CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2013-04-09, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Mark Rawlings (Chair), Crystal Brogan, Kim Scott, Adam Leroy, Jen Meyer, Jeff Kern, Claire Chandler,Juergen Ott

Apologies: Scott Schnee, Bryan Butler, Deb Shepherd, Steve Myers, Kristina Nyland

Note: Many staff were participating in either the "Rocks" meeting in Hawaii, or the Advanced CASA Training School in Socorro this week.


* Socorro: AOC-317; IP:

* Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)

First (pre-)release package available for testing

casapy-prerelease 4.1.0 :23507

To launch it, type: casapy -r4.1.0

A second pre-release package build is anticipated by around the end of this week.

Feature Freeze

  • Public releases done twice / year
    • Feature Freeze Dates: March 15th, September 15th (passed for 4.1)
    • Public Release Dates: April 15th, October 15th

Only when a new test version is published (approximately weekly) will be the point at which items marked as Ready To Test (RTT) go to being Approved as Ready To Test (ARTT). Once the changes have been made, Mark will notify Crystal, Bryan and Juergen accordingly.

Current timeline: All 4.1 user testing reports to be completed and posted to the relevant JIRA tickets by April 19th.

Planning Cycle for the Next Release

Reminder: Meetings have been/will take place for ALMA, and VLA, run by Crystal and Bryan. April 10th. If anyone wants to raise anything, please contact your local subsystem scientist. Bryan has been updating the existing document.

Current testing items/issues (see also Google spreadsheet workbook)

Spreadsheet available here (still under development)

Open Blockers

  • CAS-4602: plotms: iteration through spw hangs in OSX 10.7
  • CAS-4310: plotms freezes on OSX 10.7 while iterating on Axes
  • CAS-4968: almawvr (wvrgcal / libalmawvr.dylib) fails under Mac OS X - Currently 'Open'. Identified as a new blocker to the 4.1 release. Moved from "Other Issues".

Ready To Close

  • CAS-4607: Speed Improvement in Planet Models of SetJy - Currently 'RTT'. Probably just awaiting comment from Bryan before closing.
  • CAS-4608: Histogram Plotting for region in viewer - Currently 'ARTT'. Testing of this seems fairly thorough. Adam's provided lots of testing feedback on this, & will probably want to summarize.
  • CAS-4591: Listobs improvements (parent ticket) - Closed as complete. Parent ticket, with seven subtasks, now all closed.
  • CAS-4653: Easy way to reset docking behavior - Currently 'Complete'. Needs a quick check on the warning that's been added, and the documentation updating.
  • CAS-4924: listobs hangs on .ms - Currently ARTT. Just needs to be re-checked using last 4.1 stable/current pre-release before closing. Kristina to comment?
  • CAS-4929: Create method which returns smallest beam all beams can be convolved to - Currently ARTT. Crystal's provided some comments to this. Documentation issues?
  • CAS-3950: imstat verbose changes - Currently ARTT. Question for Jeff: Does this need a user tester specifically assigning? If not, how to resolve?
  • CAS-3750: listobs gives some sort of average for the int parameter - Currently ARTT. Doesn't yet have a tester assigned. Resolved as done, following the meeting.
  • CAS-4887: Update ATM library in CASA 4.1 - Currently RTT. Question for Jeff: Does this need a user tester specifically assigning? If not, how to resolve?
  • CAS-4920: a.insert() should modify in place and return a bool - Currently ARTT. Question for Jeff: Does this need a user tester specifically assigning? If not, how to resolve?

