CASA User Testing Meeting Minutes - 2013-03-12, 09:00 Socorro / 11:00 Charlottesville



Present: Mark Rawlings (Chair), Bryan Butler, Adam Leroy, Scott Schnee, Jeff Kern, Deb Shepherd, Steve Myers, Kristina Nyland, Jen Meyer, Claire Chandler, Todd Hunter

Apologies: Crystal Brogan, Kim Scott


* Socorro: AOC-317; IP:

* Charlottesville: Room 331; IP:

Minutes (Main Points Only)

New test build available


Changes since last casapy-test:

  • asap: up to r2775
  • casacore: up to r23060
  • code: up to r23105
  • gcwrap: up to r23106

No exclusions.

So, there are new items to assign (see yesterday's e-mail round-up).

Items for Mark still to address in the spreadsheet:

  • Perform a general check through "bug fixes" and "miscellaneous" worksheets to ensure that nothing on them that's ready for testing gets missed out. Mark to work on a round-up of the bugs/bugfixes list this week.

  • Check through the status of the listobs tickets (see also the second worksheet) to just confirm that sufficient testing has been done.

User Accounts

New accounts for the CASA JIRA system: Jen and Scott.

Assignment permissions for Adam and Claire were fixed by Jeff during the meeting, so tickets can now be assigned to them. Kim still needs this to be done.

Feature Freeze

  • Public releases done twice / year
    • Feature Freeze Dates: March 15th, September 15th
    • Public Release Dates: April 15th, October 15th

Only when a new test version is published (approximately weekly) will be the point at which items marked as Ready To Test (RTT) go to being Approved as Ready To Test (ARTT). Once the changes have been made, Mark will notify Crystal, Bryan and Juergen accordingly.

We will have to defer some of the intended 4.1 features (e.g. PV cuts, statweight) until the next release, as they will not be ready by Friday. These items will be carried over, and the CSSC will convene a meeting to establish relative feature priorities for the following release.

CASA Review

A CASA review was held last week in Socorro on Tuesday and Wednesday. Software testing was discussed. A recommendation had been made to hire a system testing expert to work on improving and expanding automated testing. Crystal and Bryan both made the case that we could use a larger assignment of staffing effort assigned to user testing.

Planning Cycle for the Next Release

Juergen and Bryan had been discussing this. This is normally done during the first couple of weeks of April, but staff availability for that period this year may be a problem (the "Rocks" conference in Hawaii, etc.). Local discussions will probably need to be held. These will be run by Crystal and Bryan. The input to Computing will take the form of updates to the R4.1 requirements document.

Current testing items/issues (see also Google spreadsheet workbook)

Spreadsheet available here (still under development)

(Updated from Mark's pre-meeting e-mail)

  • CAS-1893: Add plotcal functionality to plotms - Approved as Ready To Test.
    • This item probably needs several testers to be assigned to it. Claire and Deb will identify Socorro tester(s). From Charlottesville, Todd will work on this, along with (probably) Jen or Scott (TBD by Crystal).

  • CAS-3857: Add support for the new CalTable format at the task level - Approved as Ready To Test.
    • This has been tested extensively on the ALMA side by Kim Scott, and it seems to be OK for ALMA in of itself. Bryan will look at the tickert and decide how much/little VLA testing of this is needed. However, on the ALMA side, Crystal notes that before this can be accepted, flagging by time and scan for calibration tables needs to be implemented. This is covered within CAS-3565, there was discussion on the ticket about this a couple of weeks ago and it is currntly being worked on as a priority and is expected to be available for testing next week. Additional ALMA testing for CAS-3857 is therefore regarded as being on hold until then.

  • CAS-4608: Histogram Plotting for region in viewer - Approved as Ready To Test.
    • Adam's been testing this and posted quite a lot of feedback to the ticket this morning. The phrase "it's actually kind of awesome" may even have been used.

  • CAS-4614: Feathering GUI Interface - Approved as Ready To Test.
    • The two testers for this are Juergen Ott and Ed Fomalont. It builds a shell command, so has to be added manually to the test build. Not sure if this is now available in 23150?

  • CAS-1880: multipanel plotting - Approved as Ready To Test.
    • This is now in test build 23150, so testing can start on this. Kim Scott had been pencilled in previously for this. Mark will mention it to her.

  • CAS-4616: Narrow band A-Projection: Ready To Test.
    • Documentation is present in the ticket; it just needs putting into a clean test build. Bryan will look into lining someone up to test this in anticipation of its availability. Frazer Owen is already looking into the (trickier) "wide band" case for the VLA. Whoever else looks at it should be aware that it is currently very slow. ALMA is not really ready to test this yet.

  • CAS-4591: Parent Ticket for ListObs Improvements - Input required.
    • This currently only has one subtask that has not yet been completed (CAS-3727), and that's awaiting input from Ed Fomalont. Mark's just posted a reminder to Ed on the subtask ticket.

  • CAS-4634: Ability to set "channel" ranges in frequency or velocity space in IM tasks - Approved as Ready To Test.
    • Adam's volunteered to test this one, so the ticket will be assigned to him

  • CAS-4438: immoments very slow - Completed.
    • Adam has tested this and declared it done.

  • CAS-4606: SetJy to have radius Limit - Approved Ready To Test.
    • Claire Chandler's tested this, and confirmed that nothing that previously worked was broken. However, she ran into (possibly a version of) the bug detailed in CAS-4671 (in which the new model should replace the old). There's a workaround described in there (run a delmod) which will be put into the release notes. In the meantime, there's probably little else to be done in terms of testing for CAS-4606 itself.

Any Other Business

The next meeting will take place in two weeks' time.

Running List of Action Items

Standard Template Format:

  • Item Description:
    • Assignee:
    • Date Assigned:
    • Due Date:

-- MarkRawlings - 2013-03-12
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