CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2013-05-07, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Jeff Kern (Chair), Bryan Butler, Juergen Ott, Kristina Nyland, Jen



* Socorro: AOC-317; IP:

* Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)

Third (pre-)release package (r24028) has been available for testing during the last week, Fourth one now/soon to be available

casapy-prerelease 4.1.0 :24028

To launch it, type: casapy -r4.1.0

On Red Hat 6 computers in Socorro, users should type:


or failing that,


A fourth pre-release package (rTBA) / Release Candidate(?) expected to be available from around Friday May 3rd.

Planning Cycle for the Next Release

Reminder: The existing document has been updated. A Google spreadsheet containing details of CASA 4.2 priorities has been drafted. Developers aer currently providing comments to Jeff.

Any Other Business

To be added to during the meeting.

Current testing items/issues (see also Google spreadsheet workbook)

Spreadsheet available here

Juergen had been waiting on the third pre-release to provide feedback on the current status of the PV diagrams-related tickets. he has followed up on some of these since the last meeting.

Open Blockers

(N.B. Items marked ALERT! are awaiting the fourth pre-release for re-checking).

Only listing here blockers that would hold back the 4.1 release:

  • CAS-4779: Lack of correct visibility weights in simdata a serious problem for data combination - Currently 'Open'. Mostly being addresses for simalma in CAS-4705.
  • CAS-5060: The use of cvel is making uvcontsub (actually its clean) run incorrectly - Previously flagged as 'Resolved' by developer, but needs checking, so reopened. Blocker issue. Fix should be in both trunk and the third pre-release. Testing status? Jeff to Check
  • ALERT! CAS-5098: can't load regions in viewer from region gui - Currently 'RTT'. Fix put into the release branch (as r24111). Assign to Crystal and/or Kristina? Should perhaps be moved down to the "Ready for Retesting Targets" section? Kristina to Verify
  • CAS-5051: peel needs to be removed - Currently 'RTT'. Assigned to Juergen. Blocker issue. Should have been in the third pre-release. Status update from Juergen?

Ready To Close

  • CAS-5011: Source finding in viewer - 'Currently 'ARTT'. Testing done by Adam. Some fixes put in for third pre-release. Adam to comment on whether this should be closed or not.
  • CAS-4829: Create method which returns smallest beam all beams in an image can be convolved to - Currently 'ARTT'
    • When the dictionary is used, the parameters 'major', 'minor' and 'pa' should not also be set. Fix was put in for third pre-release, documentation updated. Crystal: Can we mark this as resolved?
  • CAS-4953: Testing of Mac OS X 10.7 build under 10.8. Currently 'ARTT'. Jen's been testing this extensively. Remy Indebetouw's been playing with it as well. Parent ticket for a couple of subtasks. Some plotms- and imvew-related reliability issues reported (see next item), but thought to be common to other platforms as well. Since we're close to the release, and I think we've shown that the 10.7 build on 10.8 generally works OK, Jeff proposed resolving this one.
  • CAS-5065: imview under Mac OS X 10.8. Currently 'ARTT'. Lost of feedback given, and responses from the developers. Generally seems to be in a similar state to Linux version. Unlikely that more testing will be done. Resolve?
  • CAS-5059: pclean failures in 4.1. Currently 'Open'. Kumar is looking into this, and has put in a fix or two. This is probably at the state it will be in when the 4.1 release goes out.
  • CAS-2996: Task interface to perform arbitrary P-V slices through data - Currently 'ARTT'. There's been quite a bit of back-and forth on this ticket between Juergen and the developer. Question for Juergen: is this now complete for the 4.1 release? Can hopefully be closed fairly soon.
  • CAS-4614: Feathering GUI Improvement - Currently 'ARTT'. Juergen and Ed Fomalont have been testing this. Seems to work OK.
  • CAS-4959: imregrid: When using image templates, the default shape used should be that of the template (not the input image) - Currently 'Open'. Addressed via improved documentation for 4.1. To be addressed more fully for 4.2.
  • CAS-4960: imregrid: When regridding, the regridding should by default be done in accordance only with whichever axes are common to both the template and the image (and are sensible) - Currently 'Open'. Addressed for 4.1 with improved documentation only. Will probably need to be revisited for 4.2.
  • CAS-4961: imregrid: axis ordering of data cubes appears to be inconsistent - Currently 'Open'. To be addressed for 4.1 with improved documentation only. The whole issue of axis referencing only by indices will be discussed for 4.2.
  • CAS-5010: Caltable backwards-compatibility (OBS_ID changes) testing - Currently 'ARTT'. Approved for ALMA. Any last objections from VLA?