New Approved for Testing Targets

  • CAS-3383: Addition of combine=ObsId in Solver - Currently 'ARTT'. New item, Crystal will test this for ALMA. Some backwards compatibility issues discussed in the ticket. Jeff/Steve/Juergen may want to comment?
    • New subtask, CAS-5010, created following the meeting to specifically track Juergen's backwards-compatibility testing. Also added to the tracking spreadsheet.
  • CAS-4754: Create a new framework with a new task and tool to replace applycal concat, cvel, partition, hanningsmooth and split - Currently 'RTT'. Parent ticket with many subtasks that are marked as 'Resolved'. This parent ticket details a number of MSTransform features that can be exercised, and documentation's provided. Ticket refers to availability in release branch 23427, so should be in the current pre-release.
    • This is currently being tested by someone in Socorro, but will be hidden/not be advertised as available for the 4.1 public release. It will be tested more seriously after the 4.1 release.
  • CAS-4921: refactor image statistics code - Currently 'ARTT'. Subtask of CAS-4297. Deemed more important that CAS-4927. Mark Rawlings will test this one.
    • On a related note, during the meeting, Juergen will look into general ia tools testing for PV diagrams (e.g. "Does smooth fail gracefully?", etc.)
  • CAS-4927: imhead reimplemented mode="list" ready to test - Currently 'ARTT'. Subtask of CAS-4927. Needs a tester assigning. Mark Rawlings will test this one.
    • Noted during the meeting that the PV diagram fails to plot.
  • CAS-3857: FlagData / FlagCmd on Cal Tables ("Add support for the new CalTable format at the task level") - Just changed to 'ARTT'. Most recent check-in to trunk was r23406 - Confirmed to be in in first pre-release package. Had been dependent on CAS-3565 (recently resolved).
    • Obs_Id and time-based scanning.
    • Longer-term possibility might be to combine John Lightfoot's use with testing.
    • Crystal will look at this one for ALMA.
  • CAS-4952: Requesting 'residual' gives 'data' - Currently 'ARTT'. Fixed in r23503. Available in current pre-release. Needs a tester assigning (Miriam?)
  • CAS-5011: Source finding in viewer - 'Currently 'ARTT'. New feature/ticket, to track testing done by Adam. Also added to tracking spreadsheet.
  • CAS-4939: Vectorize calwt in applycal - (Assert ARTT without checking by Jeff)
    • Crystal will look into this one. Reassigned to her, and added to the tracking spreadsheet.

Ready for Retesting

  • CAS-4632: UVContSub: Ability to specify line corrupted channels - Currently 'ARTT', with Scott Schnee assigned. The bulk of the testing on this is effectively more or less done. We should keep this ticket in mind: the latest bug-fix check-in is not in the current pre-release package, so we should watch out for it in the next one. If it all looks OK, then I think we can close this ticket for the 4.1 release.
  • CAS-4634: Ability to set "channel" ranges in frequency or velocity space in IM tasks - Currently 'ARTT'. Lots of testing done and feedback provided. Some follow-up work done to address these (most recent check-in: r23412 to pre-release). Already in the latest pre-release.
    • Juergen will discuss documentation for this with Adam.
  • CAS-4964: impv fails complaining of stokes axis issue - Newly 'ARTT'. To be tested by Juergen, with Adam as a watcher. Included in current pre-release package.
  • CAS-4881: Investigate impv issues discovered during testing. Recently reset to 'ARTT'. Juergen assigned.

Items Currently Being Tested

  • CAS-4616: Narrow-band A-projection - Currently 'ARTT'. VLA item. Frazer Owen (plus?) had been looking at this. Lots of notes from the developers in this ticket...
  • CAS-4953: Testing of Mac OS X 10.7 build under 10.8. Currently 'ARTT'. Jen's been testing this, and has just started trying the first pre-release build. Remy Indebetouw's been playing with it as well. Jen may want to comment. Parent ticket for CAS-4968 (see below).
  • CAS-4705: Implement "feather" in simalma - Currently 'ARTT'. Already assigned to Kim Scott for testing.
  • CAS-4614: Feathering GUI Improvement - Currently 'ARTT'. Juergen & Ed Fomalont have been testing this.
    • Moved out of the "Ready To Close" list. Ed feels that it is not yet ready for general use. Science will provide a punch-list of remaining issues to be fixed (in code/documentation/both).
  • CAS-4930: Add new method to msmd tool: intentsforfield() - Currently 'ARTT', Todd has been testing. Ongoing.
    • Moved out of the "Ready To Close" list. The current version of listobs does not report Off Source (subscan) intents. This is in contrast to msmd. listobs should report the number of unflagged rows (and this feature is covered by CAS-4197). It does, but is very slow (because it has to run through all of the dataset). Because of this, the need for a flag option to switch off the counting of unflagged data is covered in CAS-4943. CAS-4930 is also relevant to this topic.
  • CAS-4829: Create method which returns smallest beam all beams in an image can be convolved to - Currently 'ARTT'
    • Raised by Crystal during the meeting. When the dictionary is used, the parameters 'major', 'minor' and 'pa' should not also be set (which by default, they currently are. The proposed solution of removing the default values for these three parameters should address this, and is now being discussed on the ticket.
  • PV Diagrams
    • CAS-4599: Interactive creation of PV-Diagrams in the Viewer - Currently 'ARTT', with recent reassignment to Juergen, who has provided some feedback. It's the parent ticket of CAS-2222 (itself a duplicate of CAS-1032). Juergen (and perhaps others) may want to comment on this one. Can probably be closed fairly soon. Moved out of the "Ready To Close" list.
    • CAS-2996: Task interface to perform arbitrary P-V slices through data - Currently 'ARTT'. There's been quite a bit of back-and forth on this ticket between Juergen and the developer. Question for Juergen: is this now complete for the 4.1 release? Can probably be closed fairly soon. Moved out of the "Ready To Close" list.

