spreadsheet yet.
  • CAS-5006 (May): imregrid: change default setting of asvelocity from False to True - Currently ARTT. Assigned to Mark for testing.

  • CAS-5182 (May): Cannot change from Galactic to J2000 for GBT pipeline image - Currently ARTT. Adam had done some testing of this. Sounds like it basically works, but is very clunky, and has some gotchas associated with it due to the use of imregrid "get" calls. See new Action Item below.
  • CAS-5134 (Apr): viewer crashes after certain interactive steps - Currently ARTT, with a fix already in and available for one of the two problem cases given. Testing being done by Josh and Kristina.
  • CAS-4740 (May): imregrid: checkerboard artifact when regridding large GBT pixels to small EVLA pixels. Currently ARTT. To be tested by Juergen. Additional note: not explicitly listed in 4.2 spreadsheet yet.. Looks like it mostly works, pending a (possibly tangential) question from Juergen. <- Crystal requested that this one be kept open, as her student was still seeing odd behavior. See also CAS-5110. Mark to discuss exaclty what's needed here with Remy and Adam (resampling vs. interpolation?) and establish a specification for David.

Upcoming Test Items

  • MSTransform items - subtasks of CAS-4754, above:
    • CAS-4848 (May): Add capability in MSTransform framework to separate SPWs. To be tested as part of CAS-4754
    • CAS-4846 (May): Add capability in MSTransform framework to apply Hanning Smoothing. To be tested as part of CAS-4754
    • CAS-4845 (May): Add capability in MSTransform framework to change the reference frame. To be tested as part of CAS-4754
  • CAS-5117 (May): Association of Syspower Cal entries with scan / field in table or during apply. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824). Information posted to ticket by developer. VLA item, so ticket assigned to Bryan, to reassign as he sees fit.
  • CAS-4645 (May): Universal support for outlier fields. Subtask of CAS-4640. Currently ARTT. Developer currently investigating a possible issue. Josh and Frazer have looked at this in the past. Is more user testing needed? If so, now or later?
  • CAS-5124 (Jun): Improvements to PV-Diagram in the Viewer. Currently ARTT - <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824). Juergen to test (he's already commented on the ticket a bit before this)?
  • CAS-3116 (Jun): Comprehensive computation of spectral index from image(s). Ticket currently "Open", but preliminary task interface completed. Laura Perez will be testing this for the VLA. ALMA will hold off on testing this for now, pending the VLA testing. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now flagged as 'RTT' by developer. Should be included in June stable package.
  • CAS-3449 (Jun): Problems saving multiple images with viewer. Tested by Josh Marvil. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Fix put in, tested and approved. ticket closed as complete.
  • CAS-3046 (Jun): Support and use of ephemeris table when available. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824). To be tested by Dirk et al., with input from Bryan.
  • CAS-5216 (Jun): moment image has malformed header. Ticket currently RTT. Awaiting next test package. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824). Assigned back to Remy to check.
  • CAS-5178 (Jun; originally Aug): Improved support for multiple cubes (spectral plotter). Awaiting tester assignment. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824).
  • CAS-5119 (Jun): Remove gaincurve and opacity flags from calibration tasks. Some (but not all) work done. Awaiting tester assignment. <- UPDATE (2013-06-10): Now ARTT in casapy-stable (May 2013; r24824).

Developer Addressing Test Results

Input Required

* CAS-2852 (From the dim and distant past...): Tasks that produces a histogram of values in a region of an image and fits a gaussian to the histogram - Currently 'Awaiting Input'. This one's still awaiting input from Jeff Kern. <- Dev proposes to close?

Other issues

A new parameter, lowpassfilter, has been added to feather. Some documentation of what it does and how it behavies was requested.

Running List of Action Items

* Item Description: Review and rationalize imregrid-related tickets (including CAS-5182)
* Assignee: Mark
* Date Assigned: 2013-06-04
* Due Date: ASAP

* Item Description: Incorporate SD 4.2 deliverables list into Google spreadsheet
* Assignee: Mark
* Date Assigned: 2013-06-04
* Due Date: ASAP

* Item Description: Document the new lowpassfilter parameter of feather
* Assignee: Juergen
* Date Assigned: 2013-06-04
* Due Date: ASAP

Standard Template Format:

* Item Description:
* Assignee:
* Date Assigned:
* Due Date:

-- MarkRawlings - 2013-05-31
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