New Approved for Testing Targets

Ready for Retesting

(N.B. Items marked ALERT! are awaiting the fourth pre-release for re-checking).
  • CAS-4964: impv fails complaining of stokes axis issue - Currently 'ARTT'. To be tested by Juergen, with Adam as a watcher. Included in current pre-release package. Adam thought that this now looked OK. Pending the nod from Juergen, I suspect that this one can be closed. Juergen to check
  • ALERT! CAS-4881: Investigate impv issues discovered during testing. Reset to 'ARTT'. Juergen has provided feedback. Latest fix awaiting fourth pre-release.
  • ALERT! CAS-5049: Viewer sundries parent ticket. Currently has 23(!) subtasks, 15 of which have been marked "resolved". Two more have fixes awaiting testing in the fourth pre-release.
  • ALERT! CAS-5057: imregrid "get"/template mode broken in r23729 - Currently 'RTT'. Assigned to Adam. Fix committed, awaiting fourth(?) pre-release.
  • ALERT! CAS-4599: Interactive creation of PV-Diagrams in the Viewer - Currently 'ARTT', with assignment to Juergen, who has provided some feedback. It's the parent ticket of CAS-2222 (itself a duplicate of CAS-1032). Fix committed, awaiting fourth pre-release.
  • ALERT! CAS-4671: A fix has already been committed to trunk, and will go into the 4.1 release.
  • CAS-5085: makemask fails in certain cases for mode='expand'. Assigned back to Crystal for retesting in third pre-release.
    • Related question for Juergen: How are the other modes?
  • ALERT! CAS-5101: Issues with Channels/Images with multiple images loaded. Reassigned to Darrell for comment.
  • ALERT! CAS-5109: image.done fails because a file is still open in the process. Fix commited. John Lightfoot to check?
  • ALERT! CAS-5097: msmd.spwsforintent gives runtime error if intent is not found. Fix committed. Todd to test?
  • ALERT! CAS-4841: Circular Gaussian kernel produces arbitrary output position angle. Currently 'RTT'. Fix should be in fourth pre-release. Reassign back to Miriam for testing?
  • ALERT! CAS-5077: listobs: Output should list "Ch0" rather than "Ch1". Currently 'RTT'. Fix should be in fourth pre-release. Reassign back to Miriam for testing?
  • CAS-5078: viewer crashes in interactive clean in pre-release, Currently 'ARTT'. Fix should be in third or fourth pre-release. Reassigned back to Claire for testing.
  • CAS-5068: If corrected column requested but not present plotms becomes unusable. Currently 'ARTT'. Fix should already be in third pre-release. Reassign back to Crystal for checking?
  • CAS-5067: ms.getscansummary() segfaults if ms tool not attached. Currently 'ARTT'. Fix should already be in third pre-release. Provisionally assigned to Juergen.

Items Currently Being Tested

  • CAS-4898: Testing the new vi/vb framework with virtual model columns - Currently 'ARTT'. This is the first item to use the new underlying vi/vb framework. Rather than assigning specific testers to it, Jeff just asked test users to watch out for and report any strange or unexpected behavior when working with the virtual model columns. It would be very helpful if several testers could run flagdata( vis = '', mode='clip', clipminmax=[0.1,10.0], datacolumn='residual' , mode='calculate' ) on any MS on which they have previously run 'clean' with usescratch=False. This command will not change any flags in the MS, but it will test the use-case we are concerned about. Since nothing is being written to the MS, a seg-fault should not corrupt anything in the MS itself.
  • CAS-1893: Cal Tables in PlotMS - Currently 'ARTT' again. Ongoing. Todd had provided Juergen with a script for plotting VLA gain curves. Ticket reassigned to Jeff to review the current state of affairs. Question: how much more to be done?
  • CAS-1880: Multipanel plotting - Currently 'ARTT'. Lots of feedback given. The developer reports that he's working on addressing issues found. Some fixes put in. Had difficulty reproducing the partial page example. Juergen's still reporting crashes for caltables. A status update would be good?
  • CAS-5047: taql queries have the possibility of making msmd run very slow, so reimplement such queries as iterator loops. Currently 'ARTT'. Fix committed and available in third pre-release. Awaiting tester input.
  • CAS-4754: Create a new framework with a new task and tool to replace applycal concat, cvel, partition, hanningsmooth and split - Currently 'RTT'. Parent ticket with many subtasks that are marked as 'Resolved'. This parent ticket details a number of MSTransform features that can be exercised, and documentation's provided. Testable features should already be in the current pre-release.
    • NOTE: This is currently being tested by someone in Socorro, but will be hidden/not be advertised as available for the 4.1 public release. It will be tested more seriously after the 4.1 release.
    • From an earlier meeting: Juergen was to look into general ia tools testing for PV diagrams (e.g. "Does smooth fail gracefully?", etc.)
    • See also CAS-5014: Make a wrapper around the partition task to use the mstransform framework. Currently set to 'RTT' by devs. Testing to be tracked post-4.1?

Upcoming Test Items


Developer Addressing Test Results

  • CAS-4705: Implement "feather" in simalma - Currently 'ARTT'. Lots of work being done by Remy and Kana on fixing this. This is effectively a blocker-by-proxy via CAS-4779.
  • CAS-4715: Image masked / zeroed when regridding from GALACTIC to J2000. Padding prior to image rotation may have to wait until 4.2?

Input Required

  • CAS-2852: Tasks that produces a histogram of values in a region of an image and fits a gaussian to the histogram - Currently 'Awaiting Input'. This one's still awaiting input from Jeff Kern. <- Dev proposes to close?

Other issues

  • Other MSTransform-related stuff? CAS-4846 and CAS-4848 tickets just moved to "Ready To Test" in Jira...

To be added to during the meeting.

Running List of Action Items

Standard Template Format:

  • Item Description:
    • Assignee:
    • Date Assigned:
    • Due Date:

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