Input Required

  • CAS-4628: Movie axis in Viewer to have units of Frequency, Velocity, and Wavelength - Currently Resolved as 'Incomplete'. From the ticket, it looks like there was some confusion about what was actually wanted here. Crystal may want to comment on this.
  • CAS-2852: Tasks that produces a histogram of values in a region of an image and fits a gaussian to the histogram - Currently 'Awaiting Input'. This one's still awaiting input from Jeff Kern.

Upcoming Test Items

  • CAS-4297: reimplement imhead - Currently 'In progress'. Parent ticket for CAS-4921 and CAS-4927 which perhaps both need a tester assigning (see above).
  • CAS-4984: CASA region format causes crash - Currently 'RTT'. New item, probably should go back to Miriam? Bug fix (r23593) committed to release branch, but not in first pre-release package.
  • CAS-4978: imfit box doesn't work as advertised - Currently 'RTT'. New item, probably should go back to Remy? Bug fix (r23599) committed to release branch, but not in first pre-release package.

Developer Addressing Test Results

  • CAS-1893: Cal Tables in PlotMS - Currently 'ARTT' again. Ongoing. Latest updates from Patrick & George (r23341) was merged into pre-release, so this should be fixed again in the first pre-release package.
  • CAS-1880: Multipanel plotting - Currently 'ARTT'. Lots of feedback given. The developer reports that he's working on addressing issues found.
  • CAS-4956: User testing of the imreframe module in CASA 4.1. Currently 'ARTT'. Adam's been testing this. Mostly approved, pending a check of the latest fix put in (r23511). Some documentation work needed. Latest bug fix not available until second pre-release package. Adam may want to provide a quick summary.
  • CSV-2594/ CAS-4970: CASA plotms fails with a segmentation fault when averaging channels - Currently RTT. Testing to be done by EA staff in Chile. Fix recently committed to trunk (r2805).

Other issues

  • CAS-4959: imregrid: When using image templates, the default shape used should be that of the template (not the input image) - Currently 'Open'. Much recent discussion as to what can be included for 4.1.
    • CAS-4960: imregrid: When regridding, the regridding should by default be done in accordance only with whichever axes are common to both the template and the image (and are sensible) - Currently 'Open'. Much recent discussion as to what can be included for 4.1.
    • CAS-4961: imregrid: axis ordering of data cubes appears to be inconsistent - Currently 'Open'. Much recent discussion as to what can be included for 4.1.
    • CAS-4962: imregrid: Provide some examples of use cases for imregrid for documentation purposes - Currently 'Open'. Some examples provided, but depends on CAS-4959, CAS-4960 and CAS-4961.
  • There was also some discussion about the need for a general overhaul of setJy.
    • Its default behavior assumes the VLA has been used, which makes its behavior for ALMA users very confusing.
    • The situation regarding the Perley-Butler libraries is very confusing for users, with the documentation implying two only-partially-overlapping libraries are used (PB2010 and PB2013).
    • There was some post-meeting discussion of time-varying source inclusion in CAS-4489 and CAS-4790. The latter is identified as a potential blocker for the 4.1 release.

Any Other Business

The next meeting will take place in two weeks' time (2013-04-23).

Running List of Action Items

Standard Template Format:

  • Item Description:
    • Assignee:
    • Date Assigned:
    • Due Date:

-- MarkRawlings - 2013-04-08
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